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The Rancho Cucamonga campus general phone number is 652-6000.
The general fax number is 652-6006.
Our area code is 909.

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Last Name First Name Title Department Phone
Edit  Admissions and Records 652-6600
Edit  American Sign Language (ASL) 652-6903
Edit  Arabic 652-6903
Edit  Assessment / Orientation / Appointments 652-6200
Edit  Bookstore 652-6560
Edit  Business and Applied Technology 652-6830
Edit  Campus Police (non-emergency) 652-6632
Edit  Campus Police - EMERGENCY 24HR - on campus 652-6911
Edit  Career Center / Student Employment 652-6511
Edit  Cashier Information 652-6550
Edit  Chaffey Breeze (student newspaper) 652-6934
Edit  Child Development Center 652-6875
Edit  Chinese 652-6903
Edit  Chino Bookstore 652-8170
Edit  Chino Campus 652-8000
Edit  Chino Center 652-7750
Edit  Chino Community Center 652-8200
Edit  Chino Counseling Appointments 652-8001, 652-8002
Edit  Community Education 652-6041
Edit  Community Services 652-6045, 652-6041
Edit  Cooperative Education 652-6190
Edit  Counseling 652-6200
Edit  Disability Programs and Services 652-6379, 652-6380
Edit  Distance Education 652-6975
Edit  DPS TDD / TTY Service 652-6399
Edit  Economic Development 320-6962
Edit  English 652-6903
Edit  English as a Second Language (ESL) 652-6903
Edit  EOPS 652-6349
Edit  Facilities Scheduling 652-6184
Edit  Faculty Success Center 652-6970
Edit  Financial Aid 652-6199
Edit  Health Sciences 652-6671
Edit  Honors Program 652-6263
Edit  International Student Office 652-6195
Edit  Journalism 652-6902
Edit  Language Arts 652-6904
Edit  Language Success Center 652-6907
Edit  Learning Development Center 652-7675
Edit  Learning Resource Program 652-7675
Edit  Library 652-6800
Edit  Lost and Found 652-6632
Edit  Maintenance & Operations 652-6720, 652-6716
Edit  Maintenance & Operations 652-6715
Edit  Mathematics & Science 652-6400
Edit  Opening Doors to Excellence/Counseling 652-6201
Edit  Payroll - Certificated 652-6037
Edit  Payroll - Classified 652-6029
Edit  Payroll - Manager 652-6030
Edit  Planetarium/Astronomy Outreach 652-6408
Edit  Press Box - Stadium 652-6328
Edit  Purchasing 652-6706
Edit  Ralph M. Lewis Fontana Center 652-7400
Edit  Rancho Cucamonga Campus 652-6000
Edit  Reading 652-6903
Edit  Robert Pile Chaffey College Chino Information Technology Center 652-7650
Edit  Social and Behavioral Sciences 652-6253
Edit  Student Activities 652-6590
Edit  Student Government (ASCC) 652-6594
Edit  Student Health Services 652-6331
Edit  Theatre Box Office 652-6067
Edit  Transfer Center 652-6233
Edit  TTY Line (switchboard operator) 652-6339
Edit  Veterans Services 652-6611
Edit  Visual and Performing Arts 652-6066
Edit  Warehouse 652-6712
Edit  Wignall Museum 652-6492
Edit  Workforce Preparation - Fontana 652-7476
Edit  Workforce Preparation - Rancho Cucamonga 652-6049
Edit  Abad Jeremy Adjunct Instructor 652-7077
Edit  Abidin Linda Adjunct Instructor 652-7971
Edit  Abioro Charmine Program Assistant Admissions and Records 652-6626
Edit  Abundis Valerie Adjunct Instructor 652-7223
Edit  Acosta Damon Grounds Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Acosta Itzia Administrative Assistant II Campus Police Department 652-6631
Edit  Acosta Sal Campus Police Officer Campus Police 652-7828
Edit  Adebayo-Ige Morenike Adjunct Instructor 652-7004
Edit  Agarwal Mamta Instructor Chemistry 652-6480
Edit  Aguilar Michael Grounds Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Agyin Frederick Adjunct Instructor 652-7852
Edit  Albee Karen Adjunct Instructor 652-7007
Edit  Albertsen Trisha Accountant Budgeting & Fiscal Services 652-6033
Edit  Alcarez Jimmie Instructional Assistant III Industrial Electrical Technology 652-7665
Edit  Alexander Monica Instructor Child Development and Education 652-6246
Edit  Alfano Jay Adjunct Instructor Computer Information Systems
Edit  Alger Ardon Instructor Photography 652-6081
Edit  Aliyazicioglu Zekeriya Adjunct Instructor 652-7879
Edit  Allado Encarnacion Instructor Mathematics & Science 652-3053
Edit  Allbee Karen Adjunct Instructor Communication Studies 652-7007
Edit  Allen Ann Marie TAACCCT Grant Coordinator Employment Development & Community Education 652-6054
Edit  Allen Artie Adjunct Instructor 652-7295
Edit  Allen Sylvia Instructor Accounting 652-7099
Edit  Almanza Elizabeth Project Director, Upward Bound Fontana Campus 652-7423
Edit  Alston Monique Program Assistant Career Center 652-6190
Edit  Altis Tina Senior Accounting Technician Budgeting & Fiscal Services 652-6034
Edit  Alvarado Kharymm CDC Teacher (CDCFA) Child Development Center
Edit  Alvarado Lucy Instructional Assistant II Fontana Success Center 652-7430
Edit  Alvarez Jo Instructor Communication Studies 652-6961
Edit  Alvarez Rebecca Adjunct Instructor 652-7291
Edit  Alverson David Adjunct Instructor 652-7274
Edit  Alves Elmano TAACCCT Grant Advisor Contract Faculty Economic Development 652-8475
Edit  Amberg Aaron Human Resources Generalist HR 652-6525
Edit  Ament Troy Dir, Fac/Physical Plant Maintenance & Operations 652-6735
Edit  Anderson Sadie Administrative Assistant II Student Health Services 652-6331
Edit  Andrade Myra NI: Counselor, EOP&S EOPS 652-6341
Edit  Andrade Myra Adjunct Counselor EOPS 652-6343
Edit  Antashyan George Adjunct Instructor Mathematics & Science 652-7264
Edit  Araiza William Librarian Library/Learning Resources 652-6803
Edit  Aranda Patrick Instructor Music 652-6075
Edit  Araoz Maria Bookstore Specialist Bookstore 652-6563
Edit  Arce Adriana Distance Education Support Assistant Distance Education 652-6976
Edit  Arciniega Angela Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid 652-8140
Edit  Arciniega Rachel Instructor Associate Degree Nursing 652-6674
Edit  Arellano Myriam Accounting Manager Accounting Services 652-6177
Edit  Arguello Fernando Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Arkadie Nicole Adjunct Instructor 652-7749
Edit  Armstrong Damon Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Arriaga Grace Int'l Student Svcs Coord EOPS 652-6196
Edit  Arroyo Lizzette Adjunct Instructor Economics 652-7546
Edit  Ascencio Lisa Job Placement Specialist DPS 652-7678
Edit  Aschenbrenner Bettina Adjunct Instructor Criminal Justice 652-7915
Edit  August Joanne Adjunct Instructor Mathematics & Science 652-7019
Edit  Austin Ray Program Assistant Special Population and Equity Programs 652-6549
Edit  Ausubel Jonathan Instructor English 652-6937
Edit  Avila-Teeguarden Emily Instructor Biology 652-6417
Edit  Awad Sharon Administrative Assistant II, Curriculum Instructional Support 652-6967
Edit  Ayad Koustantin Instructional Computer Lab Coordinator Information Technology Services 652-6779
Edit  B
Edit  Bacus Catherine Instructor Gerontology 652-6690
Edit  Badibanga Maurice Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7194
Edit  Bahk Sarah Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7201
Edit  Bailey Lisa Interim Associate Superintendent Business Services & Economic Development Business Services & Economic Development 652-6532
Edit  Bailey Steve Adjunct Instructor History 652-7332
Edit  Baiz Robert Instructor Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Athletics 652-6297
Edit  Baker Deena Adjunct Instructor 652-7811
Edit  Baker Michael Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7931
Edit  Baker Wanda Instructor Computer Information Systems 652-7426
Edit  Balderama Robert College Police Officer Campus Police 652-6632
Edit  Balderrama Carey Athletic Trainer ATHLETICS 652-6304
Edit  Balderrama Sandra Adjunct Instructor 652-7272
Edit  Ballard Mark Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7878
Edit  Bandzak Ruth Adjunct Instructor Economics 652-7024
Edit  Banuelos Rodriguez Marissa Adjunct Instructor Sociology 652-7572
Edit  Barbari Nicole Instructor Psychology 652-6247
Edit  Barley Corinne Adjunct Instructor 652-7366
Edit  Barlogio Linda Instructor Cooperative Education 652-6190
Edit  Barney Cynthia Educational Services Generalist Fontana Campus 652-7409
Edit  Barraza Rogelio Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7137
Edit  Bartell Susan Instructor Dental Assisting 652-6676
Edit  Bartlett Cessly Library Clerk I LIBRARY
Edit  Bassett Delores Adjunct Instructor Reading 0652-7371
Edit  Baston Marie Coordinator Foundation & Governmental Relations 652-6543
Edit  Batista John Grounds Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Baty Russ Instructor Aviation Maintenance Technology 652-6869
Edit  Baugher Karen Bookstore Associate Bookstore 652-6574
Edit  Bayle Maria Dolores Adjunct Instructor Geography 652-7304
Edit  Beach Kristine Adjunct Instructor 652-7023
Edit  Beaman Kent Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7845
Edit  Bednarczyk Denise Adjunct Instructor 652-7246
Edit  Bell Jennifer Adjunct Instructor 652-7042
Edit  Bemiller Quinton Adjunct Instructor Art History 652-7387
Edit  Bender Thomas Adjunct Instructor 652-7292
Edit  Benitez Leonardo College Police Officer Campus Police 652-7896
Edit  Bennett Anthony Adjunct Instructor 652-7053
Edit  Benoit Editha Adjunct Instructor Drafting 652-7180
Edit  Bentum Daniel Instructor Hotel and Food Service Management 652-8202
Edit  Berdusco Abel Program Assistant Special Populations & Equity Programs 652-6548
Edit  Bergreen Gary Adjunct Instructor Computer Information Systems
Edit  Bermudez Denise Administrative Assistant II Language Arts 652-6902
Edit  Bermudez Frank Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7886
Edit  Bernard Steven Adjunct Instructor Chemistry 652-7268
Edit  Bernstein Brandon Adjunct Instructor 652-7714
Edit  Berry Joel Adjunct Instructor 652-7140
Edit  Bethell Brian Adjunct Instructor 652-7232
Edit  Betongmalaque Mark Adjunct Instructor 652-7713
Edit  Bierman Victoria Adjunct Instructor 652-7715
Edit  Biggs Steven Adjunct Instructor 652-7164
Edit  Binoya Edgar Technical Support Specialist Information Technology Services 652-6789
Edit  Bird Lyly Bookstore Accounting Assistant 652-6560
Edit  Bishop Eric Vice President, Student Services Student Services 652-6502
Edit  Bishop Susan Administrative Assistant II Economic Development 652-7649
Edit  Blackman Lujuana Adjunct Instructor Child Development and Education 652-7935
Edit  Blalock Ashley Adjunct Instructor 652-7716
