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Spanish is the second most widely spoken language worldwide and is the primary language of 20 countries. An associate of arts in Spanish will prepare you for transfer and opportunities in a wide variety of careers, such as healthcare, business, education, government, interpretation, tourism and more. This major will guide you toward fluency and introduce you to Hispanic literature and culture.

Check out the Spanish Degree linked below (AA-T Program Map) 

If you are a heritage speaker (you grew up speaking Spanish), you should consider enrolling directly in SPAN 3SS (Spanish for Heritage Speakers). To check if you are eligible, take this SPAN-3SS SURVEY or even the SPAN-4SS SURVEY (for Advanced Spanish speakers already proficient in reading and writing in Spanish.)

If you have already taken Spanish classes somewhere else, and you feel you can skip Spanish 1 or Spanish 2, you can have your transcripts reviewed by a counselor or take an online CHALLENGE test to skip a level. 

Prerequisite CHALLENGE Exams:

(If a student challenges out of a class, they will not receive credit for that class and will need to complete additional elective classes to earn the minimum units for the degree. Please review your education plan and available electives before opting to bypass a class.)

Spanish 9 is a culture and conversation course designed to improve conversational skills and enhance cultural awareness for those students who have a degree of proficiency in Spanish or are heritage speakers.

To determine eligibility for SPAN-9, please take this SPAN-9 SURVEY.  You do not need to take the prerequisite challenge.


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