Hero image for Students in an art class listen to the instructor.
Students in an art class listen to the instructor.

Art History

The practice of Art History is dedicated to exploring the historical significance of art, architecture, and design. Students of art history are offered opportunities to survey and appreciate the richness and the diversity of visual arts from the past to present. Addressing artworks from all places and periods, art historians deal with form, technique, iconography and historical function. In addition, art history is an inherently interdisciplinary field, requiring that students investigate the areas of philosophical aesthetics, artists' biographies, current and historical art institutions, as well as traditions and cultures. Art history is the study of cultural history through visual means and of visual culture by historical means.

The study of Art History equips students for careers in education, museums, research, and related fields in the visual arts. The coursework cultivates a broad worldview and cross-cultural understanding through the examination of diverse historical perspectives, as well as develops critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills.

The Art History program serves Chaffey’s diverse population in meeting General Education requirements, in addition to preparing students for transfer to four-year institutions to complete degrees in Art History and related fields (all Art History courses fulfill CSU and IGETC transfer requirements).

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John L. Machado, Jr.
Professor, Art History
Leta Ming
Associate Professor, Art History