Edit  Blanton Dolores Adjunct Instructor Business & Office Technologies 652-7227
Edit  Blue Dawn Adjunct Instructor 652-7029
Edit  Blyzka John Adjunct Instructor Computer Information Systems
Edit  Bobo Michael Adjunct Instructor History 652-7031
Edit  Boboye Jackie Counselor Counseling 652-6219
Edit  Bogue Isabel Systems Administrator Information Technology Services 652-6783
Edit  Bohon Luis Adjunct Instructor Political Science 652-7108
Edit  Bollman Jeri Adjunct Instructor Child Development & Education 652-7103
Edit  Bootman Ashly Adjunct Instructor English 652-7222
Edit  Bopko Patricia Director Financial Aid 652-6150
Edit  Boroski Paula Administrative Assistant II Child Development Center 652-6879
Edit  Bosworth Brian Adjunct Instructor 652-7717
Edit  Boyd Marie Curriculum Chair Curriculum 652-6968
Edit  Bozar Glenn Adjunct Instructor Business
Edit  Bradshaw John Adjunct Instructor Behavior and Social Sciences Division 652 7556
Edit  Bradshaw Stacy Adjunct Instructor Communication Studies 652-7889
Edit  Brasier Brandon Adjunct Instructor 652-7238
Edit  Breder William Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7280
Edit  Breegle Lynn Instructor Pharmacy Technician 652-6699
Edit  Bricker Suzane Adjunct Instructor 652-7066
Edit  Brindell Kathy Adjunct Instructor History 652-7325
Edit  Briscoe James General Maintenance Mechanic Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Brock Candice Administrative Asst II Curriculum 652-6971
Edit  Bromm Morgan Administrative Assistant II Transfer Center 652-6234
Edit  Brouwer Jeffrey Instructor, Coordinator Mathematics 652-6430
Edit  Brown Baron Instructor Criminal Justice 652-6843
Edit  Brown Ronald Adjunct Instructor Economics 652-7178
Edit  Bruchet Lisa Accounting Specialist Accounting Services 652-6028
Edit  Brugger Kathleen Governing Board Trustee Governing Board 646-8619
Edit  Brunelle Christopher Dean, Student Life Student Life 652-6591
Edit  Brusselle Thierry Instructor Business 652-6835
Edit  Buchanan Jamie Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7881
Edit  Buenrostro Sandra DPS Counselor Contract Faculty DPS 652-6215
Edit  Buenviaje Dino Adjunct Instructor History 652-7725
Edit  Bullock Scott Adjunct Instructor 652-7277
Edit  Burden Kim Grounds Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Burk-Herrick Angela Instructor Biology 652-6409
Edit  Burleson Kristen Counselor-SSSP STUDENT SERVICES 652-6189
Edit  Burnett Tasha Head Coach, Women's Basketball Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Athletics 652-6298
Edit  Burnley Callie Adjunct Instructor Business Management 652-7993
Edit  Burruel Misty Faculty Senate President Faculty Senate 652-6111
Edit  C
Edit  Cabildo Patrick Internal Auditor Superintendent/President's Office 652-6038
Edit  Cabourne Renee Adjunct Instructor 652-7063
Edit  Cahill Tommi Adjunct Instructor 652-7322
Edit  Calderon-Zaks Michael Adjunct Instructor Sociology 652-7557
Edit  Calebotta Stephen Instructor English 652-6942
Edit  Callahan Kenyon Adjunct Instructor Political Science 652-7565
Edit  Cameron Kevin Instructor Political Science 652-6264
Edit  Cammayo Christina Adjunct Instructor 652-7133
Edit  Camou Deborah Adjunct Instructor Criminal Justice 652-7221
Edit  Campbell Robert Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7904
Edit  Canas Donna Library Technician Library/Learning Resources 652-6812
Edit  Cannis Elizabeth Mathematics Contract Faculty MATH 652-6435
Edit  Cano Christopher Adjunct Instructor Criminal Justice 652-7571
Edit  Cantu Andrea Accounting Assistant Bookstore 652-6567
Edit  Cardinale Angela Instructor English 652-6927
Edit  Carlson Gina Adjunct Instructor 652-7316
Edit  Carman Gary Instructional Assistant IV Math Success Center 652-6431
Edit  Carpenter Johnny Technical Support Specialist Information Technology Services 652-6789
Edit  Carranza Elyna Administrative Assistant II Campus Police Department 652-6633
Edit  Carson Shelley Adjunct Instructor 652-7190
Edit  Carter Monica Instructor Political Science 652-6251
Edit  Cascio Joseph Administrative Assistant II Business & Applied Technology 652-6829
Edit  Case Marissa Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7931
Edit  Casey Shannon Adjunct Instructor 652-7034
Edit  Casolari Amber Adjunct Instructor Economics 652-7071
Edit  Castellaw Carla Instructional Assistant IV Language Success Center 652-6821
Edit  Castillo Michael Adjunct Instructor 652-7235
Edit  Ceja Jared Director, Auxiliary Services Bookstore 652-6561
Edit  Cescolini Diana Adjunct Instructor 652-7111
Edit  Cestone Philip Instructional Specialist Contract Faculty IPS 652-6260
Edit  Chairez Octavio Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7865
Edit  Chandler Jim Administrative Assistant II Visual and Performing Arts 652-6058
Edit  Chang Wen-Li Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7842
Edit  Chapman Joanne Adjunct Instructor 652-7192
Edit  Chatman-Riley Denisa Adjunct Instructor 652-7275
Edit  Chavez Lorena Program Assistant Counseling
Edit  Chavez Robert Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6717
Edit  Cheatle Medina Instructor Physics 652-6432
Edit  Chen Abel Instructor Business 652-6847
Edit  Cheng Charles Adjunct Instructor 652-7364
Edit  Cheng Paul Adjunct Instructor 652-7083
Edit  Cherry William Adjunct Instructor Automotive Technology
Edit  Chhay Elizabeth Program Assistant Institutional Research 652-6465
Edit  Chiao En-Ling Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7163
Edit  Choppi Ronald Adjunct Instructor Chemistry 652-7065
Edit  Chowen Larry Head Coach, Volleyball Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Athletics 652-6302
Edit  Christensen Benjamin Adjunct Instructor History 652-7548
Edit  Christensen Debbie Educational Services Generalist Chino Campus 652-8103
Edit  Cianchetti Marlene Instructor Associate Degree Nursing 652-6687
Edit  Cirilo Gail Adjunct Instructor 652-7869
Edit  Clapper Allison Help Desk Coordinator Information Technology Services 652-6762
Edit  Clark Jayne Instructor Vocational Nursing 652-8218
Edit  Clay Sandra Instructor Associate Degree Nursing 652-6677
Edit  Clayton Michael Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7357
Edit  Cline John Adjunct Instructor 652-7718
Edit  Clinkenbeard Jonathan Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7259
Edit  Coats Gregory Adjunct Instructor 652-7719
Edit  Cobos Rose Ann Instructor/Coordinator Biology 652-6416
Edit  Collins Edward (Ted) Instructor Accounting 652-6853
Edit  Collins Laura Accountant Budgeting & Fiscal Services 652-6035
Edit  Collins Ruth Program Assistant EOPS 652-6344
Edit  Collins Sandra Instructor Biology 652-6414
Edit  Colondres Donna Counselor/AMAN/AWOMAN Counseling 652-6226
Edit  Coming Therese Admissions/Records Asst II Admissions & Records 652-6615
Edit  Condon L'Tanya Teacher Child Development Center 652-6875
Edit  Conilogue Amy Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7204
Edit  Connelly Sean Instructor English 652-7438
Edit  Contreras Monica DPS Support Generalist DPS 652-6378
Edit  Cook Kelly Educational Program Assistant Fontana Campus 652-7403
Edit  Cook Lucy Adjunct Instructor 652-7720
Edit  Cook Natalie Adjunct Instructor Language Arts 652-7122
Edit  Cooper Ben Head Coach, Men's Soccer Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Athletics 652-6303
Edit  Cooper Grace Head Coach, Women's Soccer Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Athletics 652-6313
Edit  Cordova Mauricio Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Corona Alberto Adjunct Instructor 652-7290
Edit  Corona Lorena Mgr, Govt Extrel/Trans Srvs FOUNDATION 652-7459
Edit  Coronado Rita Adjunct Instructor 652-7870
Edit  Corrales Deborah Accounting Technician Accounting Services 652-6027
Edit  Cosand Diana Instructor Biology 652-6410
Edit  Coson M. Allen Adjunct Instructor Political Science 652-7285
Edit  Cotton Christopher Adjunct Instructor 652-7076
Edit  Cotton Sarah Instructor Biology 652-6420
Edit  Coughlin Kristina Adjunct Instructor 652-7208
Edit  Cowan Joey Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7134
Edit  Cowles Randee Adjunct Instructor 652-7080
Edit  Cox Beverly Instructor Dental Assisting 652-6678
Edit  Cranmer Jason Educational Services Generalist Chino Campus 652-8104
Edit  Creasy Valdez D.E. Counselor/Coordinator DPS Counseling 652-6215
Edit  Creel Gregory Instructional Specialist Language Success Center 652-6909
Edit  Crespo Laura Educational Program Assistant Business & Applied Technology 652-6828
Edit  Critchfield Scott Adjunct Instructor 652-7161
Edit  Crone Cameron Adjunct Instructor 652-7234
Edit  Crow Leonard Dean, Discipline & Enrollment Management Instruction & Institutional Effectiveness 652-6508
Edit  Cruz Asiris Instructor History 652-6254
Edit  Cuevas Maria Counselor EOPS 652-6347
Edit  Curasi Gina Adjunct Instructor 652-7008
Edit  Curiel Janette Educational Services Generalist Admissions & Records 652-6551
Edit  Cushman Mark Adjunct Instructor 652-7003
Edit  Cutrona Piero Adjunct Instructor 652-7209
Edit  D
Edit  Dahliwal Kudra Adjunct Instructor 652-7728
Edit  Dahlstrom Coye Adjunct Instructor Dance 652-7906
Edit  Darby Jeanette Adjunct Instructor 652-7017
Edit  Davis Joseph IAII Math Success Center IPS
Edit  Dawes Jason Photography Specialist Photography 652-6083
Edit  Decker Cathy Instructor English 652-6950
Edit  Decter Renee Adjunct Instructor Sociology 652-7004
Edit  DeEspinosa-Jones Denise Adjunct Instructor English 652-7167
Edit  Deets Kristin Adjunct Instructor Communication Studies 652-7155
Edit  DeLay Cathy Shipping and Receiving Clerk Bookstore 652-6566
Edit  Delgado Ruth Counselor Counseling 652-7407
Edit  DeRose Nicole Instructor Biology 652-6415
Edit  DesLauriers Dale Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7102
Edit  DeSpain David Carpenter Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  DeVillers Linda Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7370
Edit  Devlin Kathleen Adjunct Instructor Computer Information Systems
Edit  Diaz George Adjunct Counselor / Instructor Counseling
Edit  Diaz Hannah IA IV, Student Success Ctr IPS 652-8151
Edit  Diaz Melissa Senior Accounting Technician Budgeting & Fiscal Services 652-6031
Edit  Diaz Paul Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Diaz Ricardo Counselor/Opening Doors Coordinator Counseling 652-6204
