Chances are, you've heard about Chaffey College because of a billboard on the freeway, a radio or Internet advertisement or word of mouth. Our marketing staff make all of this happen by producing various printed materials, designing advertisements, conducting promotional campaigns and more. We also create products and disseminate messages internally in the form of newsletters and catalogs.


Skills Labs Building - Room 17
Phone: (909) 652-6113


Marketing Resources

Annual Report 

In late October the Chaffey College Governing Board hosts the "Report to the Community" luncheon. This annual luncheon is an excellent opportunity for the college administrators to report to the community the college's accomplishments and plans for the future. The "Report to the Community" annual report is viewable on the web or the printed version is available upon request.

Communications Committee

A group of administrators, faculty and staff who work with groups across the campus community to improve campus-wide communication.