Employer Services

Thank you for your interest in advertising work experience opportunities for our Chaffey College students. We are eager to assist employers in our community with advertising and recruiting for a variety of opportunities including part-time and full-time employment, internships (paid or unpaid), temporary positions and volunteering.

Below you will find a link to our Employment Advertising Guidelines. Please review the guidelines and contact us with any questions:

Employment Advertising Guidelines

Questions: Stephanie Gonzalez, 909-652-6512 or stephanie.gonzalez@chaffey.edu


Chaffey Connect

If you agree with our employment advertising guidelines, please register and access the Employer Interface of Chaffey Connect. Please choose the option “sign up and post job” so that you may create an account and post the required initial announcement that allows us to complete our pre-screening process.

Job Announcements

Chaffey College does not permit employment-related flyers to be posted or distributed at any campus. All job announcements are posted exclusively online in our career services portal, Chaffey Connect.

In the best interest of our students, the Chaffey College Student Employment Office pre-screens organizations and job postings before making employment opportunities available to our students. Job postings are reviewed by student employment office staff on a regular basis. Staff may, without notice, remove a listing from posting if it is determined to be in violation of our guidelines or employment related laws.

All job postings are subject to approval by the Chaffey College Student Employment Office. Qualified job announcements are usually posted within two (2) business days and can be monitored, edited, closed, and/or extended within the Chaffey Connect system. Employers may also post information regarding hiring events, internships and volunteer opportunities using the online job posting form.

On-Campus Recruiting

Employers may request on-campus recruitment through the Chaffey Connect system. With a two-week minimum notice, employers may request either an "information presentation" (workshop) or an "information booth" (table set-up in the campus center quad). Suggested recruitment times are Tuesday-Thursday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., when student traffic is at its highest. Please note: employers are required to first register for the Chaffey Connect system and post an announcement prior to requesting an on-campus recruiting activity.