Financial Aid Terms and Conditions

As a financial aid recipient, you are responsible for understanding and agreeing to the following terms of your financial aid award:

  1. You understand and agree that you must promptly report to the financial aid office any changes in my financial, marital, residency or academic status. Any additional earning or funding resources not included in your award letter from any other outside sources may result in changes of your award and/or require repayment of financial aid awards already advanced to you during the academic year.
  2. You understand that all financial aid awards are contingent upon the availability of funds. This award has been based on the documented information you submitted at the time you applied for aid. This award has been made based on the FAFSA/Dream Act application information you have supplied to the college. If there are any changes in your situation, the award may be modified accordingly.
  3. It is your responsibility to inform the financial aid office if that information changes. All awards are subject to the availability of funds. By accepting financial aid, you agree to allow the Chaffey College admissions and records office to release system access and /or hard copy of your transcript to the financial aid office and the California Student Aid Commission and/or any non-university sources providing assistance to you. You must accept responsibility for reading and understanding all forms that you are asked to sign. You are urged to keep a copy of all documents for your records.
  4. Chaffey College reserves the right to revise the student’s financial aid award. Modification of this offer may be required due to lack of necessary state or federal funding, academic progress, corrections or changes in the data reported to the institution by parents and/or students, receipt of additional awards by non-college sources, unintended error, student changes in unit load, change in residence, or other reasons consistent with Chaffey College’s procedures. It may be necessary for the financial aid office to alter the types of assistance you have been awarded so that the funds in each of our programs may be fully utilized by students qualifying for particular types of aid. You must be enrolled for the completion of each term to receive a full financial aid award and agree that if you withdraw or cease to carry the required number of units you must arrange with the Financial Aid Office to repay any aid advanced for which you are no longer eligible.
  5. Enrollment: Most awards are made based on full-time enrollment (12 units per semester). Students enrolled less than full-time may expect reduction in aid. Late start classes starting after the students’ first disbursement or added classes will be paid on subsequent disbursements. Payment will be adjusted according to enrollment status.
  6. Satisfactory Academic Progress: Financial aid is provided for students seeking a degree, transfer status or certificate. Students who do not meet the minimum SAP standards as outlined in the financial aid satisfactory academic progress policy, could result in financial aid warning and/or loss of eligibility for aid. You have read and understand satisfactory academic progress policy. You understand that to receive financial aid you:
  7. Must be enrolled and
  8. Maintain satisfactory academic progress for financial aid during each semester of the award period.

If your award letter indicates that your payments are pending “P”, you understand that the financial aid office may be waiting for additional requirements such as, financial aid satisfactory academic progress. The financial aid satisfactory academic progress (SAP) policy is available to all aid recipients online.

  1. Return of Title IV Funds: Federal aid recipients who withdraw or are dropped from all classes are subject to federal regulations regarding the Return of title IV funds. Students who withdraw or are dropped from all classes prior to completing more than 60 percent of the enrollment period are subject to these rules. Based on the date of complete withdrawals or drop, the Chaffey College financial aid office will determine the amount, if any, of “unearned” federal financial aid received by the student. If the student received more financial aid than the amount earned, the student will be billed for the overpayment. In accordance with federal change of enrollment: If you withdraw from your classes after receiving your financial aid funds, you may be required to repay all or a portion of the financial aid you received. Please check with the financial aid office prior to withdrawing from classes. If you do not attend your classes, you will need to repay all or part of the financial aid you have received. You understand that you may receive financial aid at only one school for the same term.
  2. If you have been awarded a federal Pell grant, or any other type of aid, it will be automatically accepted in the award letter. If you do not want to accept this award(s), you may contact the financial aid office to cancel it.
  3. You understand that the office of financial aid reserves the right to review or modify a financial aid award at any time because of changes in your financial status, eligibility for financial aid, or changes in federal, state or institutional fund availability. In addition, your award offer may be void or one or more financial aid program(s) may be canceled if it is based on any error in determining eligibility or determining the amount of financial aid, whether the error was made by you or the office of financial aid.

You must inform the financial aid office if the following condition(s) apply to you.