Edit  Diaz Sonia Instructor Biology 652-7442
Edit  Dickerson Carol Instructor Accounting 652-6849
Edit  Dickson Mike Head Coach, Men's Swimming Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Athletics 652-6305
Edit  Diehl-Hope Saovaros Adjunct Instructor Child Development and Education 652-7166
Edit  DiLorenzo Melissa Instructor Psychology 652-6248
Edit  Dimick Janae Adjunct Instructor 652-7864
Edit  DiSalvo Anthony Dean of Language Language Arts 652-6901
Edit  Dittemore Linda Adjunct Instructor 652-7018
Edit  DoCarmo Patricia Adjunct Instructor 652-7315
Edit  Doget Lisa Instructor Associate Degree Nursing 652-6691
Edit  Dokken Brenda Systems Specialist Information Technology Services 652-6788
Edit  Dominguez Maria Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid 652-7417
Edit  Douma Amy Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7702
Edit  Dowd Michelle Instructor English 652-6923
Edit  Drake Mervine Help Desk Coordinator Information Technology Services 652-6760
Edit  Drumond Carlos Adjunct Instructor Spanish 652-7233
Edit  Duhon Marti Instructional Assistant IV Hotel & Food Service Management 652-8203
Edit  Dunn Kim Educational Program Assistant Visual and Performing Arts 652-6056
Edit  Duno Doug Instructor Spanish 652-6921
Edit  Dunton Kait Adjunct Instructor 652-7721
Edit  Durfield Amber Adjunct Instructor 652-7265
Edit  Dutton Andrea Instructor/Coordinator Radiologic Technology 652-7603
Edit  Dutton Debra Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7938
Edit  Dutton Kathleen Director, Economic Development, TAACCCT Grant Economic Development 320-6967
Edit  Dyer Augusto Adjunct Instructor 652-7074
Edit  E
Edit  Eastman Christianna Adjunct Instructor 652-7283
Edit  Ebert Rebecca Adjunct Instructor 652-7136
Edit  Eckeard Chrisopher Adjunct Instructor Automotive Technology
Edit  Eckvahl Shelley Instructor Vocational Nursing 652-8217
Edit  Edery David Adjunct Instructor 652-7039
Edit  Egli Stuart Instructor Drafting & Engineering Technology 652-6440
Edit  Eisberg Joann Instructor Astronomy 652-6408
Edit  Elardi F.Paul Adjunct Instructor 652-7152
Edit  Elias Rita Chino Community Center Event Coordinator Chino Campus 652-8200
Edit  Ell Hope Executive Assistant Superintendent/President’s Office 652-6101
Edit  Elmore Rebecca InTech Center Manager Economic Development 652-8478
Edit  Elsdon Rod Instructor Mathematics & Science 652-6434
Edit  Emilio Gregory Adjunct Instructor 652-7148
Edit  Emmett Karen Adjunct Instructor 652-7810
Edit  Encinas Karen Instructor Fashion Design & Merchandising 652-6285
Edit  Enright Evan Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7084
Edit  Ensberg Lauren Community Relations Specialist Outreach 652-6116
Edit  Erdkamp Kevin Adjunct Instructor 652-7740
Edit  Erickson Kim Executive Director, Business Services Business Services 652-6021
Edit  Erkebaev Alec Instructor Mathematics & Science 652-6435
Edit  Escalente Sandra Adjunct Instructor 652-7099
Edit  Escobosa Michael Instructor Vocational Nursing 652-8221
Edit  Eskew Mike Adjunct Instructor 652-7049
Edit  Espinosa Shardae Administrative Assistant II Chino Campus 652-8006
Edit  Espitia Fabiola Counselor SSSP Contract Faculty Counseling 652-7461
Edit  Esquivel Corado Cindy Adjunct Instructor Child Development and Education 652-7704
Edit  Estrada David Adjunct Instructor 652-7846
Edit  Estrada Joseph Adjunct Instructor Criminal Justice 652-7126
Edit  Estrella Andrew Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7109
Edit  Estus Steven Adjunct Instructor 652-7382
Edit  Evans Douglas Adjunct Instructor 652-7391
Edit  Even Ryan Adjunct Instructor 652-7941
Edit  F
Edit  Faiva Jennifer Bookstore Accounting Assistant Bookstore 652-6565
Edit  Fajardo Lourdes Adjunct Instructor 652-7897
Edit  Falcioni Ryan Instructor Philosophy 652-6258
Edit  Faradineh Rahim Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7112
Edit  Farag Magdy Adjunct Instructor 652-7884
Edit  Farrand Nicole Instructor Art 652-6958
Edit  Fawcett Rachelle Adjunct Instructor 652-7836
Edit  Fay John Instructor, Coordinator Mathematics 652-6436
Edit  Fehr Jody Adjunct Instructor 652-7836
Edit  Feinour Andrew Adjunct Instructor 652-7918
Edit  Fell Devon Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7348
Edit  Fernandez Gilbert Facility Maintenance Attd Maintenance and Operations
Edit  Fillpot Jim Director Institutional Research 652-6460
Edit  Fimbres Brenda Human Resources Generalist Human Resources 652-6522
Edit  Fink Michael Director Information Technology Services 652-6453
Edit  Fisher Chelena Adjunct Counselor Counseling 652-6200
Edit  Fisher Jamie Adjunct Instructor 652-7070
Edit  Fisher Leona Instructor English 652-6922
Edit  Fitzgerald Donald Adjunct Instructor 652-7968
Edit  Fitzgerald Duncan Adjunct Instructor 652-7380
Edit  Fitzpatrick Maria Instructor Psychology 652-6259
Edit  Fletcher Anita Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid 652-6147
Edit  Flores Ruben Educational Services Generalist Chino Campus 652-8106
Edit  Flynn Heather Human Resources Generalist Human Resources 652-6529
Edit  Folden Kelsey Bookstore Associate Bookstore
Edit  Fong Michael Instructor Anthropology 652-6412
Edit  Ford Jacquelyn Adjunct Instructor 652-7005
Edit  Ford Kelly Instructor Theatre Arts 652-6062
Edit  Forde Mark Contract Faculty Chino Campus/HOTFS 652-8202
Edit  Foutz Anna Contract Faculty Earth Science / Geology 652-7447
Edit  Fowler Jeri Adjunct Instructor
Edit  Fox Fredda Adjunct Instructor 652-7123
Edit  Francis Audley College Police Officer Campus Police 652-6632
Edit  Francisco Karen Instructional Assistant IV Language Success Center 652-6929
Edit  Franco Bryan Program Assistant EOPS 652-6346
Edit  Franco Carlos Police Officer Campus Police Department 652-6632
Edit  Franco Christopher College Police Officer Campus Police 652-6632
Edit  Frank Candace Adjunct Instructor 652-7036
Edit  Freeman Mary Adjunct Instructor Earth Science / Geology 652-7125
Edit  French Michael Adjunct Instructor 652-7930
Edit  Friday Yolanda Dean, Fontana Campus Fontana Campus 652-7405
Edit  Friedman Katie Adjunct Instructor 652-7934
Edit  Fuentes Yanira Adjunct Instructor Sociology 652-7706
Edit  Fuller Bonnie Instructor DPS 652-7676
Edit  G
Edit  Gadd Brian Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7321
Edit  Gaddie Sam Chemical Hygiene Officer Risk Management 652-6425
Edit  Gaetje Lisa Adjunct Instructor Sociology 652-7356
Edit  Gale Duncan Adjunct Instructor Philosophy 652-7286
Edit  Galindo Rachel Marketing Support Specialist Marketing & Public Relations 652-6113
Edit  Galipeau Kathleen Adjunct Instructor Interior Design 652-7015
Edit  Gallo Michelle Adjunct Instructor Child Development and Education 652-7517
Edit  Garcia Carine Adjunct Instructor 652-7887
Edit  Garcia Dominique Bookstore Accounting Assistant Bookstore
Edit  Garcia Dulce Adjunct Instructor 652-7967
Edit  Garcia Judy Accounting Specialist Accounting Services 652-6019
Edit  Garcia Liliana Educational Services Generalist Admissions & Records 652-6621
Edit  Garcia Lupe Adjunct Instructor 652-7127
Edit  Garcia Raelynn Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7061
Edit  Garcia Rocio Adjunct Instructor 652-7726
Edit  Garcia Ruth-Ann Interim Director Transfer Center 652-6231
Edit  Garcia Shannon Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7154
Edit  Garcia Stephannie Educational Services Generalist Admissions & Records 652-7416
Edit  Garcia Victor Adjunct Instructor 652-7072
Edit  Garland Jeffery Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7128
Edit  Gavrilov Ginka Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7830
Edit  Geiger Dominic Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7820
Edit  Gelenchi Fantahun Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7367
Edit  Gentry Lavon Adjunct Instructor Philosophy 652-7131
Edit  George Gary Governing Board Trustee Governing Board 469-1535
Edit  George Kimberly Contract Faculty English Language Arts 652-6929
Edit  George Paula E. Systems Specialist Information Technology Services 652-6732
Edit  Ghaffari Mithra Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7101
Edit  Gibbs Valery Transcript Evaluator Counseling 652-6206
Edit  Gibson Colin Adjunct Instructor 652-7211
Edit  Gilbert Ronald Adjunct Instructor 652-7353
Edit  Giles Brizset Adjunct Instructor 652-7106
Edit  Gill Amy Adjunct Instructor 652-7333
Edit  Gilland Michael Stage Technician Theatre Arts 652-6090
Edit  Gilley Danni Human Resources Generalist Human Resources 652-6524
Edit  Glass John Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7170
Edit  Glaze Chet Adjunct Instructor 652-7722
Edit  Godfrey Ryan Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7880
Edit  Godinez Joan Counselor Counseling 652-7407
Edit  Goldman Howard Adjunct Instructor 652-7138
Edit  Gomez Denise Administrative Assistant II Child Development Center 652-6877
Edit  Gomez Erin Teacher Child Development Center 652-6875
Edit  Gomez Paul Governing Board Trustee Governing Board 985-2914
Edit  Gomez Rodrigo Adjunct Instructor 652-7263
Edit  Gomez Sergio Instructor Sociology 652-6261
Edit  Gomez Yvonne Adjunct Instructor 652-7130
Edit  Gonzaga Laurence Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7551
Edit  Gonzales Valeen Program Assistant COUN
Edit  Goodman Robin Administrative Assistant II EOPS 652-6343
Edit  Gorden Gwen Administrative Assistant II Health Sciences 652-6675
Edit  Gores Nicole Administrative Assistant II Math and Science 652-6404
Edit  Goss Michael Director, COE Desert Region Professional Expert ECDEV 652-7754
Edit  Gossett Natasha Adjunct Instructor 652-7218
Edit  Grady Merrill Adjunct Instructor 652-7324
Edit  Granados Isaiah Adjunct Instructor 652-7948
Edit  Grasmick Jaime Adjunct Instructor 652-7114
Edit  Grayson Adrienne Director Special Populations and Equity Programs 652-6506
Edit  Green Jason Adjunct Instructor Criminal Justice 652-7133
Edit  Green Patricia Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Greenberg Herschel Adjunct Instructor 652-7308
Edit  Greene Simeon Adjunct Instructor Criminal Justice 652-7992
Edit  Greene Timothy Instructor/Coordinator History 652-8014
Edit  Greer Richard Adjunct Instructor Philosophy 652-7944
Edit  Greer Valerie Adjunct Instructor 652-7805
Edit  Gregory Eric Adjunct Instructor History 652-7994
Edit  Grigsby Michael Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7197
