Chaffey College promotes its services, programs and events to educate the community and increase enrollment. We focus particularly on advertising during peak recruitment periods in the summer, spring and fall. The department of equity, outreach and communications produces all ads, which must be approved by the executive director of the department to ensure consistency with graphic standards, policies and messaging.

We place advertisements with media such as:


  • Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
  • Los Angeles Times
  • Chino Champion
  • Fontana Herald
  • San Bernardino Sun
  • Press-Enterprise



  • KBUA – 96.1
  • KCAL – 96.7
  • KGGI – 99.1
  • KOLA – 99.9
  • KHTI – 103.9



Movie Theaters



Marketing and public relations staff produce all college brochures and other printed materials for Chaffey College. To request a specific brochure to be mailed to you, please contact Provide your name, address, and list brochure(s) by name.

Electronic Media

Electronic media staff develop and operate Chaffey College's website and provide various services related to graphic design and communication. Evolved from the graphic services department over the past ten years, the electronic media department serves a large role in the development and presentation of the college visual image within the college and the community it serves. 

Presentation Graphics

Desktop and Conference, Cable Television, Movie Theaters 

We develop images and presentations for use in PowerPoint and Keynote tools, as well as for use in projects delivered via CD/ROM and DVD. Using a variety of motion graphic and sound editing tools, we prepare advertisements for several types of community delivery outlets. 

Print Graphics

Newspaper, Brochure, Booklet, Signage  

We prepare graphic design services for print production, sign manufacture, and collateral marketing tools.

Identity Systems

Electronic media staff members work to ensure appropriate use of the college symbols, colors, fonts and imagery by all college and vendor personnel. 

Chaffey Cable Information Channel

Content for the closed-circuit television information channel is developed by the electronic media department staff members on a regular basis.  

College News Portal and RSS Feeds

Content for the college web-based news portal is developed and posted by the electronic media and public information staff members on a regular basis. Information may be submitted with the web-based Graphic Services and Event Announcement Request Form.

Telephone On-Hold Messages

Content for the college telephone on-hold system is developed and posted by the electronic media and marketing staff members on a regular basis. Information may be submitted with the web-based Graphic Services and Event Announcement Request Form.


Chaffey College Event Announcement Form

This web-based form should be used to send requests for announcement of events and activities to marketing staff. Content from the form is automatically emailed to several areas on campus, each having direct responsibility for posting information to the college marquee, telephone on-hold messages, web-based news page, Facebook, Twitter, and cable- and Internet-based content delivery systems. Each delivery method has individual limits and aspects that may require different wording and content from the others. Specific process details are outlined here.

Graphic Services

Marketing & Public Information Switchboard

If additional information or clarification is required, the contact person may be alerted by any of the departments receiving the announcement request. Each area will process the information and post it to their distribution system as outlined here:

Electronic Media—prepares voice recordings, images, music backgrounds, and appropriate electronic/digital files for the web-based news page, IP/TV system, and telephone-on-hold system. These devices are monitored and content updated according to specific system/process requirements, time lines, and workloads.

Graphic Services—will work in concert with the marketing department to develop promotional materials as deems necessary.

Marketing & Public Information—is the over-arching department of the communications of the college and may simply monitor the activities of the other departments through scanning the e-mail messages generated by the form. The department staff members also send periodic burst e-mail messages to the community. When necessary, this department will contact the others or will take the initiative to generate press releases, e-mails and additional communication materials.