EOPS/CARE Fall 2023 Appointment Timeline:

1st Appointment
August 14 - September 23

2nd Appointment

September 25 - October 27

3rd Appointment

October 30 - December 8


Book your counseling appointments as soon as possible here

Reminder: You must keep your scheduled appointments each semester to remain in good standing with the program. One (1) or more no-shows for your appointments may result in a warning letter. 


Fall 2023 EOPS Benefit Information


Contact EOPS for more information at (909) 652-6349 or email Students may also review EOPS Canvas community for more details. 


EOPS Night Counseling

Flyer of EOPS Night Counseling

EOPS is offering evening counseling hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm, from August 1 through December 14. Students may meet with a counselor on a virtual drop-in basis or by appointment.*

*Schedule is subject to change; drop-ins are subject to availability






EOP Transfer Application Workshops

FA23 EOP_Transfer Application Workshops