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Earth Science

Earth Science is an interdisciplinary field that combines the study of oceanography, geology, astronomy and the weather. If you are interested in studying nature from tsunamis, volcanoes, supernovas to tornadoes then Earth Science courses will help you fulfill your physical science requirement for transfer or prepare you for teaching in elementary or secondary schools. The lecture classes cover current events such as climate change and natural disasters and the lab classes include hands on activities studying rocks, minerals, solar cars and earthquake tower construction. If you choose an Earth Science field for a major then you could pursue a career mapping earthquake faults for a consulting firm, remediating an industrial waste site or mitigating cliff erosion along the coastline. Earth Science is a gateway to many majors and careers for students who care about the environment or enjoy doing field work. Our survey courses are also intended for students who are seeking a better understanding of how the natural world works but who are pursuing other majors.

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