Edit  Guaracha Anthony Instructor Sociology 652-7415
Edit  Guaracha Anthony Contract Faculty Sociology Sociology 652-6249
Edit  Guild Tracy Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7365
Edit  Guillen Nelida Adjunct Instructor 652-7081
Edit  Gulliver Gabriela Financial Aid Specialist Financial Aid 652-6148
Edit  Gunderson Lukas Adjunct Instructor History 652-7240
Edit  Gurtovoy Jason Adjunct Instructor Economics 652-7553
Edit  Guthrey Raleigh Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7330
Edit  Gutierrez Antonio Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Gutierrez Chris Workforce Development Generalist Employment Development 320-6963
Edit  Gutierrez Gonzalo Workforce Dev Generalist Economic Development
Edit  Gutierrez Guadalupe Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Gutierrez Laura Grant Coordinator Employment Development & Community Education 652-7797
Edit  Gutierrez Mark Instructor Mathematics 652-6433
Edit  Gutknecht Douglas Adjunct Instructor Sociology 652-7516
Edit  H
Edit  Hadaway Robert Instructor/Head Coach, Football Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Athletics 652-6312
Edit  Haddad Kathy Instructor Photography 652-6082
Edit  Haerens Joy Dean, Business & Applied Technology Business & Applied Technology 652-6840
Edit  Hagen Melanie Adjunct Instructor 652-7723
Edit  Haider Mourshad Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7095
Edit  Haight Laura Adjunct Instructor 652-7724
Edit  Haines Janice Adjunct Instructor 652-7262
Edit  Halili Roberto Adjunct Instructor Sociology 652-7297
Edit  Hall Sandra Adjunct Instructor Drafting 652-7909
Edit  Hall Steven Adjunct Instructor Fire Technology
Edit  Hallak Nouha Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7707
Edit  Hamlett Cynthia Adjunct Instructor 652-7940
Edit  Hammerschlag Brandy Adjunct Instructor 652-7320
Edit  Hamza Mark Adjunct Instructor Chemistry 652-7352
Edit  Han Monica Administrative Assistant II Instructional Support 652-6132
Edit  Han Steven Adjunct Instructor Chemistry 652-7141
Edit  Hanna Rachel Instructor Spanish 652-6919
Edit  Hanson Shanyn Adjunct Instructor 652-7117
Edit  Hardy Michael Adjunct Instructor 652-7177
Edit  Harlow Jeff Instructor / Head Coach, Baseball Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Athletics 652-6314
Edit  Harlow Laura Adjunct Instructor 652-7142
Edit  Harman Melissa Contract Faculty Chemistry 652-6413
Edit  Harrington Jared Adjunct Instructor History 652-7729
Edit  Harris Kiyoshi Adjunct Instructor 652-7372
Edit  Hartley Patrica Adjunct Instructor Accounting
Edit  Harvey Lonzo Technical Support Specialist Information Technology Services 652-6789
Edit  Hatfield Dawn Interim Bookstore Supervisor Bookstore 652-6562
Edit  Hatfield Robert Grounds Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Havenhill El-Said Christa Instructor Theatre Arts 652-6286
Edit  Haynes Victor Adjunct Instructor Social and Behavioral Sciences 652-7933
Edit  Haynes-Nichols Holly Adjunct Instructor History 652-7974
Edit  Hecht David Adjunct Instructor 652-7093
Edit  Heinssen David Adjunct Instructor 652-7163
Edit  Helfand Terri Instructor/Coordinator Computer Information Systems 652-6833
Edit  Henderson Dionne Contract Faculty Business & Office Technologies 652-6850
Edit  Henry Annette Instructor/Coordinator Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Athletics 652-6315
Edit  Henry Cheri Adjunct Instructor 652-7286
Edit  Herchenroeder Sheryl Public Information Specialist/Sports Information Marketing & Public Relations 652-6114
Edit  Herman Susan Instructor Associate Degree Nursing 652-6686
Edit  Hernandez Deanna Instructor English Department 652-7458
Edit  Hernandez Esther Adjunct Instructor 652-7923
Edit  Herrera Jacqueline Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid 652-6151
Edit  Hicks Gina Library Technician Library/Learning Resources 652-6805
Edit  Hijaz Manar Instructional Specialist Chino Success Center 652-8152
Edit  Hill Jack Jr. Adjunct Instructor 652-7085
Edit  Hiller Keith Warehouse/Distribution Asst Bookstore
Edit  Hines-Tinsley Candice Instructor Nutrition and Foods 652-6307
Edit  Hirst Kymberly Adjunct Instructor 652-7209
Edit  Ho Hsing (Angel) Adjunct Instructor 652-7927
Edit  Hock Anita Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7701
Edit  Hodge Cheryl Instructor Certified Nursing Assistant 652-6697
Edit  Hodge Deckard Instructor English 652-6924
Edit  Hoekstra Robyn Workability Generalist DPS 652-7680
Edit  Holguin Richard Facility Maintenance Attd Maintenance and Operations
Edit  Holman Kimberly Adjunct Instructor 652-7098
Edit  Hrdlicka Ricky Adjunct Instructor Computer Information Systems
Edit  Huang Julia Accounting Technician Accounting Services 652-6023
Edit  Hudson John Instructor Automotive Technology 652-6858
Edit  Huffman Mike Instructional Assistant II Computer Information Systems 652-7668
Edit  Hughes Bradley Faculty Astronomy 652-6397
Edit  Hughes Michael Network Server Administrator Information Technology Services 652-6789
Edit  Hughes Samuel Adjunct Instructor Philosophy 652-7129
Edit  Hull Teresa Dean, Chino Campus Chino Campus 652-8007
Edit  Hultgren Larry Instructor Aviation Maintenance Technology 652-6868
Edit  Hunsaker Jr. Robert College Police Officer Campus Police 652-7145
Edit  Hunter Stan Instructor Art 652-6108
Edit  Hutchins Jessica Adjunct Instructor 652-7176
Edit  Hutte Carol Librarian Library/Learning Resources 652-8116
Edit  Hyder Jamshed Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7269
Edit  I
Edit  Ibrahim Mira Instructional Assistant IV Math Success Center 652-6438
Edit  Ikeda Robin Instructor Biology 652-8012
Edit  Inoue Hiroko Adjunct Instructor Sociology 652-7082
Edit  Ivory Norm Delivery Driver Warehouse 652-6711
Edit  J
Edit  Jabalera Karina Counselor Counseling 652-6211
Edit  Jackson Hugh Adjunct Instructor Astronomy 652-7187
Edit  Jackson Tiffany Adjunct Instructor 652-7197
Edit  Jacobo Daniel Instructor Broadcasting and Cinema 652-6070
Edit  Jacobs John (Nick) Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7229
Edit  jacobsen David Adjunct Instructor Anthropology 652-7314
Edit  Jacobson Erik Instructor Theatre Arts 652-8023
Edit  Jaime Jazmin Instructor Automotive Technology 652-6858
Edit  Jamieson Robert Adjunct Instructor 652-7824
Edit  Jannati Elmira Adjunct Instructor Child Development and Education 652-7723
Edit  Jasso Ramiro General Maintenance Mechanic Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Jenkins Michele Instructor Theatre Arts 652-6059
Edit  Jenkins Tamari Instructor Spanish 652-6926
Edit  Jenkins Ted Instructor Math Success Center / Mathematics 652-6439
Edit  Jennings Dean Computing Services Specialist Information Technology Services 652-6782
Edit  Jennings Mary Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7860
Edit  Jerrigan Tracy Adjunct Instructor 652-7855
Edit  Jessen Shannon Contract Faculty Biology 652-6433
Edit  Jezek-Arriaga Suzanne Adjunct Instructor 652-7840
Edit  Jimenez Diana Library Clerk II Library/Learning Resources 652-6804
Edit  Jimenez Jane Administrative Assistant II Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Athletics 652-6292
Edit  Johannsen Melissa NI: Counselor, Contract Faculty DPS 652-6126
Edit  Johansesen Katy Adjunct Instructor 652-7013
Edit  Johnsen Torgeir Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7299
Edit  Johnson Denise Adjunct Instructor Art 652-7867
Edit  Johnson Jayme Professional Expert, Assistant Athletic Trainer ATHLETICS
Edit  Johnson Michael Adjunct Instructor 652-7261
Edit  Johnson Tara Administrative Assistant II Instruction & Institutional Effectiveness 652-6966
Edit  Johnson Tim Plant Maintenance Mechanic Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Johnston Jeffrey Adjunct Instructor Earth Science / Geology 652-7198
Edit  Jones Bill Adjunct Instructor 652-7850
Edit  Jones Kym Adjunct Instructor 652-7299
Edit  Jones Marry Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7703
Edit  Jraisat Issa Adjunct Instructor Sociology 652-7855
Edit  Juarez Sonia Administrative Assistant II Student Activities 652-6589
Edit  Julien-Peto Valerie Adjunct Instructor Paralegal Studies 652-6830
Edit  Justice Starlene Adjunct Instructor Geography 652-7392
Edit  K
Edit  Kabangu Jules Web Developer Information Technology Services 652-6789
Edit  Karim Fahima Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7186
Edit  Karp Dave Instructor, coordinator Business 652-6846
Edit  Kassab Mohammad Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7905
Edit  Kassman Steven Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7381
Edit  Kaur Gurpreet Accounting Technician Accounting Services 652-6024
Edit  Kaur Raminder Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7358
Edit  Kazmi Saba Coordinator International Student Services 652-6193
Edit  Kazmi Sayida Int. Dir, International Students, Professional Expert STUDENT SERVICES
Edit  Kazmi Syed Adjunct Instructor 652-7711
Edit  Kazmi Zeshan Adjunct Instructor 652-7872
Edit  Kealoha Trinity Research & Policy Specialist Institutional Research & Resource Development 652-6462
Edit  Keener Daniel Instructor English 652-6943
Edit  Keith-Gibson Gail Instructional Specialist Rancho Cucamonga Success Center 652-7149
Edit  Keithly Dana Adjunct Instructor Anthropology 652-7179
Edit  Kelikani Kaleo Network Technology Technician Information Technology Services 652-6789
Edit  Kenehan Garrett Instructional Specialist Math Success Center 652-6488
Edit  Kenehan Susan Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7743
Edit  Kenway Christopher Adjunct Instructor 652-7733
Edit  Kern Daniel Instructor Philosophy 652-6271
Edit  Kerr Jim Instructor Computer Information Systems 652-7660
Edit  Ketchum Renee Instructor/Coordinator Nursing 652-6689
Edit  Khan Rashid Adjunct Instructor Astronomy 652-7984
Edit  Khatami Fatemeh Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7730
Edit  Khaw-Posthuma Bonnie Instructor English 652-6940
Edit  Khou Meng Instructor Mathematics 652-6427
Edit  Kim Edward Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7885
Edit  Kincade Wanda Library Clerk I Library/Learning Resources 652-6807
Edit  Kindred Cheryl Adjunct Instructor 652-7202
Edit  King Barbara Instructor Philosophy 652-6284
Edit  King Carolyn Adjunct Instructor Accounting 652-7813
