Hero image for Students examine a slide in chemistry class.
Students examine a slide in chemistry class.


A career in chemistry can lead you to a wide variety of careers in agriculture, education, government and the pharmaceutical industry, among other areas. If you enjoy research, conducting experiments and like working with specialized equipment and computers, consider chemistry for your career path. Chemistry is the science of matter, its characterization, composition, and its transformations. An understanding of chemistry is basic to the physical and biological sciences and fundamental in a variety of occupations. Specialized fields of chemistry are inorganic, organic, physical, nuclear, biochemistry, and chemical engineering. Chaffey College offers the first two years of the baccalaureate degree chemistry curriculum.



Name Phone Office Email Address
Mamta Agarwal 909-652-6480 CHEM-110 Mamta.agarwal@chaffey.edu
Maryline Chemama 909-652-6443 CHEM-115 Maryline.chemama@chaffey.edu
Jasmeet Singh 909-652-6456 CHEM-111 Jasmeet.Singh@chaffey.edu


Sariwan Tjandra 909-652-6421 CHEM-109 Sariwan.tjandra@chaffey.edu



Name Phone Office Email Address
Lymari Salazar 909-652-6423 CHEM-112 Lymari.salazar@chaffey.edu
Robert C. Lopez     Robert.lopez@chaffey.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Name Phone Email Address
Malerie Ayala 909-652-8272 malerie.ayala@chaffey.edu
Steven Bernard 909-652-7540 steven.bernard@chaffey.edu
Matthew Chen 909-652-8270 matthew.chen@chaffey.edu
Ronald Choppi 909-652-7065 ron.choppi@chaffey.edu
Youssef Daoudi 909-652-8289 youssef.daoudi@chaffey.edu
Thomas Edison 909-652-7563 thomas.edison@chaffey.edu
Mark Hazma 909-652-7352 mark.hamza@chaffey.edu
Anshika Kapur 909-652-8288 anshika.kapur@chaffey.edu
Kirklen Kupecz 909-652-7950 kirk.kupecz@chaffey.edu
Sheba Kuruvilla 909-652-7871 sheba.kuruvilla@chaffey.edu
Sunggon Lim 909-652-7737 sunggon.lim@chaffey.edu
Harry C. Lord 909-652-7914 harry.lord@chaffey.edu
Mark Micklich 909-652-8274 mark.micklich@chaffey.edu
Linda Musaitif 909-652-7374 linda.musaitif@chaffey.edu
Joelle Opotowsky 909-652-7300 joelle.opotowsky@chaffey.edu
Andrea Richardson 909-652-7259 andrea.richardson@chaffey.edu
Eman Shweikeh 909-652-7301 eman.shweikeh@chaffey.edu
Lon Spada 909-652-7559 lonnie.spada@chaffey.edu
Nathaniel Yamaguchi 909-652-7995 nathaniel.yamaguchi@chaffey.edu
Nancy Zapien 909-652-7004 nancy.zapien@chaffey.edu

Student Learning Outcomes: 

Upon the successful completion of this degree, students should be able to:

  1. Apply critical thinking, hypothesis driven methods of scientific inquiry, and the mathematical skills to calculations and problem solving, predicting mechanisms, developing synthetic schemes, scientific data presented in literature, and evaluation of empirically developed data.
  2. Apply chemical and physical concepts, symbolism, language, atomic structure and use of periodic table to describe the changes that matter undergoes and the application of chemistry.
  3. Apply experimental techniques to the laboratory environment as demonstrated by safe handling and disposal of chemicals, obtaining accurate and precise data, evaluating and validating scientific data, correctly using scientific instruments, and using proper laboratory etiquette.
  4. Provide technical information in a clear and concise manner to demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills for chemical and physical concepts, results of laboratory experiments, and articles in the scientific literature.

To obtain an associate’s degree, students must complete both the major requirements below and the graduation requirements listed on pages 33-34 of the catalog 


Chemistry Club

The chemistry club promotes awareness of chemistry on and off campus.
Anyone interested in chemistry is welcome to join. We do interesting chemistry demonstrations, participate in volunteer activities, take field trips, attend special lectures, tutor introductory chemistry students, etc. We are a club of much diversity, fun and interests. So come and meet new people, get involved in extracurricular activities and have fun.

Advisor: Sariwan Tjandra, Ph.D., sariwan.tjandra@chaffey.edu or 909-652-6421