Hero image for Visitors to the Wignall Museum observe student art.
Visitors to the Wignall Museum observe student art.


As an art student, you'll gain preparation for careers in education, museums, research and related fields. You'll be challenged to create visual art using creative strategies, concepts, critical thinking skills and the technologies of contemporary studio practices. Your studies will include theories and artistic movements in art, from the ancient to the modern world. You'll also have the opportunity to evaluate the influences that social, political and religious institutions have on art. 

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Nicole Farrand
Professor or Art
Coordinator Art, Art History, Dance, Music and Theatre
(909) 652-6958
Pam Valfer
Associate Professor of Art
(909) 652-7456
Cynde Balent
Professor of Art
(909) 652-6106
Stanton Hunter
Professor of Art/Ceramics
Michael Penilla
Instructional Assistant IV, Art
Andrew Hadle
Studio Arts Technician, Museum Preparator