Edit  King Skyler Instructional Assistant IV Instructional Support & Library Services 652-6946
Edit  Kirby Barbara Adjunct Instructor Child Development and Education 652-7745
Edit  Kirkpatrick Yiu Adjunct Instructor Accounting
Edit  Kiser Stacy Adjunct Instructor History 652-7346
Edit  Kiser Stacy Adjunct Instructor History 652-7346
Edit  Klavetter Boonta Adjunct Instructor 652-7035
Edit  Klein Jeff Interim Director, Athletics Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Athletics 652-6317
Edit  Knight Davin Adjunct Instructor 652-7725
Edit  Koenigshofer Ken Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7959
Edit  Kohl Brian Adjunct Instructor 652-7966
Edit  Kokalari Claudia Adjunct Instructor 652-7911
Edit  Kolb Erik Instructor Biology 652-6954
Edit  Konecny Kris Programmer Analyst Information Technology Services 652-6785
Edit  Konovnitzine Peter Instructor, Coordinator Geography 652-6428
Edit  Kopp Rob Instructor Mathematics 652-6444
Edit  Kordich Jason Adjunct Instructor 652-7936
Edit  Kostiuk Erik Adjunct Instructor Philosophy 652-7732
Edit  Kowach Melody Adjunct Instructor 652-7293
Edit  Koyle Ron Adjunct Instructor Drafting 652-7245
Edit  Krag Samantha Adjunct Instructor 652-7851
Edit  Krajewski Linda Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7518
Edit  Krause Henry Instructional Assistant II Instructional Support & Library Services 652-6938
Edit  Kretzner Leo Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7739
Edit  Kupecz Kirklen Adjunct Instructor Chemistry 652-7950
Edit  Kusudo Kenneth Adjunct Instructor 652-7801
Edit  Kwon John Adjunct Instructor 652-7903
Edit  L
Edit  Laguna Jeffrey Gerontology, Contract Faculty GERO 652-6693
Edit  Lai Jimmy Facilities Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Lam Albert Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7225
Edit  Lam Daisy Adjunct Instructor 652-7833
Edit  LaMay Julie Instructor English 652-6930
Edit  Lamp Linda Educational Program Assistant Mathematics & Science 652-6402
Edit  Lander Robert Head Coach, M&W Cross Country Kinesiology, Nutrition and Athletics 652-6309
Edit  Lang Linda Adjunct Instructor 652-7800
Edit  Lanz Glenda Adjunct Instructor Child Development and Education 652-7808
Edit  Lara Gilbert Adjunct Instructor 652-7943
Edit  Lastrapes Martin Adjunct Instructor 652-7893
Edit  Lavalle Lindsy Coun St Equity Foster Youth, Contract Faculty, Temporary COUNSELING 652-6279
Edit  Law Jennifer Career Counselor and Adjunct Faculty Counseling 652-7404 / 652-8127
Edit  Lawrence Lim Adjunct Instructor 652-7706
Edit  Lawson Bryan Adjunct Instructor History 652-7508
Edit  Lazzara Susana Instructional Assistant II Math Success Center 652-6446
Edit  Leano Esther Adjunct Instructor 652-7113
Edit  Lee Chris Adjunct Instructor 652-7051
Edit  Lee Debra Administrative Assistant II Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Athletics 652-6294
Edit  Lee Eun Kyung Adjunct Instructor 652-7014
Edit  Lee Keith Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7747
Edit  Lee Monica Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7705
Edit  Lee Stephen Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7252
Edit  Lehar Jade Adjunct Instructor 652-7916
Edit  Lemos Alex Adjunct Instructor 652-7734
Edit  Leontas Angela Instructor Mathematics 652-6487
Edit  Letcher Annette Adjunct Instructor 652-7224
Edit  Leung Hei-Yi NI: Counselor, Contract Faculty COUNSELING
Edit  Lewis Elisa Research Analyst Institutional Research
Edit  Lewis Linda Adjunct Instructor 652-7369
Edit  Lewis Mark Instructor Art & Digital Media 652-6109
Edit  Liashenko Joshua Adjunct Instructor Anthropology 652-7368
Edit  Lightfoot Kody Adjunct Instructor 652-7239
Edit  Limon Mercedes Instructor Spanish 652-6933
Edit  Lin-Shull Debbie Adjunct Instructor 652-7191
Edit  Lindleaf Kenneth Adjunct Instructor Sociology 652-7863
Edit  Lindsey Lori Accounting Technician Accounting Services 652-6025
Edit  Lindvall John Adjunct Instructor Economics 652-7558
Edit  Linfield Leon Adjunct Instructor 652-7907
Edit  Little Jack Instructor Aviation Maintenance Technology 652-6867
Edit  Liu Jeannie Instructor Accounting 652-7347
Edit  Liu Jin Adjunct Instructor 652-7818
Edit  Liu Ming Adjunct Instructor 652-7135
Edit  Lively Christine Instructor American Sign Language 652-6910
Edit  Livingston Richard Adjunct Instructor Philosophy 652-7375
Edit  Logrono Monica Child Dev Ctr Teacher, CDC Teacher (CDCFA) Child Development Center 652-6886
Edit  Loh Susan Adjunct Instructor 652-7343
Edit  Long Tom Adjunct Instructor History 652-7932
Edit  Loomis Daniel Instructor History 652-6266
Edit  Lopez Amanda Adjunct Instructor 652-7859
Edit  Lopez JoAnn Adjunct Instructor 652-7323
Edit  Lopez Nathan Adjunct Instructor History 652-7859
Edit  Lord Saskia Adjunct Instructor Child Development and Education 652-7729
Edit  Lorenzana Chuy General Maintenance Mechanic Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Lowe Josephine Adjunct Instructor 652-7062
Edit  Lowe Josh Bookstore Merchandise Buyer Bookstore 652-6564
Edit  Loya Robert Adjunct Instructor 652-7189
Edit  Lozano Elizabeth Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7156
Edit  Lucas Hannah Instructor Psychology 652-6265
Edit  Lucero Kathy Director, Admissions & Records, Classified Manager Admissions & Records and Cashier's Office 652-6620
Edit  Lucier Bradley Adjunct Instructor History 652-7364
Edit  Luera Larry Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Luszcz Laura Adjunct Instructor 652-7888
Edit  Lux Steve Administrator, Campus Police Campus Police 652-7068
Edit  Lyons Kelley Adjunct Instructor 652-7941
Edit  M
Edit  Maas John Adjunct Instructor Earth Science / Geology 652-7044
Edit  Mabonzo Christine Adjunct Instructor Philosophy 652-7360
Edit  MacDevitt James Adjunct Instructor 652-7970
Edit  MacDonald Heather Instructor Associate Degree Nursing 652-6692
Edit  Machado John Instructor Art History 652-6110
Edit  Maez Tracy Adjunct Instructor 652-7835
Edit  Mages Dan Adjunct Instructor Philosophy 652-7978
Edit  Maher Anthony Photography Specialist Photography 652-6083
Edit  Maing Susanna Adjunct Instructor 652-7350
Edit  Maldonado Anna Adjunct Instructor 652-7086
Edit  Mallard Julie Adjunct Instructor 652-7106
Edit  Malone Sheila Contract Faculty Theatre 652-6093
Edit  Mangahas Ronaldo Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7979
Edit  Mangold Joanna Adjunct Instructor 652-7921
Edit  Mansouri Brandy Adjunct Instructor 652-7320
Edit  Manyika Nouna Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Marcotte Linda Instructor Child Development and Education 652-6278
Edit  Marcus Shelley Reference Librarian Library/Learning Resources 652-7451
Edit  Markovich Bob Photography Specialist Digital Media and Photography 652-6094
Edit  Marsh Malinda Adjunct Instructor Accounting
Edit  Marsh Mila Adjunct Instructor 652-7981
Edit  Martin Linda Adjunct Instructor 652-7334
Edit  Martin Md Adjunct Instructor 652-7255
Edit  Martinez Anthony IA II, Student Success Ctr, Classified Contract (CSEA) IPS
Edit  Martinez Carlos Adjunct Instructor Business & Applied Technology
Edit  Martinez Christine Educational Services Generalist Admissions & Records 652-6551
Edit  Martinez Daniel Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Martinez Denise Adjunct Instructor Earth Science / Geology 652-7877
Edit  Martinez Elaine Contract Faculty, Physical Education KNA 652-6318
Edit  Martinez Erlinda Software Application Support Specialist Information Technology Services 652-6764
Edit  Martinez John Warehouse Specialist Warehouse 652-6710
Edit  Martinez Maria Administrative Assistant I Risk Management 652-6521
Edit  Martinez Michelle Counselor SSSP, Contract Faculty COUNSELING 652-8125
Edit  Martinez Shelli Educational Program Assistant Counseling 652-6197
Edit  Martinez Sylvia Bookstore Buyer Bookstore 652-6568
Edit  Martinez Victor Adjunct Instructor Automotive Technology
Edit  Martinez Vivinee Admissions & Records Assistant II Admissions & Records 652-6616
Edit  Martinez Whitney Adjunct Instructor Political Science 652-7917
Edit  Mascarenas Kim Administrator, Payroll Payroll Office 652-6030
Edit  Massar Ryan Stage Technician Visual and Performing Arts 652-6091
Edit  Matin Md Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7255
Edit  Maxwell Gerald Adjunct Instructor 652-7963
Edit  May Richard Adjunct Instructor Communication Studies 652-7158
Edit  Mayo Ana Adjunct Instructor Chemistry 652-7399
Edit  McClaury Tim Technical Support Specialist Information Technology Services 652-6789
Edit  McClellan Dr. Michael Dean Instructional Support, Guided Pathways, and KNA 652-6291
Edit  McClelland-Descalzo Darcie Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7309
Edit  McClure Carol Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7957
Edit  McCool Naomi Instructor Sociology 652-6267
Edit  McDaniel-Smith Augustine Adjunct Instructor 652-7203
Edit  McDermott Terri Adjunct Instructor 652-7258
Edit  McDonald Virginia Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7371
Edit  McDougal Lee Governing Board Trustee Governing Board 625-9402
Edit  McGaha Kevin Adjunct Instructor 652-7136
Edit  McGeehan Laura Adjunct Instructor Anthropology 652-7561
Edit  McIntosh Artina Adjunct Instructor 652-7390
Edit  McLoughlin Kerry Adjunct Instructor Sociology 652-7195
Edit  McMahon Paul Adjunct Instructor 652-7802
Edit  McMurran Bret Instructor/CCFA President Economics 652-6268
Edit  McPeck Christina Child Development, Contract Faculty Child Development & Education 652-6281
Edit  Meas Kenneth Technical Support Specialist Information Technology Services 652-6789
Edit  Meas Kenny Network Technology Analyst Information Technology Services 652-6789
Edit  Medich Melissa Adjunct Instructor Anthropology 652-7312
Edit  Medrano Karen Program Assistant EOPS 652-6350
Edit  Meekins Jack Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7251
Edit  Meinhart Dennis Purchasing Warehouse Assistant Warehouse 652-6711
Edit  Mejia Francisca Adjunct Instructor 652-7159
Edit  Mejico Tania Administrative Assistant II Health Sciences 6683
Edit  Melendez Luz Adjunct Instructor Child Development and Education 652-7562
Edit  Melo Filipe Adjunct Instructor History 652-7362
Edit  Mendoza Maria Program Assistant Counseling 652-6224
Edit  Mercante Lindy Help Desk Coordinator Information Technology Services 652-6761
