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Thank you for visiting the Curricunet Tutorial page. You will find videos that guide you through the stages of curriculum development and our local approval process. Please keep in mind the approval process may vary as indicated in the videos. In addition to the videos below, we also have a very detailed FAQ located here.  We hope you find the videos to be helpful in your curriculum development.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Curriculum Specialist at x6967 or the Curriculum Chair at x6968 for assistance.

IMPORTANT: The Curriculum development process is a dynamic process that continually changes and updates to better meet the needs of the college and students. As a result, some features of Curricunet will be different than what is stated in the videos due to the time the videos were made. Please review this list of changes that will not be reflected in the videos as the videos were created before the changes were made:

  1. There is no longer a course major/minor modification option. All course modifications will fall under "Course Modification."
  2. The Curriculum Committee approved the following action: Faculty must modify any DE addendum attached to a course simultaneously while the course is being modified. Curricunet now reflects this process as you will no longer see a proposal option for “Distance Education”. If you would like to create and/or modify a DE addendum, you will now be able to do this under “Course Modification” proposal type. Under the Course/Description page of the course modification, a question will prompt you to select whether or not the course will be offered via Distance Education. Click yes and a Distance Education item will now appear on the Checklist and will serve as the Distance Education Addendum.


1. Introduction to Curricunet and Logging-in (2:45)

2. Basics of Curricunet: Track and Search (6:32)

3. Items on the Course Checklist and Launching New Courses (14:45)

4. Checking Proposal Statuses and Making Approvals (11:20)

5. Launching Course Modifications (7:51)

6. Launching Course Deactivations (7:31)

7. Launching Course Reactivations (3:25)

8. Launching New Programs (10:48)

9. Launching Program Modifications (10:21)

10. Launching Program Deactivations (3:20)

11. Launching Program Reactivations (5:02)

12. Adding CO-Contributors (3:53)

Rev. 8/18/17


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