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If you’re a student who wants to pursue a career in education, engineering, business management, government and more, you’ll need instruction in mathematics. At Chaffey College, we can provide you with understanding of math concepts, skills and applications to get you ready for transfer to a 4-year university. Though math can be considered an intimidating subject for many students, Chaffey College provides plenty of support to help you succeed through our math success and tutoring centers . We offer an Associate of Science for Transfer in Mathematics, which you can use to pursue a bachelor’s degree in math, physics, engineering or computer science.


Jeff Brouwer
Mathematics Department Coordinator:
(909) 652-6430


Theodore Younglove
Dean of the School of Mathematics and Science
(909) 652-6402



Last Name First Name Phone Office Email
Brouwer Jeff (909) 652-6430 M-110 jeff.brouwer@chaffey.edu
Cannis Elizabeth (909) 652-8101 CHMB-206 elizabeth.cannis@chaffey.edu
Cole  Morgan (909) 652-8031 CHMB-206A morgan.cole@chaffey.edu
Croft-Seidler Hannah (909) 652-6435 M-105 hannah.seidler@chaffey.edu
Crow Leonard (909) 652-6454 MATH-109 leonard.crow@chaffey.edu
Elsdon Rodney (909) 652-6434 M-102 rod.elsdon@chaffey.edu
Fay John (909) 652-6436 M-107 john.fay@chaffey.edu
Gutierrez Mark (909) 652-6396 PS-119 mark.gutierrez@chaffey.edu
Jenkins Theodore (909) 652-6439 PS-117 theodore.jenkins@chaffey.edu
Khou Meng (909) 652-6427 M-101 meng.khou@chaffey.edu
Kopp Rob (909) 652-6444 M-108 rob.kopp@chaffey.edu
Leontas Angela (909) 652-6487 ZH-107 angela.leontas@chaffey.edu
Neal Brandelyn (909) 652-6429 M-105 brandelyn.neal@chaffey.edu
Padgett Lisa (909) 652-7431 FNLC-126 lisa.padgett@chaffey.edu
Roebuck Alan (909) 652-6450 M-104 alan.roebuck@chaffey.edu
Tavakoli Mo (909) 652-6447 CAA-324 mohammad.tavakoli@chaffey.edu
Valdez Daniel (909) 652-6483 M-106 daniel.valdez@chaffey.edu
Wardak Alif (909) 652-6484 HS-114 alif.wardak@chaffey.edu
Witt Robin (909) 652-6426 ZH-129   robin.witt@chaffey.edu
Yazigi Wafa (909) 652-6486 ZH-106 wafa.yazigi@chaffey.edu
Yegge Doug (909) 652-6455 PS-119 doug.yegge@chaffey.edu


Mathematics Links

  • Algebra Help: The fastest growing free online source for help with algebra. We use some of the latest technology to help you learn and understand algebra. Our web site features lessons to learn or refresh old skills, calculators that show you how to solve problems step-by-step, and interactive worksheets to test your skills.
  • Math Archives: Teaching materials, software, WWW links organized by mathematical topics. Searchable database. In these pages, you will find links to various WWW resources on mathematics. They are organized by topics.
  • Park City Mathematics Institute: Links to 550 pages regarding history of math. Mathematics topics, including instruction covered at this site include algebra, dynamical systems (such as chaos and fractals), analysis, geometry, arithmetic/early, logic/foundations and much more.
  • Hotmath: Hotmath provides instant, step-by-step solutions to the homework problems in the leading math textbooks. Hotmath helps students learn better and faster by putting an end to being stuck on math homework. Step by step solutions for your textbook homework problems can now be purchased for as little as $5 per month. Regular prices range from $9 a month to $60 for a year. Guests are welcome at all times and can view problems numbered 1-9 in any problem set, in any textbook, for free. If you like what you see then jump right in and join Hotmath.
  • Texas Instruments Educational Solutions: Homework help, tutorials, free downloads, games, & more. Ask questions, get help on your homework, or be the sage who's got the answers. From algebra to differential equations, earth science to neuroscience, we've got virtually every math and science subject covered. So go ahead - Don't be shy... You might just learn something!
  • Maplesoft: Our mission is to increase the productivity, creativity and effectiveness of professors, researchers, students and industry professionals through the development, support and promotion of the Maple system. This Maple tutorial has been designed by the Mathematics Department at Seattle Central Community College to give you a complete self-paced hands-on introduction to the basic commands that you will need to use Maple effectively.
  • Wolfram: Mathematica is the world's only fully integrated environment for technical computing.
  • History of Math: This site was created by John J. O’Connor and Edmund F Robertson for the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of St Andrews Scotland. It is highly academic.
  • The Math Forum at Drexel: Information about famous problems in the field of mathematics.
  • Russell’s Paradox: Information about and a history of Russell's Paradox.
  • Traveling Salesman Problem Using Genetic Algorithms: Information about and a solution for the traveling salesman problem.