DPS Audio Recordings

Recording Class Lectures

 The approved accommodation of use of an audio recording device to record lectures allows students with disabilities to have an equal chance to receive and process information presented in class by supporting their notetaking needs. As with all accommodations, this accommodation is approved on an individual basis by Chaffey CCD Disability Programs and Services Office to ameliorate the student’s disability-related impacts within the classroom.


Student Obligations

 Students are required to adhere to the following conditions prior to and when using any audio recording accommodation:


  • The recorded material will be solely used for their personal use for educational purposes only.
  • Audio recording will not be reproduced, shared, or distributed to any other individual or entity in any way.
  • The recorded material is protected under federal and international copyright legislation and may not be published or quoted (this includes social media) without the instructor's explicit written consent and without properly identifying/crediting the lecturer.
  • Recordings are intended to act as a supplement to my course notes and are not a substitute for my attendance in class.
  • All recordings must be deleted at the end of the term.


By signing your Counselor approved accommodation letter you are agreeing to abide this agreement. Students failing to abide by this agreement in utilizing a recording accommodation will face disciplinary action.