Faculty and Staff Resources

When to Refer a Student

The following questions are considerations for when to refer a student to the student emergency intervention program:

  1. Is the student experiencing an emergency or crisis?
  2. Was the situation unforeseen?
  3. Is it temporary?
  4. If the student is struggling from the loss of employment, has the loss gone beyond financial difficulties to an emergency or crisis such as homelessness or food insecurity?
  5. Is the student currently displaced, or at risk of being displaced, from stable housing? (i.e. couch surfing)

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you should refer the student to the program.

The following questions are additional considerations:

  1. Financial Aid
    Have they exhausted their entire grant and loan options?
  2. Ability to work
    Does the student have the means to obtain and maintain employment, either on or off campus?

Contact and Referral Information
For further questions about the Student Emergency Intervention Program and/or to refer a student in need, please contact the Panther Care Program at (909) 652-6596.