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Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies courses span from past to present and focus on various themes: social justice, social responsibility, and social change. It teaches students to be deep critical analysts when presented with text materials and multi-media historical, political, sociological and government sources. The core curriculum is designed to develop a comparative and multidisciplinary understanding of the experiences and communities of African-Americans, Native Americans, Chicano/Latinos and Asian Americans. 

Ethnic Studies contributes to a positive type of holistic growth and development from the beginning to the end of a course. Students' thinking becomes sharper, as they learn how to think critically and intensely analyze materials, and their written and oral communication becomes more refined and polished. Ethnic Studies faculty prioritize giving students individualized attention and accommodation. Faculty meets students where they are at!

Ethnic Studies is for everyone

  • Ethnic Studies helps students in understanding communities and promote well-being
  • Ethnic Studies helps students to get to know communities by actively participating and volunteering with campus events as well as, conferences and other community activities through ethnic studies courses each semester (e.g., cultural and social justice events)
  • Ethnic Studies teaches students to have a mutual RESPECT for both communities and individuality
  • Ethnic Studies is RELEVANT in the sense that it helps prepare career students to embrace and value diversity and the SKILLS they will bring and continue to build upon when working in their fields.
  • Ethnic Studies teaches TOLERANCE, service to others and understanding.

Benefits of Ethnic Studies

  • Improved graduation rates [Stanford University Study]
  • Supportive learning environments for all students
  • Enhances critical thinking skills
  • Commitment to social justice
  • Cultural competency
  • Deeper academic engagement
  • Stronger sense of self-efficacy and personal empowerment

Ethnic Studies (ETHN) Courses:

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ETHN-1 Introduction to Ethnic Studies
ETHN-2 Introduction to Native American Studies
ETHN-3 Introduction to Latinx Studies
ETHN-4 Introduction to African American Studies
ETHN-5 Introduction to Asian American Studies
ETHN-6 Race, Ethnicity, and Politics in America

  • Transfers to CSU (area F)
  • UC Approved (IGETC area 7)
  • Meets Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement

Program Goals:

  1. Critical Thinking about Race and Ethnicity
  2. Knowledge of Historical and Contemporary Formations of Race and Ethnicity
  3. Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Ethnic Studies Methods
  4. Comprehension of Ethnic Studies and Social Justice
  5. Leadership in Promoting Social Justice



Full time Faculty

Patricia M. Gomez
Patricia M. Gomez
Assistant Professor


Jose Zamora
Jose Zamora
Associate Professor


Adjunct Faculty





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