Career Assessments

Free career assessments are available for you to learn what college majors and careers fit you best.


Focus2Career is an online, self-guided, career assessment that will help you make decisions about future career goals and your educational plan. Watch this video to learn more.

Focus2Career helps you:

  • Identify potential college majors and careers based on your interests, personality and values
  • Explore suggested majors and navigate career options to make informed decisions

Upon completion of the assessments, meet with a career counselor to review your results in more depth and solidify your goals.
Access Focus2Career by logging into MyChaffeyPortal and follow these steps:

  • Click on Focus2Career icon on the LaunchPad
  • Click on the instructions located in the upper right corner
  • Focus2Career Student Guide 


How to best use Focus2Career:

  • There are a total of eight self assessments that require approximately 20 minutes to complete
  • Once you complete each assessment, combine and review your results
  • Explore occupations and majors. Look for majors that match those at Chaffey College
  • Save occupations and majors you are interested in. Unsaved information will not appear in your portfolio
  • Schedule an online counseling appointment with a Career Counselor to discuss your results and begin planning your future


MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory Career Assessments

These assessments link your personality preferences and interests to career options in more depth than Focus2Career.

The MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator explores your preference for where you get energy, how you take in information, how you make decisions and how you approach life - it links these preferences to specific career titles that best match your personality type

The Strong Interest Inventory matches your interests to career and educational areas.

To take the MBTI/Strong assessments: 

  • Send an email to with subject line MBTI/Strong Assessment Request
  • You will receive an email with a link to take both assessments
  • Upon completion of the assessments, schedule an online appointment with a career counselor for an interpretation of your results


Roadmap to Careers by Roadtrip Nation!

What’s Roadmap to Careers?
Roadmap to Careers is a digital career exploration product that will help you
discover how your interests can evolve into a rewarding career you’ll love. And
it doesn’t just help you explore career paths—it equips you with a plan
to start down those paths.
Drawing from Roadtrip Nation’s library of thousands of candid video interviews
with professionals from all walks of life, Roadmap to Careers shows the real
stories behind the struggles and successes you might encounter on your road
to a fulfilling career. 
You can explore careers and majors related to your interests; engage with fun
and easy activities that will help you dip your toe into different careers; find
wisdom and guidance that will give you the confidence to pursue any path
you choose; and ultimately create a plan of action that will inspire you to start
defining your own road forward.
Your school’s unique URL is:
Your school’s unique access code is: CHAFFEY9
1. On your landing page, click “Sign In” or “Start Exploring.”
 a. Please make sure you’re on your school’s unique landing page,
 provided above. Your membership code will NOT be recognized on
 other schools’ landing pages, or on or
2. Enter the following information:
 a. A username
 b. A password
 c. An email address. We highly recommend you use your email
3. After creating an account, you’ll be directed to enter your membership status.
This is where you will input the membership code CHAFFEY9
4. Please make sure you click "Go!" so the membership code is processed.
5. If you already have a Roadtrip Nation account that you’d like to continue
 using, sign in and navigate to your "Account Settings" in the top right
 corner. From there, you can go to "Manage Membership Status,” and
 add your school’s membership code.

For more information, please reach out to


My Next Move

My Next Move is a quick assessment that asks you questions about your work interests. Results are linked to specific position titles that best align with your responses. Visit MyNextMove to complete the assessment.

After completing a career assessment, we recommend you meet with a career counselor to review your results and receive assistance with making decisions about your college major and career path. Schedule an online counseling appointment with a career counselor through Cranium.