Hero image for Students attend an astronony class.
Students attend an astronony class.


Are you interested in exploring other planets, stars or galaxies?  Do you want to know more about life in the universe? Astronomy is a great way to ask the biggest questions and gain a perspective on the biggest concepts, while filling your physical science distribution requirements towards your degree or transfer to 4-year colleges and universities. Astronomy offers sections at all campuses and online and is a state leader in online lab instruction. In addition, many Astronomy classes meeting at the Rancho campus are able to utilize the Miliken Planetarium for instruction. Chaffey astronomy is a general-education (non-majors) program, and students interested in astronomy as a career should major in physics, geology, math or related fields. Astronomy has ties to area institutions including UC Riverside and has been able to arrange summer research opportunities for interested students.


The Chaffey College Miliken Planetarium is a state-of-the-art presentation space for both classroom instruction and the community.  Utilizing Measure P funds, the planetarium was upgraded with a Digistar 6 projection system in 2018. This system allows Imax-type projection, enabling participants to roam throughout our solar system and the rest of the Universe, all from the comfort of Chaffey college.  The Chaffey College Astronomy Department at times offers presentations to both the campus and the public.


Joann Eisberg, Ph.D.
Professor, Office: ZH-103
(909) 652-6408
Bradley Hughes, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Office: ZH-106
(909) 652-6397


Support Staff

Andrew Zwissler
Instructional Assistant III Physical Science