Call for Proposals

The inaugural Conference on Black and Brown Minds & Mattering is to provide a platform for Black/Brown students, faculty, classified, alumni, and community members to present scholarship, display their work, share ideas, and make connections. A review committee will select presentations using the topics described below. Therefore, when crafting your presentation consider how your presentation will:

  • address systemic issues that might impact the lives of black/brown students that live in the IE
  • provide a toolkit of best practices for lifting the voices of marginalized communities
  • provide resources on how to rebuild/regain students identified as AB540/undocumented
  • create culturally relevant learning environments that allow for the exchange of ideas (i.e., politics, immigration, police brutality, etc.)
  • develop intersections among community/school/home to create equitable support systems to students
  • focus on the arts as a means for uplifting and empowering black and brown students
  • create pathways to remove the stigma of joining a STEM field for marginalized communities Insert Link to proposal


Faculty proposals selected for presentation will also be awarded a $500 mini-grant.


Submit a 2022 Presentation Proposal