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Career Center

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Personal Employment Job Posting Form

ATTENTION: This job posting form is only for private citizen non-business use.  To post a job on behalf of an business / employer, visit and register for and register for Chaffey Connect, our online career services portal.

Posting jobs for personal employment services (such as tutoring, day care, yard work, etc.) is an integral component of Chaffey College’s involvement in the development of the communities we serve. As such, we eagerly assist members of our community by providing this job posting service that provides them with the opportunity to post personal employment opportunities for Chaffey College students.

Please complete this form with as much information as possible (required fields are marked with a *). The contents will be sent by e-mail to the Student Employment Office for review. Qualified job announcements are usually posted within two (2) business days and are posted for a standard 30-day time period. You will be contacted by a staff member if we have any questions about your posting request and/or once your job has been posted.

If you fill the position within the 30-day posting time period, please send an e-mail to the Student Employment Office at to request that your posting be taken down.

  Job Posting Information

Date Request Submitted
  Job Title (such as Tutor, Caregiver, Baby Sitter, Mover, etc.):
  Posting Start Date:
  Posting Expiration Date (the maximum is 30 days from the start date):
  Position Type: *
One time only / Temporary
Part-time (on-going)
  Job Description – Please provide:

(1) a thorough job description of the work that needs to be completed;
(2) the number of hours per week;
(3) a suggested work schedule;
(4) anything else that you feel is important.

Example: “I am looking to hire a math tutor to assist my 9th grade son with Algebra 1 homework and studying for tests. Tutoring will take place four hours per week on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00pm – 6:00pm. My son is currently struggling with factoring and graphing.”
  Minimum Qualifications – Please provide any specific knowledge, skills, or abilities that are required for this position (such as previous experience, computer skills, certifications, knowledge of school subject, etc.):
  Location – Please provide the name of the city where the work will be performed and/or a specific location (such as a local library, coffee shop, etc.):
  Compensation – Please provide a definite hourly wage, salary, or pay range (using numeric values). Postings will NOT be approved which only state indeterminate wage expressions such as just the word hourly, or descriptions such as weekly pay, TBD, depends on experience, negotiable, etc. Volunteer opportunities may indicate “unpaid” in this field.
  How to Apply – Use this field to explain and provide details for applying to this position, such as send resume to [name] at or call [name] at 909/555-5555. (A contact person first name is required.):
  Contact Information
  Please provide the following information so that we may contact you with any questions. This information will not appear on the job posting unless it is also included in the fields above.
  Contact Name
  Contact Phone Number
  Contact Email Address
  Additional Information (optional) – You may use this field to include any
additional information, requests, or questions.
  * Entry required in this field

Please contact Michelle Davis @ if you have any questions about this service or form.


Rev. 2/6/18

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