Citizens' Oversight Committee

aerial viewThe citizens’ oversight committee monitors and reports to the public annually how bond revenues are being spent for projects in the facilities assessment report.

Application and Bylaws

November 29, 2022 Regular Meeting Agenda

November 15, 2021 Minutes


Member Residence Category Term Begins Term Expires
Ed Cook Montclair Member 4-26-2021 4-25-2023
Rousselle Douge Rancho Cucamonga Student 8-26-2022 8-25-2023
Jamie Harwood Chino Business Organization 4-26-2021 4-25-2023
Richard Riley Ontario Taxpayer Organization 4-26-2021 4-25-2023
Loren Sanchez Upland Foundation 4-26-2021 4-25-2023
Aaron Skeers Rancho Cucamonga Member 4-26-2021 4-25-2023
Audrey Voigt Upland Senior Advisory 4-26-2021 4-25-2023




Measures L and P Performance Audit 2021

Measures L and P Update Presentation May 3, 2022

Measure P Financial Audit 2021

Measure L Build-Out Presentation 2015

Measure L History Presentation 2014

Facilities Assessment Report 2001

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