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Please follow the following guidelines for reporting absences before the class meets. If possible, please email your students (you can also copy Mary and Yvonne on the student email).

Email Mary and Yvonne (Dean's Office) at and
If you can't email, call Mary at (909) 652-6902 or Yvonne at (909) 652-6904.

In addition, if you teach off-campus, you will need to inform the appropriate campus. Please leave a message if you don't get an answer.

Chino Campus (909) 652-8010
redbox Fontana Campus (909) 652-7402

If your class starts before 7:45am or after 3:30pm, call Campus Police at (909) 652-6911 to have your class posted. You will still need to email the Dean's office (Mary and Yvonne) of the absence.

If you would like to have a substitute for when you will be absent, please contact Mary Thomas and she will try her best to find a substitute for you.

If you have hours assigned working at one of the success centers, please inform the appropriate center. The Dean's office doesn't need to be notified.

redbox Chino Success Center (909) 652-8150
redbox Fontana Success Center (909) 652-7408
redbox Language Success Center (909) 652-6955 or 6938
redbox Multidisciplinary Success Center (909) 652-6932

NOTE: Absence forms need to be returned within 7 days of returning to work. All absences MUST be reported. Failure to report absences may be considered grounds for disciplinary action as a violation of reasonable regulations of the District (California Education Code Section 87732).

ACADEMIC CALENDAR - Academic Calendar


When should I start giving Add Codes? It is strongly recommended that you begin distributing Add Codes during the first week of the Late Registration period if you have not reached capacity.

What happens if I wait until the last day to add classes to give Add Codes? Waiting to give Add Codes on the last day to add, or even two days prior to the last day to add, is not recommended. Although students have until midnight of the last day to add to register for classes, several factors could impact their ability to add classes. For example:
a) the system could be down;
b) there could be a pre-requisite clearance issue that the student didn't know about that could necessitate additional time to resolve;
c) the student may encounter difficulty logging in;
d) the student may have a financial restriction on their record that blocks him/her from registration.
All of these potential scenarios put an unnecessary hardship on students who are trying to add.

redbox How do I make sure that the student has used the Add Code I gave him/her at the beginning of the term? Suggested protocol:
• Class rosters should be checked daily on MyChaffeyView for any "Add" activity.
• Students should be encouraged to use their Add Codes immediately in order to have an accurate count. If you notice that Add Codes have not been used, the student should be contacted to find the reason why.
• If computer access is a problem, instructors may consider allowing the student to use the classroom computer to add the class. This will ensure that the student has officially registered for the class.
• Another option would be to refer students to the Admissions & Records Office located in the Student Services building. There are 20 computers available for student use.
• Instructors may require proof of registration from any student to whom Add Codes have been given, or verify registration on MyChaffeyView.
• Class rosters should be checked daily for accuracy (especially on the last day to add) to ensure that all students are officially registered.


If your address or phone number changes, you can update it on the Chaffey Portal via the address change link. Also notify Mary Thomas with your changes.


What is census? It is how the college receives funding.
redbox When is census? Census takes place during the first 3 weeks of class (short-term classes vary).
redbox Where do I complete my census? On MyChaffeyView.
redbox Dropping students? Only drop students who never came to class (DNE). Make sure you pick the reason in the drop-down box before clicking submit.
redbox Not dropping anyone? Click the box 'no drops' and click submit.
redbox How many times can I access my census roster? You can access your census drop roster and drop or not drop students as many times as you like before the census date. Please don't wait until the deadline to do your first activity.
redbox IMPORTANT! Please make sure you get a Census Drop Confirmation page after submitting (dropping students or clicking the box 'no drops'). Otherwise, it didn't go through.



All instructors are given a Chaffey email address which can be accessed here Chaffey email. Please include this email address in your syllabi. Your password initially will be your birth date (mmddyy); you will then be prompted to change it.

You can have your Chaffey email forwarded to your personal email address. Here's how. Forwarding Chaffey Email NOTE: If your Chaffey email is forwarded, when you hit reply, you will be replying to yourself unless you change the recipient's email address. Also, when your Chaffey email is forwarded, a copy of each email will go in your deleted items folder. When you get the message that you are over the limit on your email, go to your Chaffey email account, right-click on deleted items, and click empty deleted items.

If you forget your password, call ITS at (909) 652-6789 and let them know that you need your password reset.

NOTE: Please do not use personal email addresses in your syllabi.

