Disbursement Dates

Chaffey College
2021-2022 Disbursement Schedule

Federal Pell Grant awards will be divided in two payments each semester. The first disbursement will be issued during the first week of the semester. Disbursements will be made to eligible students with complete financial aid files that have Pell awarded, are enrolled in full term courses and meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) per criteria established by the Chaffey College Financial Aid Office. Note: If you have been awarded a Federal Pell Grant, or any other type of aid, it will be automatically accepted in the award letter. Although you may be registered, you must be in attendance and your classes must have already started. Late start classes must begin for units to be included in first disbursement; otherwise they will be included on subsequent disbursements. Payment will be adjusted according to enrollment status. For students whose financial aid files were incomplete at the beginning of the school year or were awarded later in the term, payments will be issued on subsequent disbursement dates.

* All Disbursements are contingent upon funding. Cal Grant disbursements are contingent upon funding from the State. Cal Grant and FSEOG funds will be released in one payment per semester. All financial aid Grant funds are disbursed electronically. Eligible Chaffey College students will receive their financial aid disbursements via BankMobile disbursement services. For more information about BankMobile, visit this link: Refund choices.

Important Information: Students who are on Warning, Monitoring, approved appeal or may have been reinstated after Summer, Fall and Spring terms grades posted, may experience a financial aid disbursement delay in their next semester until grades are posted and SAP is evaluated.

**Disbursement schedule is tentative and subject to change. Funds will be available within 24 hours of the scheduled date, and no later than 5pm the following day



FALL 2021 Enrollment Dates 8/16/21-12/19/21
Acceptance date by: Funds Available to students by: Award Type
Tuesday, August 10 Thursday, August 19

1st Disbursement: First ½ of Pell Disbursement

Tuesday, August 31 Thursday, September 9 1st ½ of Pell Disbursement, increased units
Tuesday, September 14 Thursday, September 23 1st ½ of Pell Disbursement, increased units
Tuesday, October 5 Thursday, October 14 1st ½ of Pell Disbursement, increased units;
FSEOG, Cal Grant, SSCG
Monday, October 25 Thursday, November 4 1st and 2nd Disbursement: 1st Pell
Disbursement and Second ½ of Pell
Disbursement, FSEOG, Cal Grant, SSCG
Tuesday, November 9 Thursday, November 18 100% of Pell Disbursement, FSEOG, Cal Grant, SSCG
Tuesday, November 30 Wednesday, December 8 100% of Pell Disbursement, FSEOG, Cal Grant, SSCG
Tuesday, January 4 Thursday, January 13 100% of Pell Disbursement, FSEOG, Cal Grant, SSCG

SPRING 2022 Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule

Packaging Deadline for Advisors/Specialists
SPRING 2022 Disbursements
Packaging Deadline for Advisors/Specialists Financial Aid Transmittals Begin/Create Vouchers: Voucher requests: Refund File to Bank Mobile: Funds Available to by students:  
Tuesday, January 4 Wednesday, January 5 Friday, January 7

Tuesday, January 11

Thursday, January 13

Thursday, January 13

Pell 1st Disb, (Fall 21)     Cal Grants, SSCG

Wednesday, January 19 Thursday, January 20, Monday, January 24 Tuesday, January 25 Friday, January 28 Friday, January 28 Pell, Cal Grants, Direct Loans, SSCG
Tuesday, February 1           Direct Loans: Tuesday, January 25 Wednesday, February 2 Friday, February 4 Monday, February 7 Thursday, February 9 Thursday, February 10
Direct Loans: Thursday, February 10
Pell, Cal Grants, Direct Loans, SSCG
Thursday, February 17 /Direct Loans: Thursday, February 10 Tuesday, February 22, Thursday, February 24 Friday, February 25 Monday, February 28 Monday, February 28 Pell, Cal Grants*, Direct Loans, SEOG;  SSCG
Tuesday, March 1              Direct Loans: Tuesday, February 22 Wednesday, March 2 Friday, March 4 Monday, March 7 Thursday, March 10 Thursday, March 10 Pell, Cal Grants*, Direct Loans, SEOG;  SSCG
Tuesday, March 22          Direct Loans: Tuesday, March 15 Wednesday, March 23 Friday, March 16 Monday, March 28 Thursday, March 31 Thursday, March 31 Pell 1st & 2nd, Fast Track II, FSEOG, Direct Loans, Cal Grants*,  SSCG
Tuesday, April 12                 Direct Loans: Tuesday, April 5 Wednesday, April 13 Friday, April 15 Monday, April 18 Thursday, April 21 Thursday, April 21 Pell, Cal Grants*, Direct Loans, SEOG,  SSCG
Tuesday, May 3                   Direct Loans: Tuesday, April 26 Wednesday, May 4/ Friday, May 6 Monday, May 9 Thursday, May 12 Thursday, May 12 Pell, FSEOG, Cal Grants*,  Direct Loans, SSCG
Tuesday, May 31                 Direct Loans: Wednesday, May 17 Wednesday, June 1 Friday, June 3 Monday, June 6 Thursday, June 9 Thursday, June 9 Pell, FSEOG, Cal Grants*, Direct Loans, SSCG

Cal Grant disbursement is depended on receipt of funding from State funding. Students who withdraw from all classes after April 5, 2022 will have earned 100% of their Federal award for Spring 2022.


 Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU): Students receiving Federal Pell are limited to six years (12 semesters) or full time equivalent (600%) of aid. Once you have received 600% of Pell grant, you will no longer be eligible for additional Pell Grants at Chaffey College or any college/university in the country, regardless of completion of program of study or Bachelors.

Warning: Students will owe money back to the Federal Government and/or Chaffey college if:

  • Student receives funds and withdraws from all classes prior to completing 60% of the term
  • Student receives Federal and State aid from more than one school for the same or overlapping term. (This statement does not apply to the BOGW waiver).
  • Reduced enrollment: Student receives funds and withdraws from courses, which changes their enrollment status


Enrollment status
Awards are based on full-time enrollment status; however, students are not necessarily required to enroll in full-time to receive aid. If students are enrolled in less than full-time for the semester, disbursements will be adjusted in accordance with the enrollment status.
12 or more units= full-time enrollment status (students receive 100% of award per semester)
9.0-11.5 units=3/4 time enrollment status (students receive 75% of award per semester)
6.0-8.5 units= ½ time enrollment status (students receive 50% of award per semester)
5.5 units or less= less than half-time enrollment status (award) will be prorated; not all students are eligible at less than half-time enrollment)

You will be notified of any changes or updates to your Chaffey email. Check your Chaffey email periodically for updates.