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What the Major Offers: Students majoring in Sociology or Social Justice are prepared to understand the impact that forces in society have on individuals and families. The enduring inequality and discrimination in our society create harmful effects over generations. The disparities are documented in employment, housing, education, voting and other civil rights, health care, incarceration, and environment. Knowing about the nature of inequality in society inspires our students to engage in activities and careers leading to social change in their lives and the lives of others.

The Faculty: The Sociology Program is represented by faculty members who truly represent the diversity of American society. Their areas of expertise include social stratification, Chicano/Latino studies, race and ethnicity, LGBTQ+, women’s studies, immigration, social justice, methods in social research, and social statistics. Our faculty are active members in the Chaffey College community regularly participating in panels and workshops in the areas of academic and career advice, equity and social justice, STEM, and cultural competency.

The Courses: The Sociology Program offers a robust composition of courses to prepare well-rounded Sociology and Social Justice scholars. Principal courses are Introduction to Sociology, Marriage & Family, Social Problems, Race/Ethnic Inequality, and Sociological Research. Other courses include Chicano/Latino Studies, Latin American Societies, Gender, Aging, and Sociology of Crime. For the Social Justice Studies major, the core courses include Introduction to Social Justice, Women’s Studies, and LGBTQ Studies.

Transfer, Career/Professional Opportunities: Students majoring in Sociology and Social Justice are prepared to transfer to 4-year universities to complete their B.A. in Sociology or Social Work. Sociology students can seek employment in teaching at all levels, social research, social services, law enforcement, administration of justice, civil rights, elected office, mass media, advertising, and environmental advocacy.

Volunteer Opportunities, Internships, and Employment with an Associate Degree, Transfer: Students majoring in Sociology or Social Justice maximize their competency in empathy, communication, critical analysis, and data literacy. Advocacy organizations, non-profits, governmental agencies and more are potential internship/volunteer sites with this dynamic skill set.

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Students with faculty questions for Anthropology, Psychology, Social Sciences, and Sociology should email Coordinator, Angela.Sadowski@chaffey.edu. 

Sergio Gomez
Professor, Sociology
Anthony Guaracha
Associate Professor, Sociology
Naomi McCool
Associate Professor, Sociology
Paula Snyder
Professor, Sociology
Julie Song
Professor, Sociology
Angela Sadowski
Coordinator Professor, Psychology