Student Employees

The Student Employment Office assists new student employees with initial hiring paperwork, form update processing (payroll, W-4, emergency contact, etc...), and employment verifications.

The following information is provided for new student employees that have received an official offer of employment only. Please DO NOT proceed if you have not been contacted directly by the Student Employment Office regarding the hiring procedures.

Before you can begin employment you must complete specific employment documentation (forms) as required by federal and district mandates. Additionally, the Chaffey Community College District is required to provide you with a variety of job-related information and district policies.

In addition to the employment documentation, all new employees are required to submit documents that meet the following requirements:

Federal Requirement: As a new employee (citizen or noncitizen), you must present unexpired documentation that (1) establishes your identity and (2) establishes your employment authorization. The documentation will be used to complete the Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9), which is available for your review in the information packet. Please review the "Lists of Acceptable Documents" in the Document File below (page 5) and submit either one document from List A (such as a U.S. Passport, permanent resident card, etc...), OR both a document from List B (such as a driver's license, ID card, school ID, etc...) and a document from List C (such as a social security card, birth certificate, etc...).

District Requirement: The Chaffey Community College district has a long-standing past practice of verifying social security information by requiring new employees to present their signed social security cards. Therefore, you are required to present your social security card when submitting your employment documents (NOTE: social security cards are also an acceptable List C document for the federal requirement mentioned above).

Copies will be made of all presented documentation and retained in your confidential personnel file. If you do not possess one or more of the required documents above please contact the Student Employment Office at (909) 652-6511 to discuss alternatives.

International students must notify the Coordinator of the International Student Office in order to begin the process of obtaining a social security card, and will also need to bring in a foreign passport, I-94 card or printout and Form I-20 when submitting documents to the Student Employment Office.

Minors, who are under 18 years of age, must complete and submit the "Certificate of Age" form in the Information Packet below (pages 23-24) which requires a signature from the minor's legal guardian.

Finally, any employee that would like to request direct deposit (electronic funds transfer), must provide their 9-digit transit/routing number and checking account number. (NOTE: All employees are encouraged to set up direct deposit and Higher One, the financial services company used for financial aid disbursements, may also be used for payroll direct deposits.)