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HyFlex course model


What is HyFlex/ICON

HyFlex/ICON stands for – Hybrid and Flexible/In-Class, Online.

A select number of Chaffey College classrooms have been configured to support the HyFlex/ICON teaching modality.

HyFlex/ICON Classroom Locations

  • CHCM 206

  • CHMB 241, 242, 247, 261

  • FNAC 213

  • FNLC 124

  • BEB 129

  • CAB 101, 102

  • CHEM 125

  • DL 101

  • HS 133

  • LA 108

  • Library BI room

  • SS 100, 105

  • TAW 151

  • WH 112

Equipment and Software in HyFlex/ICON classrooms

  • Extron Smart Classroom Control Panel
  • Windows or MAC Instructors Computer w/ 2nd Monitor
  • Document Camera
  • White Board Camera
  • Digital Annotation Tablet
  • Laptop Connection (Ethernet, HDMI, VGA, USB)
  • Wireless Lapel Mic (wireless lapel mics are available for checkout from the ITS Help Desk)
  • Zoom
  • Lady bug
  • Projector/Screen or Flat Panel Display
  • PTZ camera facing the front of the room
  • Speakers/Amp
  • Ceiling Mounted Microphones

Hyflex/ICON Classroom User Guides


Equipment Operations Video Tutorials


Need to Schedule and Onsite Demo of the HyFlex/ICON Classroom Equipment?

  • Review the equipment User Guides and watch the tutorials explaining the classroom setup so you have an understanding.
  • Send an email to ISRepairs@Chaffey.edu requesting a demo.
  • A staff member will get back to you schedule a time.


Need Assistance?

For assistance with using HyFlex/ICON classroom technologies, please contact the ITS Help Desk at (909) 652 - 6789 or ISRepairs@Chaffey.edu.  If you are in a Chaffey classroom, use the speed dial button located on the instructor station phone.