Dual Enrollment

Students listen during a biology class at the Chaffey College Fontana campus.

WANT TO EARN COLLEGE CREDIT WHILE IN HIGH SCHOOL? Start your college journey now! ALL high school students, who are approved by their school districts to participate, are invited! 

Why Dual Enrollment?

  • SAVE TIME & MONEY!  Get a jumpstart on your college and career goals by taking college courses at no or low cost. 
  • EARN COLLEGE CREDIT! There are many courses to choose from and the majority are transferable to UCs & CSUs.
  • EXPERIENCE COLLEGE!  Want to find out what college is all about?  Not sure if college is right for you?  This is your chance to find out!
  • RESEARCH shows that students who participate in Dual Enrollment programs are more likely to graduate from high school and persist in college!


Eligibility and Restrictions

  • To be eligible for dual enrollment, students must be in the 9th through 12th grade
  • Dual Enrollment students (also known as "Special Part-time Admits") may enroll in up to 11 units for Fall and Spring and 6 units in Summer.  

: Students who choose to register for 12 or more units will be responsible for the full cost of tuition, textbook(s), and college service fees.  


Dual Enrollment Steps:

New to Chaffey College? 

Apply for your 7-digit student ID number: 

Pleae provide a personal email address on the application. It may take up to 3 days to receive your student ID number. You only apply once!

If taking a math or English course, or a course with a math or English prerequisite, please be sure to complete the placement process at the end.

Already have a Chaffey College student ID number? Enroll today in either High School Partnership or non-High School Partnership dual enrollment courses!

Watch this video to Learn more about the difference between the High School Partnership and non-High School Partnership programs. 


FALL 2021 HIGH SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP (HSP) DUAL ENROLLMENT - for students attending an in-district high school. 

HSP Students: Once the enrollment form has been approved by your high school counselor or designee, the college will register you in the course and pay for tuition, college service fees AND books!

Chaffey College In-District High School Enrollment Forms:

Chaffey Joint Union High School District (CJUHSD) Fall 2021 Dual Enrollment E-Agreement

Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) Fall 2021 Dual Enrollment E-Agreement

Fontana Unified School District (FUSD) Fall 2021 Dual Enrollment E-Agreement

Upland Unified School District (UUSD) Fall 2021 Dual Enrollment E-Agreement

FALL 2021 NON-HSP DUAL ENROLLMENT - for all other high school students planning to take a college course.

Non-HSP students: Once the enrollment form has been approved by your high school counselor or designee, you will self-register in the course. Check your MyChaffey Student Portal for your registration date and time (you will be able to register on or after this date), watch the video tutorial on the homepage for how to register, and pay your student fees under "Quicklinks".  Textbooks can be purchased through the Campus Store.

Important: Although tuition is waived for Non-HSP courses, students will need to pay college service fees ( approx. $15-20) and the cost of the textbook(s).

Fall 2021 Dual Enrollment E-Agreement (Non-High School Partnership)

  • View the Chaffey College SCHEDULE OF CLASSES for course options
  • Student will recieve an email confirmation when participation has been approved by the high school
  • Important: Please allow up to 3 business days for the request to be processed before attempting to register


Want to take a summer course?  Summer 2021 Non-HSP Dual Enrollment E-Agreement.  Classes begin June 7, 2021. (All HSP sections are full)

Do you need to change or update your course request? Use the Change of Recommended Dual Enrollment Courses form

Meet with a Dual Enrollment Success Coach

Make an appointment to meet with a Success Coach today!  Our Success Coaches can help students:

  • Navigate the Chaffey Website and Student Portal
  • Link to college resources and services
  • Learn success tips and strategies


Meet with a Dual Enrollment Counselor

A key to college success is to have a plan!  Make an appointment with a Dual Enrollment Counselor today.

  • Discuss course options
  • Create an educational plan
  • Explore major and career pathways

Does the course you want to take have a PREREQUISITE?
  Prerequisite clearance is needed for courses with a prerequisite of a high school class.  (Example: In order to take Span 2 at Chaffey College, submit validation of high school Spanish I)


Students who do not meet the grade-level requirement or who plan to take more than the alloted number of units for Special Part-time Admits, may submit an appeal to the Appeals Committee.

  • Students must first submit a Dual Enrollment E-agreement for the term requested in the appeal.
  • Important: Submitting an appeal does not guarantee approval.
  • A separate appeal is required for each semester/term of enrollment.
  • The decision of the Appeal Committee is final.



Order official transcripts using the Transcript Ordering Services 

If you have specific questions for Admissions and Records you can speak to someone virtually at: https://kiosk.na4.qless.com/kiosk/app/home/82

Frequently Asked Questions


No. The UC and CSU admissions offices weigh California Community College courses that meet A-G requirements on a 5.0 scale and are contractually required to accept courses listed at Assist.org for degree and general education requirements. The UC and CSU systems are not contractually required to accept AP and Honors courses for degree and general education requirements.

The UC Doorways website has a list of which Chaffey College courses meet A-G requirements. Because that list was last updated in 2014, you may find more current course options in the list of IGETC UC/CSU general education requirements at Assist.org.

Each K-12 district must make its own determination about which college courses they choose to allow to meet which graduation requirements. Meet with your counselor or assistant principal of instruction to learn more about which courses your K-12 district will accept for core graduation requirements.

The UC and CSU admission offices will weigh any community college courses taken that meet A-G requirements on a 5.0 scale. If your local high school has not provided a 5.0 scale for these courses, the UC and CSU admission offices will recalculate the GPA from your K-12 district transcript to reflect the 5.0 scale for A-G courses.

While every student’s academic path is unique, we recommend Guidance 3: Career Exploration and Life Planning as a great starting point for your college career. You will have a full semester of contact with a college counselor in this class from whom you can ask questions about college pathways and who can help acclimate you to the college experience. This course also meets area G in A-G as well as a core CSU general education requirement in “Lifelong Learning and Self Development.”

In rare cases, if the K-12 district and the college deem the student’s case valid for admission, a middle school student may attend Chaffey College. Middle school students and their parents must complete the same agreement form paperwork as high school students in order to take college courses. This means that a middle school principal or designee (usually a counselor) must sign to endorse the participation of the student in college courses. Additionally, the student must complete an appeal, which will include a letter from the child’s K-12 district advocating for the child’s participation in college. A Chaffey College appeal committee will make the final determination regarding the child’s participation in college.


For questions about the enrollment process or if you are encountering challenges contact,
Candice Brock
Administrative Assistant II
Phone: (909) 652-6154
Email: dual.enrollment@chaffey.edu 

To make an appointment with a counselor to make an educational plan and choose courses, please use the Cranium Card Dual Enrollment Counselor Scheduler