Dismissed Standing

  • Academic Dismissal: A student who has completed 12 semester units as shown by the official academic record and has earned a cumulative grade point average below 2.0 in all units for three consecutive semesters.
  • Progress Dismissal: A student who has enrolled in a total of at least 12 semester units as shown by the official academic record when the percentage of W, I, NP, and/or NC grades reaches or exceeds fifty percent (50%) of all units in which the student has enrolled for three consecutive semesters.


What happens when you are dismissed from Chaffey?
You will receive a letter from Chaffey informing you that you are being dismissed from the college. The letter will include instructions on how to access your academic information via MyChaffeyView. Also included in the letter is information on how you can appeal the dismissal action and a petition with instructions and deadline information for you to respond. The letter will also specify the period of time that you are dismissed and when you can reapply to college if you choose not to appeal the dismissal.

How do I appeal my dismissal?
You must submit a petition and a narrative explaining the circumstances associated with your previous academic performance. The dismissal letter sent to you specifies the deadline to submit these documents to the counseling office. After the deadline, the Scholastic Standards committee, a group of Chaffey College faculty and staff, meet to review the petitions. Students whose appeals are approved are allowed to continue in the subsequent semester by meeting with a specifically assigned counselor to sign a Readmissions contract and complete an educational plan. Those whose petitions are not approved are blocked from registering for the subsequent semester and possibly the summer session. These students will be eligible to reapply the semester following the dismissed period. To be readmitted they also must reapply to Chaffey online at www.chaffey.edu, sign a readmission contract and complete an educational plan with a designated counselor.

Readmission Workshop Schedule for Spring 2021

All workshops will be through Zoom and will last roughly 45 minutes.  Click on the RED link for the day and time for the workshop that you would like to attend.  Once you register for the workshop, an email confirmation with next steps will be sent to you.  


Information Session Schedule for Spring 2021

All workshops will be through Zoom and will last roughly an hour and a half.  Click on the RED link for the day and time for the workshop that you would like to attend.  Once you reister for the workshop, an email confirmation with final steps will be sent to you.


How will I know if my appeal has been approved?
If your appeal is approved, you will notified by email, phone, and/or mail. If you appeal is not approved than you will be notified by mail. Please allow at least three weeks after the deadline for submission of your appeal to receive notification from the committee.

If I am readmitted to Chaffey and am still in dismissed standing, will I lose my prioritized registration?

You may no longer participate in prioritized registration if you advance to 2nd level probation and/or dismissed standing. The State of California recently passed legislation requiring Chaffey to remove students from prioritized registration if they are on two or more consecutive semesters of probation. Prioritized registration is the process by which the college assigns appointments for students to register. Continuing students are given appointments to register based on the number of units completed in prior semesters. The more units completed the earlier the registration date. Students on second level probation and dismissed standing will be given a registration appointment during the new and returning student registration period after continuing students register.

Review the petition to appeal the loss of prioritized registration process in the probation level two section for more information on steps you can take to regain your prioritized registration.

I just started my education again after several years of being away, why is my registration blocked for something that happened in the past?
The college is obligated by education code to establish and enforce probation and dismissal policies and procedures for students not making successful academic progress. Your previous academic record is permanent. When you leave Chaffey and come back you resume your previous academic record and standing. That is why, even though you may be doing better since returning, you are still being dismissed. Dismissal is based on consecutive semesters without regard for the time between those semesters. The fact that you are doing better now than previously will help you in the appeals process. The Scholastic Standards Committee looks favorably upon returning students who show an improvement in academic performance in their more recent courses. When submitting your petition make sure to offer some insight into how things have changed (improved) for you since your previous enrollment.

I have good reason for not doing well in my classes can I use this to avoid being dismissed from Chaffey?
Your dismissal from Chaffey offers you the opportunity to appeal this action. If you have documentation for a health related problem or hospitalization, please submit it with your appeal. In the narrative that you submit with your petition, make sure you carefully explain how this set of circumstances prevented you from successfully passing your courses.

Will the fact that I am on probation or have been dismissed from college show up on my transcript?
The college does not post your academic standing on your transcript nor does it provide that information to other colleges or organizations that you authorize to access your records.

How will I get off dismissed standing?
As mentioned earlier, you will sign a Readmissions contract to remove your registration block. This contract requires you to make successful progress. You must earn a grade of C or better in your classes, not earn a grade of W, I, NC and/or NP. Also, you will meet with a specifically assigned counselor who will help you develop an educational plan that includes what you need to do to regain good standing. Once your cumulative GPA is above 2.0 and/or you have less than 50 percent of your units in W, I, NC, NP grades you will get off probation and your Readmission contract will no longer be in effect.

What happens if I violate my Readmissions Contract?
If you violate your contract by not making satisfactory progress, you are subject to dismissal again for the period of time designated on your contract. Since you are allowed to register for the next term while you are still enrolled in the current term, you will be deregistered from your next semester's classes before the term begins and refunded your money.

I never received letters prior to my dismissal letter, why am I still being dismissed?
For some students that were enrolled prior to spring 2007, the college may not have provided you with notification regarding your probation standing due to a limited enforcement of probation and dismissal. The college now fully enforces its probation and dismissal policy and procedures. If you are returning to Chaffey after a period of not being enrolled, you are reactivating your probation standing. The college will send you notifications based on your current probation standing from grades earned through the last most current semester completed.

I was in the Opening Doors to Excellence Program before I was dismissed, can I re-enroll in that program instead of getting dismissed?
Opening Doors to Excellence serves eligible students on second level probation. Dismissed students are not eligible to enroll in this program even if they previously participated in the program.

I sat out after being dismissed and now want to return to Chaffey, what is my next step?
Any student that has been previously dismissed is required to complete a Chaffey College application and attend a Readmission Contract Workshop in order to get the registration block removed.

Email Opening Doors for more information about your dismissed standing. Please include your name, student id number and a brief question. Allow three business days for a response.