Edit  Merjil Mark Adjunct Instructor Child Development & Education 652-7138
Edit  Meyer Luke Labor Market Research Manager Economic Development 652-7758
Edit  Meyer Marc Instructor Anthropology 652-6282
Edit  Milani Niki Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7804
Edit  Miller Alyssa Instructional Assistant II Instructional Support & Library Services 652-8149
Edit  Miller Cynde Instructor Art 652-6106
Edit  Ming Leta Art History, Contract Faculty Art History 652-6107
Edit  Mitchell Lindsay Adjunct Instructor 652-7282
Edit  Mittendorf Will Adjunct Instructor Philosophy 652-7214
Edit  Mittler William Adjunct Instructor 652-7184
Edit  Molina Monica Counselor/Puente Coordinator Counseling 652-6208
Edit  Monk Robert Adjunct Instructor 652-7212
Edit  Monks Birgit Director Child Development Center 652-6876
Edit  Montelongo Ruth Nutrition Specialist Child Development Center 652-6887
Edit  Moore Zea Adjunct Instructor 652-7230
Edit  Mor Celeste Counselor Counseling 652-6475
Edit  Moraga Johnny Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Morales Rita Administrative Assistant II Health Sciences 652-7606
Edit  Morales Rosanna Educational Program Assistant Chino Campus 652-8008
Edit  Moreno Elietta Educational Program Asst, Classified Contract (CSEA) COUNSELING 652-6197
Edit  Moreno Melissa Educational Program Assistant Instructional Support 652-6134
Edit  Moritz Isaac Adjunct Instructor Hotel and Food Service Management 652-7841
Edit  Moser Jeff Counselor Counseling 652-6319
Edit  Moussavi Sarah Adjunct Instructor 652-7021
Edit  Mowrey Leticia Workforce Development Generalist Employment Development & Community Education 652-6049
Edit  Moya Stephanie Executive Assistant Student Services 652-6501
Edit  Muckenfuss Mark Adjunct Instructor 652-7942
Edit  Muhammad Siraaj Professional Expert, Assistant Athletic Trainer Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Athletics 652-6304
Edit  Muir Jerrie Adjunct Instructor 652-7712
Edit  Muir Tamara Adjunct Instructor 652-7168
Edit  Mukundan Ramaa Adjunct Instructor 652-7708
Edit  Mulchandani Priti Adjunct Instructor 652-7064
Edit  Muleta Tilahun Adjunct Instructor Chemistry 652-7185
Edit  Munayco Silvianna Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7207
Edit  Munn Jonathan Instructional Assistant III Chemistry 652-6423
Edit  Munoz Anthony College Police Officer Campus Police 652-6632
Edit  Munz Kristina Adjunct Instructor 652-7153
Edit  Murata Inouye Haruko Adjunct Instructor Economics 652-7199
Edit  Murphy Ashira Executive Assistant I, Classified Senate Treasurer, Confidential Office of Vice President of Administrative 652-6792
Edit  Murphy Ryan Adjunct Instructor 652-7803
Edit  Murphy Svetlana Adjunct Instructor 652-7026
Edit  Musaitif Linda Adjunct Instructor Chemistry 652-7374
Edit  Myers Harriet Adjunct Instructor 652-7961
Edit  N
Edit  Naeve Trent Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7326
Edit  Napoli Lissa Administrative Assistant II Faculty Senate/Instruction 652-6966
Edit  Nashua Lisa Executive Director Foundation & Governmental Relations 652-6542
Edit  Nason Aissa Interim Operations Supervisor Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Navarro Carmen Instructor Communication Studies 652-6939
Edit  Nazar Robert Instructor English 652-8013
Edit  Neal Brandelyn Mathematics Faculty Math 652-6429
Edit  Neece Cheryl Adjunct Instructor 652-7059
Edit  Nehlsen Carol Adjunct Instructor 652-7156
Edit  Nelson Karin Instructor Accounting 652-6853
Edit  Nemeth Loren Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7151
Edit  Nepomuceno Jair Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7807
Edit  Nevarez Amy Dean, Counseling and Matriculation Counseling 652-6020
Edit  Nevarez Dorothy Administrative Assistant II Honors Program 652-6263
Edit  Nevarez Hermelinda Academic Administrator, Dean Counseling and SSSP COUNSELING
Edit  Neves Doug Adjunct Instructor Earth Science / Geology 652-7254
Edit  Newsome Michelle CalWORKs Counselor Employment Development & Community Education 652-6044
Edit  Ngobi Said Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7041
Edit  Nguyen Aileen Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7985
Edit  Nguyen Sylvia Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7969
Edit  Nguyen Thanh Plant Maintenance Mechanic Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Nguyen Thuy Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7073
Edit  Nguyen Tuan Technical Support Specialist Information Technology Services 652-6789
Edit  Nguyen Tung Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7982
Edit  Nichols Sarah Adjunct Instructor 652-7913
Edit  Niederlander Jacqueline Adjunct Instructor 652-7030
Edit  Niehus Gerald Adjunct Instructor 652-7061
Edit  Nielson Wesley Adjunct Instructor Anthropology 652-7181
Edit  Nilsson Elvira Adjunct Instructor 652-7735
Edit  Nobile Vince Instructor History 652-6270
Edit  Noseworthy Kimberly Distance Education Support Specialist Distance Education 652-6778
Edit  Nowakhtar Susan Adjunct Instructor Economics 652-7105
Edit  Nuccio Elisabeth Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7376
Edit  Null Nicholas Adjunct Instructor 652-7337
Edit  O
Edit  O'Bannon Michael Technical Support Specialist Information Technology Services 652-6789
Edit  O'Cleary Dennis Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  O'Grady Jennifer Adjunct Instructor English 652-8010
Edit  O'Neil William Adjunct Instructor Industrial Electrical Technology
Edit  O'Rourke Margaret Adjunct Instructor 652-7046
Edit  O'Shaughnessy David Adjunct Instructor 652-7342
Edit  O'Shaughnessy Vonda Adjunct Instructor Communication Studies 652-7988
Edit  Oakdale Joyce Instructor Chemistry 652-6424
Edit  Oduwole Toks Counselor EOPS 652-6351
Edit  Offerdahl Karen Educational Program Assistant Health Sciences 652-6695
Edit  Ogbuchiekwe Edmund Adjunct Instructor Geography 652-7047
Edit  Oh Jean Contract Faculty, Counselor, DPS DPS 652-6382
Edit  Okbamichael Mussie Adjunct Instructor Earth Science / Geology 652-7963
Edit  Okonyan David Adjunct Instructor History 652-7372
Edit  Olaluwoye Olympia Classified Contract (CSEA), Instruc Asst IV, Fontana IPS
Edit  Olin Diane Adjunct Instructor 652-7147
Edit  Olivera Christopher Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7328
Edit  Olivera-LaVallee Melanie Instructor Reading 652-6917
Edit  Olsen Karen Administrative Assistant II Mathematics & Science 652-6403
Edit  Omlor Amy Adjunct Instructor 652-7980
Edit  Ong Hai Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7302
Edit  Opotowsky Joelle Adjunct Instructor Chemistry 652-7300
Edit  Oresko Tatyana Adjunct Instructor 652-7398
Edit  Orozco Debbie Adjunct Instructor 652-7397
Edit  Ortiz Albert Instructional Assistant III Automotive Technology 652-6861
Edit  Ortiz Miguel Adjunct Instructor Drafting 652-7976
Edit  Ortiz Tamra Adjunct Instructor 652-7361
Edit  Osburn J. Bruce Instructor Automotive Technology 652-6862
Edit  Osgood Joanne Instructor Business & Office Technologies 652-6832
Edit  Oshiro Kasumi CDC Teacher (CDCFA), Child Dev. Center Teacher Child Development Center
Edit  Osifeso Petersen Roni Administrative Assistant II Admissions & Records 652-6601
Edit  Osmanian Rose Ann Instructional Specialist Rancho Success Center 652-6925
Edit  P
Edit  Padgett Lisa Instructor Mathematics 652-7431
Edit  Padilla Mark Instructor Physics 652-6411
Edit  Paez German Pool Attendant/Equipment Person Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Athletics 652-6311
Edit  Pal Sushanta Adjunct Instructor Chemistry 652-7376
Edit  Palerm Sira Instructional Assistant IV Biology 652-6418
Edit  Palmer Stacy Performing Arts Technician Visual and Performing Arts 652-6057
Edit  Paplanus Susan Instructor Associate Degree Nursing 652-6682
Edit  Pappas Victoria Counselor, Workforce Preparation, CalWORKs, WIA, TRA Economic Development 652-7645, 652-6049
Edit  Parise Stephen Adjunct Instructor Philosophy 652-7060
Edit  Parker Cynthia Instructor Economics 652-6272
Edit  Parker Denise Human Resources Generalist Human Resources 652-6523
Edit  Parton John Adjunct Instructor 652-7241
Edit  Pascal Louis Contract Faculty, Temporary, Electricity Business and Applied Technolo 652-7657
Edit  Paulus Jeffrey Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7989
Edit  Peacock Torria Adjunct Instructor 652-7834
Edit  Pearsall Sam Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7866
Edit  Pedro Michael Classified Contract (CSEA), Grounds Maint Attd Maintenance and Operations
Edit  Peek Kay Director Student Health Services 652-6333
Edit  Pender Karen Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7120
Edit  Penigar Julia Program Assistant Student Activities 652-6593
Edit  Pennell Aysia Program Assistant Special Populations and Equity Programs 652-6516
Edit  Pennett Kyle Instructor English as a Second Language 652-7427
Edit  Peoples Patty Adjunct Instructor 652-7829
Edit  Perez Ann Admissions & Records Coordinator Admissions & Records 652-6602
Edit  Pettigrew Rachel Bookstore Associate Bookstore
Edit  Pfeiffer Lance Adjunct Instructor 652-7177
Edit  Phan D. LeHong Adjunct Instructor 652-7175
Edit  Phelps Scott Adjunct Instructor Astronomy 652-7266
Edit  Pheng Nik Adjunct Instructor 652-7288
Edit  Phipps Charmaine Instructor English as a Second Language 652-6915
Edit  Piamonte Rennard Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7960
Edit  Piluso Robert Adjunct Instructor 652-7336
Edit  Pimentel Victor Adjunct Instructor Industrial Electricity Technology 652-7665
Edit  Pineda Levi Instructional Assistant IV Fontana Success Center 652-7415
Edit  Pineda Selene Instructional Assistant II Language Success Center 652-6955
Edit  Piper Candice Instructor Vocational Nursing 652-8219
Edit  Poe Jennifer Professional Expert, TAACCCT Lead Data Manager Economic Development 652-8477
Edit  Polidano Jonathan Adjunct Instructor Automotive Technology
Edit  Polson Elizabeth Adjunct Instructor 652-7143
Edit  Porter Jennifer Adjunct Instructor 652-7857
Edit  Portz David Adjunct Instructor 652-7227
Edit  Poteet Colleen Adjunct Instructor 652-7991
Edit  Powell Patricia Counselor DPS 652-6395
Edit  Pratt Laurie Instructor Communication Studies 652-8024
Edit  Pratt Randolph Adjunct Instructor Sociology 652-7248
Edit  Prattella Charles GPS Counselor Counseling 652-6489
