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Earth Science

Pursue your interests in the Earth and environment through a degree in Earth science. This major, sometimes known as geology, can prepare you for careers in education, work that requires knowledge of the environment or people who wish to have a better understanding of the Earth. Earth science encompasses a wider range of scientific inquiry including oceanography, meteorology, planetology and soil sciences.



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Adjunct Faculty

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Degrees and Certificates

Associate of Science in Earth Science

The curriculum is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge and skills to prepare students for transfer to a university as a junior. This is a 2-year program leading to an associate in science degree. Students following this program will be well suited to pursue an advanced degree in Earth science, environmental science, or any related science. This program is equally intended to assist those who wish to teach Earth science in elementary or secondary schools, those interested in understanding environmental issues, or those who desire an understanding of the Earth.


Earth Science Courses

1 Earth Science (3) 
(CSU; UC) 
Hours: 48-54 lecture. 
Grading: Letter grade only. 
Geology, oceanography, meteorology and planetology aspects of the physical environment. Designed for general education and earth science majors.

1L Earth Science Laboratory (1) 
(CSU; UC) 
Hours: 48-54 laboratory. 
Grading: Letter grade only.

Corequisite: Earth Science 1 (may be taken previously).

Optional laboratory for Earth science. Use of scientific tools and methods to image, measure and observe phenomenon in geology, oceanography, astronomy and meteorology.

5 Oceanography (3) 
(CSU; UC) 
Hours: 48-54 lecture. 
Grading: Letter grade only. 
Introduction to the marine sciences. Properties of water, air-sea interaction, ocean currents, waves, tides, beaches, marine life, marine resources, ocean pollution and the nature and origin of the sea floor.

5L Oceanography Laboratory (1) 
(CSU; UC) 
Hours: 48-54 laboratory. 
Grading: Letter grade only. 
Corequisite: Earth science 5 (may be taken previously). 
Use of the tools and methods of science to image, measure and observe phenomenon in oceanography.