Brand Identity and Graphics Style Guide

Consistency in what we say, how we say it and how we look defines how the public views us.
The Chaffey College district visual identity/brand is rooted in community, value, trust and academic excellence. Our logo creates instant brand identity. Any department, program, office or division associated with the college should adhere to these Chaffey College district logo use guidelines.

Guidelines for proper use of the logo are as follows:

The Chaffey College logo and trademarks, wordmarks, slogans and other identifying symbols are the property of the Chaffey College district and are protected by federal and local copyright laws. Any unauthorized use of these or misleadingly similar names or marks, by any entity or individual without express written consent of Chaffey College district will be deemed a violation of the college’s statutory and/or common law rights, and the college will take any and all steps necessary to protect such rights. Commercial use and reproduction without express written permission is strictly prohibited. This includes use by nonbusiness groups or individuals, employees, charities and other organizations. The use of any Chaffey College District name, logo or trademark on any product or in connection with a manufacturer, wholesaler, screen printer, in-store producer or any other supplier must be managed under a written agreement.

Examples of appropriate use include:

  • Publications and promotional material
  • Advertisements and environmental graphics (billboards, vehicle wraps)
  • College stationery, business cards, name tags
  • Internal promotion and correspondence
  • Campus, vehicular and other signage
  • Merchandise sold on behalf of Chaffey College or using the college’s name and/or likeness


All departments and programs funded by Chaffey College must use approved college logos. Logos associated with the Chaffey College brand must be approved by the Marketing Department. Individualized logos may not be developed without approval from the Marketing Department.

Official Trademarks

Institutional Mark - Our College Logo

The official logo or trademark of Chaffey College is the mountains symbol used in conjunction with the name of the college. The logo represents the college in the community, internally and externally, locally, regionally and nationally. It must be used in all instances of marketing and identification of the college. It is against District policy to alter the Chaffey College logo.

  • The logo must appear in its entirety. The two elements are inseparable and unalterable.
  • No additional elements may be added.
  • The mountains should never be used on their own. The name of the college in the typeface and configuration of the logo should not be shown without the mountains.

The logo must be used according to the college’s approved graphic standards. It must not be rekeyed, redrawn, reproportioned, added to or modified in any way. Only the official, approved version(s) of the logo are appropriate for use. The equity, outreach and communications office is responsible for establishing and maintaining these graphic standards.


Colors of the College

Use of the specific colors chosen to represent the college is crucial to presentation of a unified and recognizable identity. The colors used as the “school colors” are PMS (Pantone Matching System) 201 red and black.


Background and inside band of the logo is a true, pure white. Paper stock for stationery, announcements, note cards, and other official publications of the college, is typically a crisp bright, white.

black box

Black used for the college name and within the black areas of the college logo is solid black. PMS Process Black 100%, or, when necessary, “Rich Black” is permitted with these values: 70C, 35M, 40Y, 100K. For web sites, use hex value #000000

Chaffey red color

Red used in the college mountains is PMS 201 or in process color: 0C, 100M, 65Y, 34K. For web sites, use hex value #990000



 Any version of the logo should be larger than three-quarters of an inch tall, and smaller than two inches, except in specific cases like merchandise, business cards and billboards.


 The logo must always be resized in proportion. To do this in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, hold the shift key down when resizing. If the logo looks squished or stretched, it is incorrect.


A reverse is used when printing the logo on a dark background and involves “reversing” the colors. Typically this is done by making all or some of the elements white so they stand out against the darker background. A reverse of the Chaffey College logo is permissible under the following conditions:Against a solid, dark background (i.e., black or dark blue) or photograph the mountains and the type should be in white.

Avoid backgrounds with textures or mid-tones. Avoid choosing background colors that clash with the colors of the logo’s mountains.

Never use the Chaffey College logo or elements of it as a background or watermark.



 The college name, when associated with the logo, should be set in Friz Quadrata, never bold, usually in upper and lowercase. Given the unique character of Friz Quadrata, it does not lend itself well to use in large blocks of text, and is best used for headings. The “PostScript Type 1” version is preferred to the “True Type” version.

Friz Quadrata

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

PostScript Type 1 – best for all uses, especially offset printing


TrueType – An inconsistent format, only for use on desktop printers


OpenType – A dynamic format that may not be supported by all applications



 The Chaffey College seal represents the official business of the college. It symbolizes a sense of tradition, quality and the enlightening power of knowledge. However, it is not, and should not be construed or used as the college’s “logo.”
Appropriate uses of the seal should be limited to the official business of the college, such as student transcripts, diplomas, and official board actions.


Athletics Logo

 The Chaffey College Panther logo must be used to represent the athletic department, but not the institution as a whole. The athletics logo is a brighter red of PMS 200, or: 0C, 100M, 65Y, 15K. It’s best to use in 2 color.