Edit  Price Robert Instructor Administration of Justice 652-6250
Edit  Provart Michael Adjunct Instructor 652-7115
Edit  Pullen Ron Adjunct Instructor 652-7079
Edit  Q
Edit  Quaranta Philip Adjunct Instructor 652-7327
Edit  Quinones Benjamin Adjunct Instructor 652-7050
Edit  R
Edit  Rafei Zeina Adjunct Instructor 652-7165
Edit  Rahman Mustafizur Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7329
Edit  Rajan Singhi Adjunct Instructor EOPS 652-7861
Edit  Ramadan Ayman Adjunct Instructor 652-7873
Edit  Ramirez Colleen Adjunct Instructor 652-7033
Edit  Ramirez Eva Interim Director, Purchasing Purchasing 652-6703
Edit  Ramirez Merari Classified Contract (CSEA), Program Assistant Financial Aid 652-7444
Edit  Ramirez Robert Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7331
Edit  Ramirez-Mooney Marlene Counselor EOPS 652-6348
Edit  Randall Meridith Associate Superintendent, Instruction & Institutional Effectiveness Instruction & Institutional Effectiveness 652-6131
Edit  Ranger Jeremiah Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Ranger Jeremiah Classified Contract (CSEA), Facility Maintenance Attd Maintenance and Operations
Edit  Ray Jamie Adjunct Instructor 652-7040
Edit  Reams Lee Adjunct Instructor History 652-7953
Edit  Reclusado Neil Grounds Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Redinger Michelle Adjunct Instructor 652-7898
Edit  Rees Theresa Executive Assistant Student Services 652-6503
Edit  Reeves Russ Adjunct Instructor History 652-7144
Edit  Regis Shirley Adjunct Instructor 652-7345
Edit  Reinschmidt Claire Educational Services Generalist Admissions & Records 652-6614
Edit  Reinschmidt Gary Stage Technician Theatre Arts 652-6061
Edit  Reotutar Grace Adjunct Instructor Faculty Success Center 652-6794
Edit  Reyes Carri Transcript Evaluator Counseling 652-6604
Edit  Rhodes Micah Classified Contract (CSEA), Program Assistant Admissions and Records 652-6627
Edit  Ricordati Robert Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Riley Sarah Manager - Facilities Development Facilities Development 652-6176
Edit  Rioux Stephanie Adjunct Instructor 652-7261
Edit  Rivas Leonardo Adjunct Instructor Broadcasting and Cinema 652-7851
Edit  Rivas Rosalinda Professional Expert, Work Skills Navigator Economic Development 652-8482
Edit  Roberts Katie Governing Board Trustee Governing Board 982-0776
Edit  Roberts Phil Instructor Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Athletics 652-6308
Edit  Roberts Sabrina Adjunct Instructor Communication Studies 652-7188
Edit  Roberts Scott Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7825
Edit  Robertson Nilsa Print Shop Supervisor Lithography 652-6741
Edit  Robinson Jennifer Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7827
Edit  Roche Joshua Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7048
Edit  Rodes Laura Educational Services Generalist Admissions & Records 652-6611
Edit  Rodriguez Areli Educational Program Assistant Instructional Support, Guided Pathways, Kinesiology, Nutrition and Athletics (KNA) 652-6293
Edit  Rodriguez David Adjunct Instructor 652-7809
Edit  Rodriguez Elise Director, Early Advantage Program Counseling 652-6466
Edit  Rodriguez Janeth Director, Alumni Relations ALUM 652-6541
Edit  Rodriguez Jesus Grounds Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Rodriguez Maria Angelica CDC Teacher (CDCFA), Child Dev. Center Teacher Child Development Center
Edit  Rodriguez Paul Adjunct Instructor Philosophy 652-7388
Edit  Roebuck Alan Instructor Mathematics 652-6450
Edit  Rogers Lauri Adjunct Instructor 652-7344
Edit  Rojero Norma Executive Assistant Business Services 652-6538
Edit  Romero Alicia Adjunct Instructor 652-7150
Edit  Rooney Kristin Adjunct Instructor 652-7237
Edit  Rosales Ana Adjunct Instructor Criminal Justice 652-6851
Edit  Rosas Alisha Classified Manager, Director, Marketing & PR MKTG 652-6115
Edit  Rose Eva Instructor/Coordinator Communication Studies / Modern Languages 652-6962
Edit  Roselle Janise Adjunct Instructor 652-7166
Edit  Ross Damian Adjunct Instructor 652-7006
Edit  Ross Mary Jane Instructional Specialist Fontana Success Center 652-7434
Edit  Rounds Michael Adjunct Instructor History 652-7564
Edit  Rubenstein Lori Adjunct Instructor 652-7859
Edit  Rudd Stephen Adjunct Instructor 652-7002
Edit  Rue David Printing Generalist Print Shop 652-6740, 652-6742
Edit  Rugroden Kristin Adjunct Instructor Anthropology 652-7749
Edit  Ruiz Ruben Adjunct Instructor Astronomy 652-7383
Edit  Ruiz-deLeon Melissa Administrative Assistant II Business & Applied Technology 652-6827
Edit  Russell Jonathan Adjunct Instructor Philosophy 652-7946
Edit  Ryan Michael Adjunct Instructor Industrial Electricity Technology
Edit  S
Edit  Saad Nancy Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7146
Edit  Sacdalan Alvin Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7875
Edit  Sacks Andrew Adjunct Instructor 652-7354
Edit  Sadiq Aaron Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Sadowski Angela Instructor/Coordinator Psychology 652-6275
Edit  Saikali Rita Adjunct Instructor English 652-7964
Edit  Sailors Bernetta Adjunct Instructor 652-7118
Edit  Sakoonphong Melissa Doungchit Contract Faculty, NI: Counselor COUNSELING
Edit  Salazar Lymari Classified Contract (CSEA), Instr Asst IV, Chemistry Math and Sciences 652-6423
Edit  Saline David Adjunct Instructor 652-7832
Edit  Samia Fred Adjunct Instructor 652-7368
Edit  Sanchez Adriana Adjunct Instructor 652-7169
Edit  Sanchez Alejandro Adjunct Instructor 652-7727
Edit  Sanchez Diana Counselor/Coordinator EOPS 652-6352
Edit  Sanchez Elise Contract Faculty, Temporary, Coun St Equity Open Doors COUNSELING 652-6218
Edit  Sanchez Julie Executive Assistant Superintendent/President’s Office 652-6102
Edit  Sanchez Sabrina Program Assistant Career Development 652-6049
Edit  Sandoval Donna Administrative Assistant II Economic Development 652-7755
Edit  Sandoval Ernesto Adjunct Instructor Criminal Justice 652-7744
Edit  Sannah Bassim Adjunct Instructor 652-7373
Edit  Santini Jimi Adjunct Instructor 652-7394
Edit  Santini Mary Adjunct Instructor 652-7278
Edit  Saporito Robert Adjunct Instructor Political Science 652-7303
Edit  Sardan Carlos Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7067
Edit  Sarenhkhani Ryan Adjunct Instructor 652-7170
Edit  Sargsyan Amalya Adjunct Instructor 652-7901
Edit  Sath Kevin Technical Support Specialist Information Technology Services 652-6789
Edit  Savitzky Lynn Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7259
Edit  Saxton Joseph Adjunct Instructor Economics 652-7221
Edit  Schaefer Kenneth Adjunct Instructor History 652-7572
Edit  Schambach Luis Adjunct Instructor Business
Edit  Schmidt Lisa Adjunct Instructor Geography 652-7090
Edit  Schmidt Sarah Instructional Assistant IV Fontana Success Center 652-7435
Edit  Schmitz Susan Adjunct Instructor 652-7379
Edit  Schneck Jason Alternate Media Specialist DPS 652-6393
Edit  Schnurr Andrew Contract Faculty, Music VPA 652-6118
Edit  Schroeder Don Adjunct Instructor 652-7214
Edit  Schroeder Tara Payroll Technician Payroll Office 652-6037
Edit  Schultz Debra Adjunct Instructor Communication Studies 652-7213
Edit  Schwartz Cory Dean, Social & Behavioral Sciences Social & Behavioral Sciences 652-6242
Edit  Schweizer-Gold Frederica Adjunct Instructor 652-7172
Edit  Scott Amber Director Upward Bound Program 652-7423
Edit  Scott Joeann Adjunct Instructor 652-7891
Edit  Seager Elena Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7868
Edit  Secas Giovanna Bookstore Associate BOOKSTORE
Edit  Seely Dawn Adjunct Instructor 652-7377
Edit  Senyo Trisha Head Coach, Softball, Professional Expert Nutrition, Kinesiology and Athletics 652-6299
Edit  Seol Sara Instructor, Skills Labs Health Sciences 652-6673
Edit  Sepulvida Alan College Police Officer Campus Police 652-7847
Edit  Serrano Alisha Interim Director, Career Development Career Development 652-6053
Edit  Serrano Lucy Counselor Counseling 652-8121
Edit  Seube Darryl Lieutenant Campus Police 652-7812
Edit  Shafer Julie Adjunct Instructor 652-7217
Edit  Shahisaman Mohammad Adjunct Instructor 652-7096
Edit  Shane Kenneth Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Shannon Henry Superintendent/President Superintendent/President's Office 652-6100
Edit  Sharifi-Mahzoon Mozafar Adjunct Instructor 652-7378
Edit  Shea Nan Adjunct Instructor Biology 652-7363
Edit  Shelby Patty Adjunct Instructor Sociology 652-7317
Edit  Shelton Stephen Contract Faculty, Communication Studies Communication Studies 652-6948
Edit  Sheppard John Adjunct Instructor 652-7009
Edit  Sherman Brian Instructional Assistant IV Rancho Success Center 652-6823
Edit  Sherman Travis Campus Police Officer Campus Police
Edit  Short Christina Adjunct Instructor 652-7160
Edit  Shutt Rhonda Adjunct Instructor 652-7972
Edit  Shweikeh Eman Adjunct Instructor Chemistry 652-7301
Edit  Siddiqi Melanie Vice President, Administrative Affairs Administrative Affairs 652-6780
Edit  Siedschlag Steve Instructor Computer Information Systems 652-6855
Edit  Silva Daniella Adjunct Instructor 652-7947
Edit  Simmers Jennifer Adjunct Instructor Sociology 652-7193
Edit  Sipma Melissa Library Clerk I LIBRARY
Edit  Sipma Ryan Catalog and Schedule Coordinator Catalogs & Schedules 652-6137
Edit  Sire Katrina Adjunct Instructor 652-7271
Edit  Sisco Sandra Director, Economic Development Economic Development 652-8484
Edit  Sloan James Adjunct Instructor Fire Technology
Edit  Smith Anelise Adjunct Instructor 652-7926
Edit  Smith Carrie Costume Technician VP&CA 652-6289
Edit  Smith Deborah Community Training Coordinator Employment Development & Community Education 652-7791
Edit  Smith Jennifer Professional Expert, Grant Liaison Employment Development & Community Education 652-6054
Edit  Smith Lori Purchasing/Warehouse Asst Warehouse
Edit  Smith Stephanie Administrative Assistant I Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Athletics 652-6290
Edit  Smith-Trafzer Lee Ann Adjunct Instructor History 652-7700
Edit  Snyder Paula Instructor, CCFA Grievance Officer Sociology 652-6276
Edit  Soll Debra Adjunct Instructor Business & Office Technologies 652-7912
Edit  Song Julie Director, Honors Program & Professor, Sociology Honors Program 652-6237
Edit  Sosa Giovanni Research Analyst Institutional Research 652-6464
