We encourage you to bring your students to the museum to use it as a teaching tool. The museum staff can provide guided tours and assist with developing assignments that utilize our exhibitions through the initiative “Ask Art: Using the Museum to Make Curricular Connections.” Call, email or stop by to make an appointment today.

"Ask Art: Using the Museum to Make Curricular Connections" is a faculty-led program that encourages engagement between Chaffey College faculty and the Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art. The program consists of faculty advocates, called “Ask Art: Advocates” who work with museum staff to encourage colleagues across the college to use the museum as a tool in the classroom. We create educational guides called “Ask Art: Museum Tool Kits” for most exhibitions to help advocates encourage engagement in their own classrooms and as a tool to offer colleagues. The Ask Art: Museum Tool Kit will assist faculty in developing general questions for viewing, prompts for approaching visual art across disciplines and more. Additional workshops and educational opportunities are offered to further aid in the promotion of the Ask Art program.



Catherine Bacus - Faculty, HS, Gerontology
Thierry Brusselle - Faculty, BAT, Business Administration
Misty Burruel - Faculty, VPA, Art
Michelle Dowd - Faculty, LA, English
Nicole Farrand - Faculty, VPA, Art
David Karp - Faculty, BAT, Business Administration/Business Law
Daniel Keener - Faculty, LA, English
Samantha Krag - Faculty, LA, English
John Machado - Faculty, VPA, Art History
Paula Snyder - Faculty, SBS , Sociology
Cindy Walker - Faculty, Faculty Success Center Facilitator
Neil Watkins - Faculty, LA, English
Robin Witt - Faculty, MS, Mathematics


Advisory Committee

The Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art advisory committee consists of representatives of classified staff, management and faculty ranks on campus, with broad membership across disciplines.

Catherine Bacus – Faculty, Health Sciences, Gerontology
Kristen Burleson - Faculty, Counselor
Angela Cardinale - Faculty, LA, English
Cathy Decker - Faculty, LA
Michelle Dowd - Faculty, LA, English
Lauren Ensberg - Classified, Community Relations Specialist, Marketing
Nicole Farrand - Faculty, VPA, Art
Kathy Haddad - Faculty, VPA, Photography
Maria Landsberg - Adjunct Faculty, VPA
John Machado - Faculty, VPA, Art History
Shelley Marcus - Faculty, Library, Fontana Campus Representative
Bret McMurran - Faculty, SBS, Economics
Stephen Shelton - Faculty, LA
Roman Stollenwerk - Classified, Assistant Curator, Wignall Museum, VPA
Rebecca Trawick - Manager, Director/Curator, Wignall Museum, VPA
Vicki Tulucro - Faculty, LA
Neil Watkins - Faculty, LA, English
Pamela Valfer - Faculty, VPA, Art
Annette Young - Faculty, Library