Montclair to College


The Montclair to College (MTC) program started in 1998 under the name Online to College.  Montclair to College operates through a partnership between Chaffey College, the City of Montclair and the Chaffey Joint Union High School District.

The Montclair to College (MTC) program is a cohort-based program that provides Chaffey College MTC scholars with a sense of belonging, connection, and academic support throughout the two years in the program at Chaffey College. 

Provide Montclair to College scholars academic mentoring and support that will lead to academic success.


  • A dedicated MTC counselor and Success Coach
  • Priority registration for two years
  • PAID tuition, textbooks, fees, and parking for two years
  • Assistance in purchasing textbooks for classes
  • Cohort-based program
  • Educational activities
  • One-one student services support
  • Financial Aid Application assistance



  • Each semester MTC students’ needs to resign a student contract
  • Register for 12 units each semester
  • Complete the Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) each year in the program
  • Meet with the dedicated MTC counselor twice a semester
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA
  • Complete a Foundation Book Scholarship contract every semester


MTC Contract
MTC Scholars please sign the MTC contract every semester.  Click on the MTC Contract header to access the online contract.

MTC Appeal
MTC Scholar is you need to appeal, please fill out the online form.  Click on the MTC Appeal header to access the online contract.

MTC Foundation Book Contract
MTC Scholar please sign this Foundation Book Contract every semester.

Are you a current Montclair High School student?
Please visit the City of Montclair website for Montclair High School student requirements. 



Janeth Rodriguez, Ed.D.
Executive Director of Enrollment Services & Student Support
Ph (909) 652-6628
Cell (909) 821-0381