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Several people walk up the stairs at the student services/administration building.
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Welcome to Chaffey College!

We are glad you are here. Whether you are a new or returning student, you have arrived at the right place to get information about the admissions process. At Chaffey College, we invite you to find your path to your future through our degree and certificate programs that transfer. With flexible in-person and online learning options, you have more opportunities than ever to achieve your educational and career goals.

Notice: Active Duty Service Members Prior to Enrollment at Chaffey College


Steps to Becoming a Panther

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You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours that will include your Chaffey College ID number and instructions for logging into the MyChaffey portal.

If you are an international student, visit the International Student Center webpage for a separate application link.

If  you encounter an issue with your application processing, you may email us at applications@chaffey.edu and we will connect with you.

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Continue with these Steps to Becoming a Panther

You may be eligible for free tuition and other financial assistance including grants, work study, and scholarships. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Students who qualify under AB540 can submit the Dream Act Application

Chaffey College School Code:  001163
Email Financial Aid
Financial Aid Website 

New Student Orientation is designed for both new and returning students to help integrate you into the campus community and college life.  By providing information on student services and resources for success, Chaffey College welcomes and supports you as you begin your educational journey. Once you complete New Student Orientation, you will be directed to Placement for Math and English.

The Placement is used to determine each student's proficiency level in Mathematics and English. Chaffey College does not accept assessment scores from other colleges/universities. It is important that you complete Placement as soon as possible in order to receive recommendations on courses to complete at Chaffey.

Complete your New Student Orientation and Placement online now

Email Counseling

Counseling Website

Connect with a team member

Note: You already have access to register for the following:

  • English 1A (Freshman Composition)
  • Math 25 (College Algebra)
  • Math 4 (Math Concepts for Teachers)
  • Stat 10 (Elementary Statistics)
  • Scsci 10 (Social Science Statistics)
  • Acctgfs 30 (Personal Finance)

If you would like to schedule an online appointment with a counselor, please visit our Student Support Hub and follow the instructions below. It is best to use Chrome as the browser.

  • Click to enter Canvas (second option)
  • Enter your Chaffey ID and password
  • Click Student Support (left side)
  • Click Online Counseling

You can either schedule an appointment or chat with a counselor.

If for some reason you cannot enter the site through Canvas, you can also enter by registering as a Guest:

  • Click on Guest Registration (last option)
  • Click Register and enter your information and create a password.
  • Reenter the site, click Guest Registration and enter your user name (email) and password.
  • Choose any counselor, click Schedule Meeting and complete the information.

You can also chat (quick 10 - 15 minute) with a counselor by clicking Knock on Door.

Email Placement Center
Video Link for Further Assistance

After completing Orientation and Placement you will need to develop and Educational Plan with your Counselor in order to help you reach your academic and career goals. This Plan should be developed during your first semester of attendance and maintained throughout your enrollment at Chaffey College.

 You may schedule an appointment with a Counselor through the Student Support Hub using the instructions above in #3-Placement Process.

Your registration date and time will be available through the MyChaffey portal under the Self Service QuickLinks approximately two weeks before the start of registration for the term.  Please contact us with any questions.

Connect to Admissions and Records Live Support

View Class Schedule

Student fees can be paid through the MyChaffey portal, by mail, bank wire or by enrolling in the NBS Tuition Payment Plan. Please view the Payment Options webpage for more information.


It is important that you attend your first class meeting.  Students who do not attend the first class may be dropped by the instructor for nonattendance.

It is ultimately your responsibility to drop any classes you no longer wish to take. You will be responsible for payment of all fees due for any class not dropped by the published refund deadline.  Deadlines for short-term classes vary, so please check your Registration Receipt for exact dates.

You may access your Registration Receipt by logging on to the MyChaffey portal and selecting the My ChaffeyVIEW link.  Next, select the blue “Students” box, and you will find the link under Payment Information.

Most classes require textbooks.  Textbooks are available through the Chaffey College Campus Store and may be purchased online at books.chaffey.edu.