How to set up your smartphone to receive your Chaffey email. Of course, every phone is different, but this is the basic information.
• Go to Settings
• Add email account
• Select Microsoft Exchange:
- Email:
- Server:
- Domain:
- Username: firstname.lastname
- Password: your password
- Make sure SSL is on

To help a student set up their Panther Chaffey email address:
• Go to Settings > Accounts > Add Account
• Select Google > select Existing
• Enter your full Chaffey Panther Email Address as your username
• Enter your Password (same as your Chaffey Portal Password)
• OK to accept the Terms of Service
Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account
• Select Google or Exchange
• Enter your full Chaffey Panther Email Address and Password
• Server = (this may be optional)
• Leave the Domain field blank
• Username = full Chaffey Panther Email Address > Next > the password should already be in the Password field, if not, enter it again > Next
• Select the Google services you want to synch, such as Mail > Save


All part-time instructors are given a voice mail number. Please include this number in your syllabi. Click here for instructions on how to access it. Voice Mail Your password initially will be 123123 until you change it. Voice mails also go to your Chaffey email from Unity Messaging System.

NOTE: Please do not include your home or cell numbers in your syllabi.


For information on how to access Chaffey's wireless network, click here.


Course Outlines can be obtained here: Curricunet.
Username: chaffey; Password: chaffey
Click on Courses under Search. There is also a link in the Chaffey Portal.


If you want to sign up for direct deposit or change your direct deposit, here's the form. Direct Deposit
After you attach a voided check or print-out from your bank, send the form to Tara Schroeder in Payroll.


Free: Office 365
Discounted: MS Office and other discounted programs


In MyChaffeyView, you can email your students on your roster, but you can't attach a file. In your Chaffey email account, you can create a distribution list for your classes. Click here for the directions. Creating a distribution list in Outlook




You are required to hold a final or meet with students during the final exam week for all full-term classes (see note below for other than full-term). You can give a final, collect papers, return graded papers, or hold final conferences with students. If you are not present during your scheduled final exam time, you will receive an absence form. Please stay for the entire time as well, as some students may show up late, and it's a contractual obligation.

Final exam times are printed on your pay contract at the beginning of the semester. Please indicate the final exam times in your syllabi. The final exam schedule can be found here. Schedule of Classes. Click on the appropriate semester, then click on Final Exam Schedule. Under no circumstances are you to give the final exam at a different time or day. If an extenuating circumstance prevents you from holding your final during the set final exam time, you will need prior approval from the Dean.

NOTE: Fast-track, 14-week, Hybrid, and Summer Classes: Your final exam will be on the last class meeting, regular class hours.


What is flex? Flex days make up the contractual hours that need to be fulfilled for a semester. On those specific days, meetings and workshops are arranged for instructors to fulfill their hours. Flex hours cannot be carried over from one flex period to another.
redbox How do I know if I am required to attend Flex? All contract faculty are required to complete 4-7 hours on each flex day. Adjunct faculty are only required if they are assigned to teach on any of those days. Flex days are different for fall and spring and are indicated on the academic calendar as a diamond. (Example: If flex lands on a Thursday and Friday for a particular semester and you are scheduled for a Tuesday/Thursday class, you would obligated for the amount of hours you would be teaching on Thursday.) NOTE: Adjunct faculty who are scheduled to teach fast-track or 14-week classes are not obligated for flex during that semester, no matter which days they teach.
redbox What if I am unable to fulfill my hours? You will be given an absence sheet for the hours not fulfilled.
redbox How do I report the activities that I attended? Flex forms will be available online at the Professional Development web site during flex days and until the specified deadline. Click here for directions on how to fill out the form.
Professional Development Website: Flex Information


All classes that require a letter grade cannot accept a C- as a grade. The following classes are Pass (P) or No Pass (NP) grades:

ENGL 675
redbox All ESL classes except for ESL 475

Incompletes: The grade of "I" should only be issued in the event that sufficient academic coursework is incomplete due to an unforeseeable student emergency and be initiated by the student. If a student presents an extenuating circumstance that provides you a justifiable reason, an "I" (Incomplete) can be issued at the end of the term. The student may not re-enroll in the class. You must initiate specific arrangements with the student to complete the coursework and receive a final grade. Coursework must be completed within one year of the "I" grade or the grade will default to an alternate grade indicated by you (usually substandard) on the Incomplete form, which can be obtained on MyChaffeyView. Bring the Incomplete form to Admissions (or FAX it to Admissions at 652-6617) before the deadline for turning in grades. If the student completes the incomplete and you are ready to change the grade, you must go in person to Admissions to make the grade change. See page 21 of the current catalog for more information. Under no circumstances should an "IP" (In Progress) grade be issued for Language Arts classes.