  • Address - The admissions and records office has an accurate address on file that was indicated at the time of application to the college. If your mailing/ residence address changes be sure to update your Admissions record by logging into MyChaffeyportal and logging into MyChaffeyview.
  • Withdrawal - You must notify the financial aid office if you leave Chaffey College for any reason. Financial aid awards for students withdrawing from Chaffey College before the end of a semester will be adjusted in accordance with Chaffey College and the U.S. Department of Education Title IV refund/repayment policies.
  • Increase in resources – If you receive any additional resources during the academic year, you are obligated to inform the financial aid office so that your financial aid may be adjusted in addition to a reevaluation of your aid eligibility. This assures that the limited funds available will assist the greatest number of students with the highest need.

You must reapply and reestablish eligibility for financial aid each school year.


Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

The U.S. Department of Education requires that students applying for financial aid, must demonstrate Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward an AA/AS degree, transfer requirements, or certificate program. This Policy applies to all students whether or not they were recipients of financial aid at Chaffey College or at any other College.

Chaffey College requires students to meet both a qualitative and a quantitative standard for academic progress. All students will be evaluated at the end of each semester to determine if they are meeting SAP standards. In order for students to receive any federal or state financial aid, students must adhere to all of the following SAP standards:

Financial Aid SAP Status

A student is meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress as long as the student:

  • Maintains a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA (Qualitative Standard), and
  • Completes a cumulative 67% of all attempted units (Quantitative Standard) and
  • Completes educational program within 150% of the published length of the program (Maximum Time Frame). For instance, if the published length of a program is 60 units, the student may receive financial aid for up to 90 attempted units (60 units x 150% = 90 units). If students are unable to finish their program within the Maximum Time Frame, as explained, they may lose eligibility for Title IV


Grade Standards

  • Attempted Units include: A, B, C, D, F, CR, P, NC, NP, EW, FW, W, I, IP
  • Completed units are units with a grade of: A, B, C, D, CR, P


Repeated, Audited, Transfer, or Remedial Coursework

  • Transfer credits from other institutions will be included as attempted and completed units in the SAP calculation, whether or not this is the first time a student is applying for financial
  • Courses in which a student receives a grade of F, I, NC, NP IP, W, or FW will not be counted as completed units for SAP purposes, but will be counted as attempted
  • Financial aid may be awarded for the cost of courses previously taken if the course is being taken to improve a sub-standard grade of D, F, NP or Financial aid will be awarded a maximum of two times for repeated classes in which a student receives a passing grade (A, B, C, D, CR and P grades are considered passing for financial aid purposes). Repeated units will count toward the 150% maximum units allowed.
  • Up to 30 semester units will be accepted within the maximum time

Students that are meeting Qualitative and/or Quantitative SAP standards and who reach 45 units will receive a Monitoring notification to ensure they are on track for completion within the allowable time frame and taking courses they need to reach their academic goal before reaching 150% maximum time frame. Students remain eligible for financial aid.


SAP Warning Status

Students who have not earned a 2.0 cumulative GPA or did not complete 67% of all units attempted will be placed on automatic Warning status for the subsequent semester, during which time, they will maintain financial aid eligibility.

  1.  On the first non-consecutive occurrence, the student will be sent a Financial Aid Warning Notification informing the student they did not meet the satisfactory academic progress standards. In order for students to continue receiving financial aid the following semester they must improve and meet the minimum requirements to avoid being determined ineligible.
  2. On the second consecutive occurrence (while on Warning) the student will receive a Financial Aid Termination status notification indicating they failed to meet the terms of the Financial Aid Warning Notification and therefore will no longer be eligible to receive further financial aid (federal or state, with the exception of the California College Promise Grant).
  3. Warning status does not apply to maximum unit timeframe. Some students will be automatically ineligible based on previous academic history once they have exceeded the 150% Maximum Time


Ineligible Status

If after warning status, a student failed to achieve the minimum Quantitative and/or Qualitative SAP standards will be placed on Termination status and will not be eligible for future financial aid. A student can become ineligible for two reasons:


  • Student failed to meet SAP standards after their “Warning” semester and/or
  • Student exceeds the 150% Maximum Time Frame of program of



Students who have are ineligible and now have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 and a cumulative 67% of all attempted units or greater, may be reinstated automatically during evaluation period prior to exceeding the Maximum Time Frame. Reinstatement is not retroactive, and you will not receive aid for any semester that you are ineligible.


