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Students observe a lecture at Chaffey College.


History is an exciting field of study. History is primarily a narrative, and everyone loves a good story. The study of history is a way to discover ourselves and what makes us tick through human social behavior. Many approach the past with a sense of romantic adventure but there is also a role for sober analysis and reflection.

In history classes students will acquire skills useful in their lives regardless of what field they ultimately devote themselves to. Including but not limited to:
The capacity to change one’s mind based on new information and see an issue through the eyes of others. Being able to recognize that there are competing narratives and to distinguish between these narratives and understand the difference between fact and opinion. To understand what empiricism is. To understand historical origins of systems of governments and social construction.

In history classes students will:
Study the cultures and histories of Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the West. Study the political institutions and construction of society in the Americas. Learn critical thinking. Learn to find and use sources. Understand the importance of context.

Students will find History useful for careers in business, education, law enforcement, the state department, homeland security, or law. Finally, the study of history is essential for a functioning democracy and building civic responsibility.

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Omar Dphrepaulezz
Associate Professor, History
Tim Greene
Professor, History
Daniel Loomis
Professor, History