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The physics program at Chaffey College offers instruction at variety of levels, ranging from conceptual physics to calculus-based physics. Our courses cover many fascinating topics, including the laws of motion, gravitation, energy, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, sound, light, optics, relativity, and quantum mechanics. By taking physics, students will learn the fundamental laws that govern the motion of objects and the structure of matter in our universe. Physics students also get to put these ideas to the test in the laboratory, where they will learn how to set up experiments, use technology to make precise measurements, and analyze data.

Being proficient in physics means being able to think critically, solve problems, and analyze physical systems in a quantitative way. A strong foundation in physics is essential for any student interested in a career in engineering, physical science, biology, and many other fields. Physics can also be taken to fulfill an elective requirement, or just for fun. We offer an Associate of Science for Transfer (AST) degree for students interested in studying physics at a 4-year college or university. For students interested pursuing a bachelor’s degree in physics at one of the UC campuses, we also offer a University of California Transfer Pathway physics degree.

Our students can apply for paid internships though the Summer Research Opportunities (SRO) program. Chaffey has partnered with a number of institutions, including local UC and Cal State schools, which host our students for the summer to give them experience performing scientific research. The program is constantly growing, and there are internships available in a wide range of fields, including physics, astronomy, and earth science. The SRO program offers great opportunities for anyone considering pursuing an advanced degree in physics.

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Dr. Daniel Carson
Professor of Physics
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Professor of Physics


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