Appeal Process

Students who become ineligible may appeal their financial aid termination status. All students appealing must submit a complete Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal packet to the Financial Aid Office with appropriate documentation by the deadlines listed below. Complete appeal packets are forwarded to the SAP Appeals Committee. Incomplete appeals will be returned to the student unprocessed. Students will be notified once a decision is made via the assigned Panther email. Appeals must be filed during the term of enrollment. Regulations prohibit students from appealing retroactively for prior terms. Any appeals evaluated after the semester deadline will not be eligible for aid for that term. To appeal, students must document the circumstance for not meeting SAP and must provide official documentation.

Appeals accepted for Fall 2020 from 8/17/2020 - 11/6/2020; Spring 2020 from 1/11/2021 - 04/02/2021; and Summer 2020 from 6/7/2021- 7/02/2021.

Examples of extenuating circumstances that must be supported by documentation:

Extenuating Circumstance:


Death of an immediate family member

Attach copy of death certificate or obituary

Documented Illness

Attach medical documentation confirming onset and duration of illness or condition

Major accident or injury (Self, child, or parent)

Attach medical and/or other documentation verifying the date and duration of the occurrence

Victim of a crime or unexpected disaster that impacted student’s attendance

Attach documentation of insurance claims or other 3rd- party information and nature of disaster

Student made significant improvement during warning or probation status, completed a term of at least 6 units, with a minimum 2.00 GP and 67% completion rate OR if in terminated status student completed ONE term unaided and met term SAP of 2.00 and 67%

Only for students who significantly improved in prior semester. Submit a personal statement. Course Evaluation not required. Grades for preceding semester will be verified by the Financial Aid Office. Spring 2021 appeals may be submitted to the Financial Aid Office beginning January 11, 2021.


 Examples of students appealing for exceeding the Maximum Time Frame:

  • Completed ESL courses
  • Up to 30 units for remedial (non-degree applicable) coursework
  • High unit majors (Nursing, Vocational Nursing)
  • High unit transfer majors (Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering)
  • Completed Military or AP courses/credit.


Complete SAP appeal packets include the following items and are submitted via Campus Logic at https://chaffey.verifymyfafsa.com

  • Complete a detailed statement via Campus Logic that explains the reason for not meeting
  • Complete GetSAP Counseling session and upload verification that you have completed the SAP Counseling session. Must complete “The Key Components to the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Financial Aid Appeal Process”
  • Upload photocopies of supporting documentation that supports the explanation of circumstances the student addressed in his/her letter. Students should attach copies of letters from doctors, counselors, divorce decree, medical information related to illness, death of immediate family member, birth of a child,
  • Upload a copy of Current Comprehensive Student Educational Plan (SEP) Meet with an academic counselor to obtain a comprehensive Educational Plan that clearly states your academic goal, what remaining classes you need to obtain that goal. Please bring this form when you meet with a counselor.



Students who are not meeting SAP and have successfully appealed are considered to be on Probation. Students will be reinstated for financial aid and placed on “Probation” or on an Academic Plan. In order to remain eligible for financial aid, the student must comply with the conditions of the approved appeal and academic plan. Students on Probation must meet all of the following requirements each term to maintain financial aid eligibility:


  1. Be enrolled in and attending an eligible program for the purpose of completing an AA/AS degree, transfer requirement, or certificate program,
  2. Follow the Academic Plan outlined by the Appeals Committee,
  3. Must meet the SAP standards (2.0 GPA & 67% Completion Rate) each semester in order to maintain their probationary status. This status begins the day the student’s appeal is

If an appeal is approved, students will be monitored after each term. Students will only receive financial aid for courses that are listed on their approved Student Educational Plan (SEP). The Appeals Committee may impose conditions for a student’s continued eligibility to receive Federal Title IV aid. Students will be advised by mail of the appeal’s outcome.

Important reminder: Students who are on Warning, Monitoring, Approved appeal or may have been reinstated after Summer, Fall and Spring terms grades posted, may experience a financial aid disbursement delay in their next semester until grades are posted and Satisfactory Academic Progress is evaluated.