Edit  Soto Alice Administrative Assistant II Health Sciences 652-8215
Edit  Soto Marlene Instructor Radiologic Technology 652-7349
Edit  Speak Beverly Adjunct Instructor Child Development and Education 652-7389
Edit  Spears Bonnie Instructor English 652-6945
Edit  Spencer Dulce Administrative Assistant II Strong Workforce 652-6837
Edit  Spohn H. Teri Adjunct Instructor 652-7928
Edit  Stanek Tomasz Adjunct Instructor History 652-7037
Edit  Starkweather Tiffany Buyer Purchasing 652-6709
Edit  Starr Susan Counselor Counseling 652-6212
Edit  Steffen Scott Adjunct Instructor 652-7205
Edit  Stewart Florence Adjunct Instructor 652-7253
Edit  Stewart Howard Adjunct Instructor Engineering Technology 652-7944
Edit  Stollenwerk Roman Assistant Curator Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art 652-6490
Edit  Stone Brian Admissions Assistant II Admissions & Records 652-6606
Edit  Stone William Adjunct Instructor 652-7395
Edit  Stoner David Technical Support Specialist Information Technology Services 652-6789
Edit  Stratton Sean Instructor English 652-6920
Edit  Sudduth Michael Plant Maintenance Mechanic MO
Edit  Sudduth Mike Plant Maintenance Mechanic Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Sullivan Robert Printing Generalist Print Shop 652-6740, 652-6742
Edit  Swanson Chris Adjunct Instructor Accounting
Edit  Syrop Mitchell Instructor Art & Digital Media 652-6959
Edit  Szok Ken Adjunct Instructor 652-7038
Edit  T
Edit  Talbert Carmen Adjunct Instructor 652-7307
Edit  Talya Hany Adjunct Instructor 652-7083
Edit  Tan-Millar Alma Adjunct Instructor 652-7807
Edit  Tang Pak Instructor Political Science 652-6280
Edit  Tardiff Michelle Instructor Business & Office Technologies 652-6838
Edit  Tavakoli Mo Instructor, Coordinator Mathematics / Engineering 652-6447
Edit  Taylor Sherman Instructor Automotive Technology 652-6860
Edit  Teeguarden Thomas Adjunct Instructor 652-7844
Edit  Terrazas Jennifer Adjunct Instructor Chemistry 652-7952
Edit  Thomas Mary Administrative Assistant II Language Arts 652-6902
Edit  Thomas Vanessa Associate Dean Strong Workforce 652-6839
Edit  Thomason Mark Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7116
Edit  Thompson Denise Adjunct Instructor Business 652-6830
Edit  Thompson Kyle Adjunct Instructor Philosophy 652-7222
Edit  Throckmorton Michele Human Resources Generalist Human Resources 652-6526
Edit  Tidwell Jeffrey Adjunct Instructor History 652-7273
Edit  Ting Lycretia Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7815
Edit  Tirado Victoria Instructor Spanish 652-6947
Edit  Tjandra Sariwan Instructor Chemistry 652-6421
Edit  Tom Wesley Adjunct Instructor 652-7949
Edit  Torres Andrea Adjunct Instructor Counseling
Edit  Torres Sonia Educational Services Generalist Admissions & Records 652-6622
Edit  Tostado Thomas Adjunct Instructor 652-7287
Edit  Tougas Lynette Adjunct Instructor 652-7172
Edit  Train Jesse Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7057
Edit  Tran Ly Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7339
Edit  Trawick Rebecca Curator Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art 652-6493
Edit  Trenier Janet Program Assistant DPS
Edit  Trevino Isabel Buyer Purchasing 652-6707
Edit  Trinh Hung Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7075
Edit  Triplett Julie Adjunct Instructor 652-7267
Edit  Tripp Allison Instructor Anthropology 652-8028
Edit  Troia Judy Adjunct Instructor 652-6999
Edit  Trujillo Jose Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7831
Edit  Trujillo Lori Adjunct Instructor 652-7820
Edit  Tschirgi Roger Adjunct Instructor Counseling 652-6236
Edit  Tubbs Michelle Adjunct Instructor 652-7384
Edit  Tulacro Victoria Instructor English 652-6944
Edit  Turner Jared Adjunct Instructor Criminal Justice 652-7838
Edit  Turner Vincent Adjunct Instructor Accounting
Edit  U
Edit  Ubovich Teresa Adjunct Instructor Sociology 652-7296
Edit  Ulloa Cynthia Program Assistant-Fontana Financial Aid 652-7409
Edit  Ulrich Caleb Administrative Assistant II Special Populations and Equity Programs 652-6504
Edit  Umali Kopp Christine Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7900
Edit  Undercoffer Anita Executive Director, Budgeting & Fiscal Services Budgeting & Fiscal Services 652-6032
Edit  Ungar William Adjunct Instructor Interior Design 652-7853
Edit  Uppala Guru Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7816
Edit  Utsler Melissa Instructor English 652-8026
Edit  V
Edit  Valdez Daniel Instructor Mathematics 652-6483
Edit  Valdez Gina Administrative Assistant II Career Development & Community Education 652-6064
Edit  Valle Vicky Instructional Assistant Il Rancho Success Center 652-6928
Edit  Vallejo Joe Program Assistant Counseling 652-7462
Edit  Van Veldhuizen Rachel Matriculation Specialist Counseling 652-6214
Edit  Vasquez Steven Facilities Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Vaughn Alisa Administrative Assistant II Career Development 652-6097
Edit  Veazey Carrie Adjunct Instructor Communication Studies 652-7894
Edit  Vega Rudy Administrative Assistant II Purchasing 652-6701
Edit  Vejar Irma Adjunct Instructor 652-7276
Edit  Venegas Albert Instructional Assistant III Automotive Technology 652-6859
Edit  Ventola Cherie Graphic Artist Graphic Services 652-6797
Edit  Verhagen Corrie Educational Program Assistant Business & Applied Technology 652-6828
Edit  Versace Emily GPS Counselor Counseling
Edit  Villanueva Generoso Facility Maintenace Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  Villasano Elizabeth Program Assistant Counseling 652-6210
Edit  Vineyard Robert Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7236
Edit  Vitale Maria Adjunct Instructor Business & Applied Technology 652-7171
Edit  Vitt Yvonne Educational Program Assistant Language Arts 652-6904
Edit  Vitzelio Tom Instructional Specialist Chino Success Center 652-8152
Edit  Vu Thuan Educational Services Generalist Admissions & Records 652-6612
Edit  W
Edit  Wagner Alexander Adjunct Instructor 652-7305
Edit  Wagoner Jill Human Resources Generalist Human Resources 652-6527
Edit  Walker Cindy Faculty Success Center Facilitator Faculty Success Center 652-6908
Edit  Wallace Michelle Financial Aid Specialist Financial Aid 652-6143
Edit  Walsh Doug Instructor Journalism 652-6934 or 652-6936
Edit  Walters Christopher Adjunct Instructor 652-7196
Edit  Ward Carolyn Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7924
Edit  Ward Drew Adjunct Instructor 652-7951
Edit  Ward Shawn Instructional Assistant IV Aviation Maintenance Technology 652-6865
Edit  Wardak Alif Instructor Mathematics 652-6484
Edit  Wardell Matt Adjunct Instructor 652-7124
Edit  Warger Jane Instructor Geology / Earth Science 652-6485
Edit  Warhol Jill Adjunct Instructor Communication Studies 652-7998
Edit  Watkins Neil Instructor/Coordinator English 652-6952
Edit  Watnik Webster Adjunct Instructor 652-7849
Edit  Watson Peter Adjunct Instructor Computer Information Systems
Edit  Waugh Christine Adjunct Counselor COUNSELING 652-8120
Edit  Weed Brian Adjunct Instructor Communication Studies 652-7954
Edit  Weingartner Judy Instructor Reading 652-8019
Edit  Wells Jackie Facility Maintenance Attendant Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  West Jason General Maintenance Mechanic Maintenance & Operations 652-6716
Edit  White Gregory Adjunct Instructor Political Science 652-7270
Edit  White Jake Adjunct Instructor Economics 652-7568
Edit  Whitney Wendy Counselor Counseling 652-6513
Edit  Whitton Jude Adjunct Instructor Communication Studies 652-7892
Edit  Wiersma Hank Instructional Assistant II Chino Success Center 652-8150
Edit  Wildes Michael Adjunct Instructor Computer Information Systems
Edit  Wilhelm Sabrina Adjunct Instructor Counseling 652-7862
Edit  Williams Carol Adjunct Instructor Business & Applied Technology 652-7956
Edit  Williams Charles Instructor English 652-6953
Edit  Williams Charles Manager, Student Activities STAC 652-6953
Edit  Williams Nancy Adjunct Instructor 652-7843
Edit  Williams Vernon Adjunct Instructor Psychology 652-7854
Edit  Williams Yvette Adjunct Instructor 652-7848
Edit  Williamson Teresa Instructor Business & Office Technologies 652-6842
Edit  Willis Renee Adjunct Instructor 652-7206
Edit  Willison Wesley Adjunct Instructor History 652-7226
Edit  Willison Wesley Adjunct Instructor Social Sciences 652-7226
Edit  Wilson Julian Adjunct Instructor Physics 652-7741
Edit  Wilson Katherine Counselor Counseling 652-6216
Edit  Wilson-Aus Aileen Adjunct Instructor 652-7071
Edit  Winkle April Payroll Technician Payroll Office 652-6029
Edit  Witt Robin Instructor Mathematics 652-6426
Edit  Wixson Mary Human Resources Generalist Human Resources 652-6528
Edit  Wolters Zohra Adjunct Instructor History 652-7567
Edit  Wong Billy Adjunct Instructor Anthropology 652-7574
Edit  Wood Kathryn Adjunct Instructor 652-7925
Edit  Woods Kendra Educational Services Generalist Admissions & Records 652-7459
Edit  Woodward Andrew Adjunct Instructor 652-7839
Edit  Woolford Ryan Adjunct Instructor Earth Science / Geology 652-7746
Edit  Woolridge Nancy Adjunct Instructor 652-7823
Edit  Worsham Patricia Adjunct Instructor 652-7097
Edit  X
Edit  Y
Edit  Yamaguchi Nathaniel Adjunct Instructor Chemistry 652-7995
Edit  Yanez Ruiz Aldo Adjunct Instructor Political Science 652-7569
Edit  Yankee Alan Adjunct Instructor Music
Edit  Yarnall Jenae Coordinator Cashier's Office 652-6553
Edit  Yates Lisa COUNSELING
Edit  Yazigi Wafa Instructor Mathematics 652-6486
Edit  Yee Patricia Adjunct Instructor 652-7104
Edit  Yefremian Andre Adjunct Instructor Anthropology 652-7027
Edit  Yegge Doug Instructor, Coordinator Mathematics 652-6455
Edit  Yoakum Suzanne Adjunct Instructor 652-7826
Edit  Yoo Jane Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7243
Edit  Young Annette Reference Librarian Library 259-6809
Edit  Younglove Theodore Dean, Mathematics & Science Mathematics & Science 652-6401
Edit  Z
Edit  Zeledon Selena Adjunct Instructor 652-7174
Edit  Zhang Hao Adjunct Instructor Economics 652-7570
Edit  Zimmer Joan Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7937
Edit  Zimmermann Muriel Adjunct Instructor 652-7981
Edit  Zmudka Cathy Instructor Certified Nursing Assistant 652-6698
Edit  Zurita Marcial Adjunct Instructor Mathematics 652-7289

1327 Records Total

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