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Students attend a class lecture.
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Whether you’re interested in a career in counseling, social work, law enforcement or human resources, a degree in psychology can provide you with a great foundation. Psychology majors can find employment in community service organizations, federal and state government, schools, family services and more. Courses in this program will provide you with a greater understanding of the behavior of individuals and groups of people.



Name Office Phone Email Address
Barbari, Nicole VSS-100-3 909-652-6247 nicole.barbari@chaffey.edu
DiLorenzo, Melissa SS-114 909-652-6248 Melissa.DiLorenzo@chaffey.edu
Fitzpatrick, Maria VSS-100-2 909-652-6259 maria.fitzpatrick@chaffey.edu
Lucas, Hannah VSS-100-5 909-652-6265 hannah.lucas@chaffey.edu
Sadowski, Angela ATL-102 909-652-6275 angela.sadowski@chaffey.edu
Vincent, Matthew VSS-100-7 909-652-6269 matthew.vincent@chaffey.edu