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Students attend an astronony class.
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Astronomy will teach you about the solar system and the universe beyond. The Chaffey astronomy department offers lecture and lab courses satisfying general education physical science requirements for associate degrees and transfer to 4-year colleges and universities. Students interested in a bachelor's or master's degrees in astronomy should complete a solid list of lower-division coursework in physics and math.



Bradley Hughes, Ph.D.
Office: ZH-106
(909) 652-6397
Joann Eisberg
Office: ZH-103
(909) 652-6408


Adjunct Faculty

Name Phone Email Address
Marcus Asaro 909-652-7501 marcus.asaro@chaffey.edu
Gueorgui D. Gueorguiev 909-652-8284 gueorgui.gueorguiev@chaffey.edu
Hugh Jackson 909-652-7187 hugh.jackson@chaffey.edu
Corinna Jobe 909-652-8294 corinna.jobe@chaffey.edu
Rashid Khan 909-652-7984 rashid.khan@chaffey.edu
Doug McElroy 909-652-7043 douglas.mcelroy@chaffey.edu
Fred Motta 909-652-8293 fred.motta@chaffey.edu
David Murphy 909-652-7011 david.murphy@chaffey.edu
Brent Neumann 909-652-7268 brent.neumann@chaffey.edu



Astronomy 26 Stars and Galaxies (3)
Transfer Credit: CSU; UC 
Class hours: 48-54 lecture
Grading: Letter grade only
Advisory: Completion of Math 410 is recommended.

Overview of the universe beyond our solar system. Understand stars and galaxies by understanding the processes that shape them. Use observations from telescopes and spacecraft, the scientific method, and basic physical concepts. Briefly consider relativity, space-time, and the history and fate of the universe. 1911.00

Astronomy 35 Planets and the Solar System with Lab (4)
Transfer Credit: CSU; UC 
Class hours: 48-54 lecture. 48-54 laboratory.
Grading: Letter grade only
Advisory: Completion of Math 410 is recommended.

Study of planets, moons and other bodies within solar systems. Using observations from telescopes and spacecraft, the scientific method and basic concepts from physics, geology, and other sciences to identify and explain formative processes and unique characteristics. Laboratory activities include formulating a scientific
investigation; selecting the appropriate tools and methods of planetary science to image, measure, and/or observe phenomena; analyzing data; identifying error; and reporting results. 1911.00


Chaffey College installed state-of-the-art equipment in its renovated Daniel B. Milliken Planetarium in August 2018. The Digistar 6 planetarium system provides advanced multimedia full-dome projection of spectacular educational content for astronomy students, as well as the Chaffey community. Chaffey plans to use the system to create its own multimedia content, collaborate with other departments and eventually offer presentations to the public.