Hero image for A student wearing a Chaffey College sweatshirt smiles at the Chino campus.
A student wearing a Chaffey College sweatshirt smiles at the Chino campus.

Public Service, Culture and Society

The Public Service, Culture, and Society community equips students to be empathetic leaders. This community enriches individuals with knowledge on social issues and provides them with an understanding of culture and humanity. This community (pathway) prepares you for a future with certificates, degrees, transfer, and careers in criminal justice, emergency response, firefighting, police, public service, social services, and education.  

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Your Academic Support Members 


Coordinators are faculty leaders who are vital to ensuring students have the best experience possible while taking classes at Chaffey College. Coordinators help to mediate any concerns that you might have and can connect you with your instructor or the dean’s office. They can answer questions or concerns about your classes, and refer you to resources related to your academic experience. Email is the best way to reach them:

  • Criminal Justice; Emergency Medical Technician; Fire Technology; and Homeland & National Security  - Steve Lux
  • Anthropology; Psychology; Sociology; and Social Science  - Angela Sadowski
  • Child Development & Education; Education; and Ethnic Studies  - Maryline Chemama
  • Economics; History; Humanities; Philosophy; and Political Science  - Daniel Loomis


Dean & Staff 

Robert Roundquist, Interim Dean
Areli Rodriguez, EPA
Corinna Martinez, AAII
Liliana Garcia , AAII