Student Hourly Jobs

On-Campus Student Hourly Jobs

The Chaffey College student employment program provides on-campus work experience opportunities for current students. The benefits of the student employment program include:

  • Building valuable job skills and desirable work habits
  • Learning non-technical "soft skills" such as time management, problem-solving, teamwork, flexibility, and communication
  • Gaining work experience to add to your resume
  • Establishing positive workplace references
  • Earning wages to support your education financially


Minimum Qualifications

Chaffey College is a learning-centered environment where student success is highly valued, supported, and assessed. As such, the Student Employment Office monitors the academic success of current student employees and enforces the following procedures:

To apply for student employee positions, students must be enrolled in at least 6 units for fall and spring semesters or 3 units for summer sessions. Applicants must also have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 at the time of application. Students with no prior college coursework are exempt from the cumulative GPA requirement.

While employed, student employees must maintain enrollment in at least 6 units during fall and spring semesters (summer enrollment is not required) and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. Failure to maintain the required enrollment and/or GPA requirement will result in termination of the student employee’s position.

Length of Assignment

All student employee positions at Chaffey College are conditionally based on continuous enrollment in a minimum of 6 units (Fall and Spring). Therefore, all student employee positions are by nature temporary or interim.

Federal Work-Study Program

Students that have established eligibility for the Federal Work-Study program through the Office of Financial Aid may apply for specially designated on-campus positions. To learn more about the Federal Work-Study program, click here.