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Students attend a class lecture.

Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy is thinking deeply, critically, and rationally about humanity and the world around us. Philosophy addresses issues and questions regarding the nature of knowledge, existence, the mind, values, art, and religion. Students explore the great ideas of both the Western and Eastern heritages and encounter ideas that connect with almost all other disciplines. The philosophy curriculum contributes toward a broad, general education in the liberal arts. Philosophy encourages equity and diversity by liberating our minds and providing a foundation to free ourselves from the accepted opinions of our culture. Our philosophy department is very active in hosting lectures, discussions, and debates on a variety of topics. Furthermore, the philosophy faculty provide numerous opportunities for students to participate in educational and service learning activities with many organizations as well as local colleges and universities. Successful completion of the transfer degree in Philosophy guarantees the student acceptance to a California State University to pursue a baccalaureate degree, in preparation to pursue a career in the field of philosophy, law, and many other career paths. The philosophy program also maintains excellent relationships with the campuses of the University of California and many private colleges and universities. Our students continue to succeed in transferring to these institutions and in their undergraduate and graduate studies in philosophy and related disciplines.

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Students with faculty questions for Economics, History and Humanities, Philosophy and Religion, and Political Science should email Coordinator, Tim.Greene@chaffey.edu.

Ryan Falcioni
Professor, Philosophy
Daniel Kern
Professor, Philosophy
Barbara King
Professor, Philosophy