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What Is Accommodate? - Introduction Video!


What Does This Mean For Me?

You can now see a list of your approved accommodations on this account.

  1. You can now submit a Semester Request to ask for your accommodations for your FALL 2021 courses.
  2. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL STUDENTS: ALL students who would like to use their accommodations for their FALL 2021 classes will need to submit a Semester Request even if they already obtained an Accommodation Letter. If you already received your FALL 2021 Accommodation Letter, you will still need to submit a Semester Request through this system to receive your accommodations and to notify your instructors of your accommodations. After your Semester Request is approved your instructors will automatically receive a copy of your Accommodation Letter with a list of only the accommodations you requested to use for their class, specifically.


How to Log in to your New Accommodate Account:

  1. To log in go to this link:
  2. Select the Student log in option
  3. Enter your normal Chaffey login credentials
  4. We recommend bookmarking this link and adding it to your bookmark bar so that it is always available to you.

As long as you are enrolled in at least one class and have met with a counselor once in the past 365 days about accommodations or your education plan, you can now submit your FALL 2021 Semester Request!

Submit your Semester Request as soon as possible, following the steps provided in the video above!

 If you need help getting into your account please reach out to