Prospective ADN Students

Simply click on the following informational tiles to begin your path towards a successful nursing career!

Take the First Step!

  1. Attend an Information Session.
    Students are highly encouraged to attend an Information Session to learn more about Chaffey’s ADN Program. Topics included: accreditation information, NCLEX pass rates, employment outlook, program pre-requisites, multi criteria screening and selection process, program costs, curriculum, weekly schedule and much more! Information Sessions and attendance will not be recorded.
  2. Become a Chaffey College Student.
    New or returning students to Chaffey College must complete the online Chaffey College Application to receive a Chaffey College Student Identification Number and/or reactive your account. New students will receive a Chaffey College Student ID number within the same day via email. Continuing students do not need to reapply to Chaffey College.
  3. Submit ALL official college/university transcript(s).
    For courses completed at another college, students MUST submit official transcripts to the Chaffey College, Admissions & Records Department in one of the three options listed below:
    • Electronically (preferred):

      Students may order their electronic transcripts from to be sent to or via any other official electronic web source.

    • In-person: Students may drop off sealed, official transcripts to one of the Admissions & Records Departments located on the Rancho Cucamonga, Chino, or Fontana campuses during regular business hours.
    • U.S. Postal Service: Students may mail their official transcripts to the following address:
      Chaffey College
      Admissions & Records
      5885 Haven Avenue
      Rancho Cucamonga CA 91737
    For more information, please visit the Chaffey College, Admissions & Records Department website.
  4. Submit official high school transcripts to Chaffey College’s Admissions & Records.
    ALL students MUST verify United States high school graduation or equivalent with official high school transcripts, GED, certificate of equivalency/proficiency or official international transcript evaluation report indicating equivalency. Official electronic high school transcripts may be sent to Chaffey College’s Admissions & Records Department at the following email address: via or other official electronic sources. Please refer to other options for in-person drop off or U.S. postal mailing noted above.

    For students that may have completed their high school education outside of the United States: High school coursework completed outside of the United States requires a separate evaluation completed by an external agency to verify high school equivalency. The student will be responsible for the fees associated with this evaluation. (Please select “detailed evaluation on your requests).

    Chaffey College recommends using the SpanTran Agency.

    The following agencies are also approved by Chaffey College’s Admissions & Records Department. If you do not see the agency that you used to evaluated your international transcripts, please contact Admissions & Records.

  5. Meet with a Chaffey College Counselor
    Arrange an appointment with a Counselor to review your external transcripts, assist you with creating and staying on track with your Educational Plan, and/or assist with preparing for your ADN application. You may visit the Chaffey College, Academic and Career Counseling website to arrange your appointment.

Looking ahead

In preparation for your counseling appointment, please review the ADN program pre-requisites coursework.

After satisfactorily completing ADN program pre-requisite coursework, students that are deemed eligible to apply to the ADN program will be screened using the ADN Multi Criteria Screening Worksheet.

Learn more about the application selection process.

The ADN Multi Criteria Screening Worksheet is used to rank applicants based on points in various academic and healthcare areas. Becoming familiar with this information will increase your success in being accepted into the ADN program!