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Students attend a class lecture.


With faculty trained and experienced in diverse areas of the field, our program gives students opportunities to explore the breadth of psychology. The curriculum prepares students to move forward in psychology, sociology, social science, counseling, social work, law, criminology, business, and other fields.

The psychology program affords students the opportunity to critically evaluate and conduct research. They will gain knowledge about how the brain applies to behavior and mental processes, how we interact with our social environment, how we develop across the lifespan, and how to better understand mental illness. Students will also develop empathy, interpersonal communication, collaboration, self-awareness, and an appreciation for diverse worldviews.

The psychology department supports clubs, events, workshops, and networking opportunities that assist students in academic and career exploration in psychology. Highlights include the Psychology Club, participation in regional research conferences, and faculty-student mentorship.

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Students with faculty questions for Anthropology, Psychology, Social Sciences, and Sociology should email Coordinator, Angela.Sadowski@chaffey.edu.  

Students wanting/needing/ or exploring programs in Public Service, Culture and Society (PCS) please email Nicole.Barbari@chaffey.edu who is the PCS Community Coach.

Nicole Barbari
Associate Professor, Psychology
Melissa DiLorenzo
Associate Professor, Psychology
Maria Fitzpatrick
Professor, Psychology
Hannah Lucas
Associate Professor, Psychology
Angela Sadowski
Professor, Psychology
Matthew Vincent
Associate Professor, Psychology


Honors Program

Julie Song
Professor, Sociology

Please visit the Honors webpage for more information on the program.