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Undocumented Advocates Committee

Purpose   The Undocumented Advocates Committee will develop and maintain a college-wide, coherent, and effective strategy for supporting AB 540 / DACA / undocumented students. The members will provide a visible and active undocumented-ally presence to foster a welcoming environment to all students and their families.

This committee is open to all faculty, staff, and administrators as well as select students. The committee will:

  • Educate the campus community about the issues facing AB 540 / DACA / undocumented students
  • Collaborate with the Dreamers’ Club, CCSG, EOPS, PEC, FSC, A & R, Financial Aid, Office of Special Populations, and other campus departments, offices, resources, or programs
  • Measure and assess the campus climate for undocumented students
  • Provide oversight of the Dreamers’ webpage on the college website and the Dreamers’ Resource Center
  • Collaborate with other colleges, outside agencies, advocacy groups, and legislators
Reports To   Superintendent / President (or designee)
Terms of Office  

Members serve two-year terms.

Chairperson   Tri Chairs: Faculty - Neil Watkins; Management -Raymond Cuellar ; Classified – Yvonne Vitt

Abel Chen, Adrienne Grayson, Alisha Rosas, Angela Cardinale, Anita Reyes, Ava Nguyen, Aysia Pennell, Brianna Gonzales, Caleb Ulrich, Diana Sanchez, Dulce Spencer, Elaine Martinez, Fabiolo Espitia, Jade Lehar, Janeth Rodriguez, Jorge Larios, Kyle Pennett, Laura Santamaria-Estrada, Lorena Corona, Lorie Vazquez, Lucy Serrano, Luis Bohon, Luke Gunderson, Megan Keebler, Melissa Utsler, Misty Burruel, Monica Han, Myra Andrade, Neil Watkins, Patricia Bopko, Paul Rodriguez, Rachel Galindo, Raymond Cuellar, Rebecca Trawick, Robert Gomez, Salada Vann, Selene Pineda, Sonia Diaz, Sonia Juarez, Sonia Torres, Thalia Garibay, Yubel Svensson, Yvonne Vitt.

Meeting Day and Time  

Weekly, Tuesday, 2:30 - 3:30 pm, BEB-204

Comments   Resources for AB 540 / DACA / undocumented students
Record Updated Date   7/12/18

Rev. 7/12/18

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