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Students attend a class at Chaffey College.

Economics and Political Economics

Have you ever struggled with a tough choice (like picking a major in college)? Do you want to help government (local, state or federal) make better decisions (or at least fewer stupid decisions)? Do you want to help run a profitable business? Have you wondered how to make smart investment decisions for yourself and others? Would you like to figure out why people do what they do? Would you like to make the world a better place?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, ECONOMICS might be the major for you. A bachelor’s degree in economics can help prepare you for a wide variety of high paying jobs such as actuary, financial advisor, financial analyst, operations analyst, budget analyst, supply chain analyst, underwriter, claims adjuster, environmental economist, securities trader, business or political policy journalist, cost estimator, pricing analyst, capital acquisition analyst, market research analyst, economic analyst for government or private sector, etc. It is also great preparation for law school, a career in politics, or graduate school in economics or business.

Everyone makes choices all the time. We make personal choices that impact ourselves, our families, and our communities. Workers make choices that impact the businesses they work for. Politicians and government employees make choices that impact society at large. Studying economics helps you learn to analyze these and other choices in a thoughtful way. Careful analysis can lead to better decision making. Better decisions today can help us achieve a better tomorrow for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, our nation, and our shared world.

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Students with faculty questions for Economics, History and Humanities, Philosophy and Religion, and Political Science should email Coordinator, Tim.Greene@chaffey.edu. 

Bret McMurran
Professor, Economics
Cynthia Parker
Professor, Economics