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If you are fascinated by the natural world, enjoy the outdoors, care about the environment, or simply like science, the geology program would enjoy having you in our classes! All students are welcomed in the program, whether to meet a general education requirement, gain individual knowledge, or even work toward a career in geology. Geology is the science that studies the structure, origin and history of the Earth, and the processes that change and shape it. The laboratory component of geology courses focus on the identification of minerals, rocks and fossils, topographic and geologic map exercises demonstrating the work of water, wind, ice and gravity and the effects of tectonic activity. The curriculum is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge and skills to prepare students for transfer to a university. This is a two-year program leading to a Transfer Associate of Science Degree. Students following this program will be well suited to pursue an advanced degree in geology, or any related science. An advanced degree would help prepare for a profession with natural resource businesses, environmental companies, government agencies or universities. These professions can involve the search for mineral, water, and energy resources, conducting environmental assessments and abatement, and prevention and forecasting of natural hazards, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and landslides. Geology careers often provide a wide range of work settings, such as working in the field, laboratory, classroom, or office.

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