Frequently Asked Questions

The Application and Approval Process

Yes, all information will be confidential, but in order to get approval for the program services we may need to forward some application details to our approval committee. This includes a team from various student, academic and administrative services, and in some cases approval from the executive team.

A staff member will contact you as soon as possible. You can expect to be responded to between 1-3 business days. Please account for the times that the account is unmonitored including after business hours on weekdays, weekends, holidays, and campus closures.

No, just indicate which program(s) you want to apply for, when you are completing your application.

No, there will be one staff member to meet with you regardless of if you applied to more than one.

As soon as approved. A streamlined approval process aims to make the services available as quick as possible.

You may reapply to the program only if you are experiencing an unrelated emergency crisis situation. While meals may be available, the Student Emergency Grant can only be received one time.

Student Emergency Grant

One time, and there are no exceptions made for this policy.

Amounts may vary based on services needed and availability of funds. The maximum amount students can receive is $500.

The emergency grant is intended for students who are in a crisis, so losing a job or having hours cut alone does not qualify you for the program. If the loss of your job has led to a crisis situation, such as the loss of adequate, fixed, or regular housing, you may qualify.

For the purposes of this program, an emergency is deemed as loss of regular and secure housing and food.

Meals Assistance Program

Meals are distributed to qualifying food insecure students, and they are valid for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner meals at the Dining Commons, Campus Store or Panther Express. Your gift cards will have money to purchase your meals only. You will hand over the card to the cashier to swipe your card, and that is all you will need to do.

A dollar value will be assigned to your card. If you run low or out of meals, please contact one of the program assistants in the Center for Culture and Social Justice.

Yes, but you must tell the cashier as you hand over you ID card to be swiped, and the cashier will hand you over a to-go box.

The cashier will give you a receipt that should show you the remaining balance on the card.

The goal is to make this process happen almost immediately. Typically, the meals are provided to you after a meeting with staff, but at the latest, they should be given to you by the next business day.

Referrals for Short-Term Housing

If a student qualifies as having an emergency crisis, the team will work to find placement through a local community organization and make the referral for the student. The college does not guarantee housing through referrals and does not have housing available on any of its campuses.

Once a student is deemed eligible and a referral finds placement, a campus administrator determines how long a student can be housed. This is also based on available funding.