Changing a Grade: To make a grade change, log in to the Chaffey Portal, To the right of the calendar, click on Faculty Forms in the red box. Click on Grade Change Form, fill out all of the information and hit submit. Grade changes take a couple of business days to be processed.

Grade Symbols: Meaning of Grade Symbols

Positive Attendance: If you are teaching a 0-unit class, you will need to report the student hours in MyChaffeyView under Positive Attendance when you input your grades at the end of the semester. To figure out how many hours for each student, use the following formula:

ESL 611 and 621 classes: # of absences x 2 = # of hours missed
72 hours - hours missed = total hours of positive attendance

ESL 650 class: # of absences x 1.5 = # of hours missed
54 hours - hours missed = total hours of positive attendance

ENGL 675 classes: # of absences x 2 (or 4 hours for one day a week class)
72 hours - hours missed = total hours of positive attendance



All faculty and staff with a Chaffey email address can log-on to any computer at Chaffey. Your username will be firstname.lastname and your password will be your Chaffey email password. When you are logged in as yourself, you can save bookmarks, printer defaults, and other settings. Make sure to log-off when you are finished.

The generic log-on to any computer is cc.user as the username and panther as the password. Logging in as generic will not save any settings.


Check out Chaffey's Distance Education website for information on how to obtain Moodle training.

Distance Education @ Chaffey College


MyChaffeyView is your one-stop place to see your rosters (includes add/drop dates), waitlisted students, added students, dropped students, add codes, census rosters, and grading rosters. You can also log in under Employees to see your pay advices, W-2, and leave balance.

Log into the Chaffey Portal. Click on the icon for MyChaffeyView under QuickLaunch Navigation..


Pay advices can be obtained through the Chaffey Portal. You can also receive your W-2 online after submitting the consent.


PrintShop online request: Online Print Request Form

PrintShop information: Print Shop Info


Instructors can reinstate a student that was dropped from their class, either by the instructor or the student, with an add card. If the student dropped the class, both the student and instructor need to sign the add card. If the instructor dropped the student, only the instructor's signature is required.


Reports of the students' lab hours can be acquired at this website: Positive Attendance. You can only log-on to this site on a Chaffey computer if you are logged in as yourself on that computer with your Chaffey email username and password. Must use Internet Explorer. If you are unable to get to a Chaffey computer, contact Mary Thomas for the lab hours.

Password: inst
redbox Click on Login
redbox Click on Section Report
redbox Enter your last name by Instructor Name and click on Lookup
redbox Click on Detail next to the class that you want
redbox Look under Credit Hours for required lab hours


Here are directions on how to mark your scantron key and run your tests: Scantron Directions.


Sick leave for adjunct faculty teaching a class is accumulated each semester 1.5 times the hours they teach in a week (or .0834 times the amount of hours for the semester). For example: if you are teaching 6 hours a week (108 hours a semester), you would earn 9 hours of sick leave for the semester (6 hrs/wk x 1.5 = 9 or 108 hrs/sem x .0834 = 9). If you work in a Success Center, multiply the total amount of hours for the semester by .0834 to come up with your sick leave accumulated for the semester. Your sick leave accumulates semester to semester, as long as you didn't use it all.

To check your sick leave balance, log in to the Chaffey Portal and click on the Leave Plan Summary link.


SMART Sync is loaded on every computer classroom and lab at Chaffey. It is a program that allows you to see what all of the students are doing on their computers. On the instructor's computer, click on the icon on the desktop to open it. Below are some helpful PDF files.

Monitoring Student Computers
Sharing with SMART Sync
Controlling Student Computers
Collaborating Using SMART Sync


Student Discipline and Grievance: Chris Brunelle - 652-6591 -

To help you decide which process to use, refer to this handy chart.
Who do I contact?

Student Academic Integrity Code information and instructions
Student Academic Violation Form
Student Behavior Code information and instructions
Student Behavior Code Violation Form
Student Conduct Warning Form
Violation and Sanction Definitions



Test proctoring is available at the Assessment Center. See guidelines below for locations and times.

Test Proctoring Guidelines
Test Proctoring Forms


Travel and Conference Procedure
Travel and Conference Form (PDF)


If you are interested in an account with for checking out plagiarized papers, email

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