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Physical Science

If you're interested in teaching science, or pursuing scientific, technological or engineering careers, consider physical science as your major. Physical science is the study of the natural sciences encompassing non-living systems, although the aspects
of living systems are also studied. The program will provide you with a deeper understanding of societal issues through instruction that includes chemistry, astronomy, geology, physics and more.


Zimmermann Hall, Room ZH-116


Degrees and Certificates

The Associate of Science in Physical Science prepares students for technician positions in research, agriculture, laboratories and more. It also gets you ready for transfer to a 4-year college or university to pursue advanced degrees.

The program includes three "paths," which are:

  • General - courses for students intending to teach, pursue a bachelor's degree or work as a technician
  • Earth Science - courses for students who want to teach Earth science, and a better understanding of environmental issues and the Earth
  • Geology - courses for students pursuing jobs as technicians or advanced degrees in Earth science, environmental science or related sciences.


Major requirement of degree in physical science

A. General Education: suggested programs - 23-39 units

  • Transfer students: Complete CSU-GE or IGETC pattern
  • Non-transfer students: Chaffey College General Education, CSU-GE, or IGETC pattern

B. Area of Emphasis - 18 units

  • Must take at least 3 courses of the listed subject areas
  • No more than 8 units from any single subject area may be counted toward the major.
  • A minimum of two courses with an associated laboratory in addition to the laboratory required for 
    the general education requirements in the Natural Science category.
  • A minimum of Math 31: Trigonometry is required.


Electives: 3-19 units

Elective units may be necessary to reach the total of 60 overall units required for the Associate Degree.
If planning to transfer, elective units must be transferrable to CSU, UC, and/or other transfer institutions.

Note: Courses included in the area of emphasis cannot be used to fulfill General Education requirements.

Total Number of Units for the Major: 60