Academic Programs

Chaffey College offers courses that parallel the first 2 years (lower division) at 4-year colleges and universities. Because requirements vary among these institutions, students are encouraged to choose the college or university to which they plan to transfer as early in their educational career as possible. Students should concentrate on meeting admission requirements for their major and general education courses while attending Chaffey College.

Although we offer English language support classes, we do not offer short-term ESL or English Intensive Program.

at Chaffey*
at University
Years Earn
Bachelor's Degree

Most students will complete:

  • IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) = Transfer to UC (University of California) institutions
  • CSUGE (California State University General Education) = Transfer to CSU (California State University) institutions
  • General Education requirements at other 4-year universities in California and out-of-state
  • Combination of pathways above

Other students will complete:

  • Associate Degrees and Certificates in various programs

You can find a list of our Academic Programs at: Areas of Study

Program and Academics: Program and Academics


Transfer Resources

The Transfer Center  is dedicated to helping all students successfully transfer to 4-year universities. Our students have transferred to many outstanding public and private universities in the United States.

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  • Meet representatives from various 4-year universities
  • Seminars and workshops on all areas of applying to universities
  • Free transportation to visit different UC, Cal State Univ, and Private Universities each semester



Transfer Admission Guarantees with:


Honors Program

The Honors Program  improves the quality of education, provides challenges, and motivates academically talented students who strive for advanced academic achievement toward established long-range educational goals.

Program Benefits:

  • Intellectually challenging curriculum
  • Small classes that encourage creative interaction
  • Transfer agreements with designated universities guaranteeing priority consideration or acceptance with universities such as UCLA, University of San Francisco, Loyola Marymount University, and more!


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