Faculty Lecturer of the Year

Tara Johnson Lecturer of the year

2024 Faculty Lecturer of the Year

Tara Johnson, Associate Professor Fashion Merchandising
The Ethic of Love: The Holistic Approach to Building Community


Academic Senate elects a Faculty Lecturer for each academic year.  In the spring the Academic Senate seeks nominations from all contract faculty of a colleague to become the Lecturer for the following year.  The individuals who accept the nomination have their names placed on a ballot and all faculty vote to determine the Faculty Lecturer for the following academic year.  The individual selected is notified and receives one class reassigned during the upcoming year to research and write a paper and prepare for their lecture/presentation.  The paper is published as a journal and distributed at the event.  The individual chosen selects his or her own topic for presentation to the campus community.

This event was initiated in 1969 by the Faculty Senate.  All campus constituencies are invited and formal invitations to attend are extended to college administrators, members of the Governing Board, and the lecturer's guest list.

Faculty take this award very seriously.  To be selected is an honor, carrying with it a significant responsibility.  Each lecturer is presented a plaque by the President of the Academic Senate recognizing them on behalf of the faculty.  Many of our Faculty Lecturers have been interviewed and highlighted in local and regional papers.  A photograph and brief biography of the individual is placed in the college catalog.

This is a program that is highly valued on our campus.  It draws a capacity crowd every year.  Individuals who miss it often check out the replay of the presentation and go out of their way to find an opportunity to discuss it with the Lecturer.  It shows us at our best.  Students have, on occasion, asked the Lecturer to sign their copy of the booklet at the presentation.  We are all, faculty, administrators, and classified caught up in our daily routines and work isolated from one another.  This gives the academic community an opportunity to "see" the talent and dedication that usually occurs behind closed doors.  We come together to celebrate what it is that we are about.

Faculty Lecturers of the Year

 Year Name/Discipline Title of Lecture
2023-2024 Tara Johnson, Fashion Merchandising The Ethic of Love: The Holistic Approach to Building Community


Ava Nguyen, Communication Studies Racial Triangulation: At the Intersection of Anti-Blackness and Asian Hate
2021-2022 Michelle Dowd, Journalism

Breaking the Story: It's a Brave New World

2020-2021 Ryan Falcioni, Philosophy

Bending the Arc Towards Justice: Cultivating the Virtues of Global Citizenship

Ryan has put together some Resources to view.

2019-2020 Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Faculty Lecturer of the Year honor and event has been postponed and will be addressed upon the return to campus, so the Lecturer (Michelle Dowd) is able to accept the honor.
 2019-2020 Michelle Dowd, Journalism Breaking The Story: It's a Brave New World
2018-2019 Julie Song, Sociology The Relationship Between Technology Use and Social Interaction
2017-2018 Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Faculty Lecturer of the Year honor and event was postponed for one year, so the Lecturer was able to accept the honor.
2016-2017 Mary Jane Ross, Instructional Support The Ghost in the Closet
2015-2016 Robin Ikeda, Biology What Do You Think You Are? Identity in the Anthropocene
2014-2015 Mark Meyer, Anthropology Race Matters: Culture vs. Biology 
2013-2014 Joann Eisberg, Astronomy Are We Along in the Universe? The Search for Another Earth
2012-2013 Peter Konovnitzine, Geography Russia in the 21st Century: A geographic perspective. Can the past predict the future?
2011-2012 Vera Dunwoody, Psychology Reality: What's That?
2010-2011 Joy Haerens, Business and Office Technologies Curiouser and Curiouser: Down Exploring the Rabbit Hole
2009-2010 Orville Clarke, Art History


2008-2009 Daniel Loomis, History

Cartoons, Psychological Warfare and World War II or Willy and Joe Get Drafted

2007-2008 Karen Lyman, Sociology and Gerontology

Lessons from the New China: Hutons to High-rises, Communism to Consumerism

2006-2007 Eva K. Rose, Communication Studies

Emotional Intelligence: A Social Radar to Communication Competence

2005-2006 Marie Boyd, Library

Clay Tablets to Flash Drives: Libraries, Technology and Human Values

2004-2005 Monica Carter, Political Science

The Formula for Connectivity: Relationship Preceding Information (Politics, Race & the Classroom)

2003-2004 Christine V. Flores, Counseling

Diamonds in the Rough: Empowering Students to Transform Their Lives

2002-2003 Bill Purkiss, Communication Studies

Signals Through the Flames...Resiliency Theory and Chaffey College

2001-2002 Gary Aurouze, Philosophy

Auschwitz and After: Moral Philosophy in the Shadow of Birkenau

2000-2001 Laura Hope-Aléman, English

The Ties That Bind: Exploring the Poetry of Mothers and Sons

1999-2000 Janice Clare Raithel, Art

The Magic of Her Mirror Expanding Identities in Self-Portraits by Women

1998-1999 Dale DesLauriers, Biology

Delusions of Self-Sufficiency

1997-1998 Andrew David E. Bixler, Environmental Studies and Ethics

The Courage to Be: View From an Island

1996-1997 S. Craig Justice, Economics

Fact, Fantasy and Faith in Economic Analysis: Is Economics Truly a Science? (no booklet)

1995-1996 Kathy Brindell, History

Holocaust Rescuers Remembered: Righteous Gentiles Who Embraced the Enemy Within

1994-1995 Cathie Keenan, Chemistry

Why Chemistry Should Be Required for All Disciplines

1993-1994 Maura O'Neill, Philosophy

On Being a Person of Passion in Academia

1992-1993 Muriel Zimmerman, Biology

The Biological Adaptiveness of Lying

1991-1992 Barbara Mitchell, History

The Ethics of Anarchosyndicalism or, How I  Quit Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb[ers]

1989-1990 Wayne Hubert, English

From "I" to "We": Individualism and Community in Contemporary Literature

1988-1989 James des Lauriers, Biology

Public Conflict Over Scientific Knowledge

1987-1988 G. Sidney Silliman, Political Science

The Politics of Reality

Between 1975 & 1987, the Faculty Lecturer honor lay dormant and was revitalized by Faculty Senate in 1987 to continue the tradition of academic excellence at Chaffey.
1974-1975 O. Stanley Waldrop, Psychology


1973-1974 Carol Sayles, Communication Arts

The Creative Self Versus the Myopic Self

1972-1973 Michael E. Malone, English

Shakespeare's World

1971-1972 Henry E. Childs, Jr., Biology

The Lemming Legend and the Capistrano Caper

1970-1971 Marlin L. Dickey, Geology

No Deposit, No Return

1969-1970 Felipe Cornejo, Spanish

Man and the World

1968-1969 Bea Rose, Philosophy

Who's Listening