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Computer Science

You can explore numerous career opportunities with a major in computer science. People with this expertise can work in city, state and federal government, software publishing, computer design and more. Gain entry-level work in web development, network support and other areas, or you can transfer to a 4-year university to prepare for higher-paying jobs in the field as a computer research scientist, systems developer, programmer and more.


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Degrees and Certificates

Associate of Science in Computer Science for Transfer

This degree prepares students for transfer to 4-year colleges and universities for upper-division coursework in the study of information systems, their representation, architecture and implementation. Students in the computer science program study and apply their knowledge of mathematics, physics and logic to solve a variety of problems using current technology. Coursework includes programming languages and concepts, systems analysis, mathematics, physics, computer hardware and data structures. The program is suited to the needs of students who will complete their education at Chaffey College with an associate degree, as well as those students who will complete their Chaffey associate degree and then transfer to a Cal State University school to complete their bachelor's degree.


Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon the successful completion of this degree, students should be able to:

1. Evaluate basic theories of software design and operation, project management, databases, and computer architecture.

2. Express and implement algorithms using a variety of notation, programming languages, and paradigms.

3. Assess computer science solutions/information systems and debug computer programs.

4. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary for transfer to four-year college or university programs in Computer Science.

5. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level employment in the field of computer science.