District-Wide Furniture Standards

Office furniture is an integral part of day-to-day operations no matter if you are faculty, staff or a student. As a result of office remodels and new construction on campus, there is a desire to upgrade furniture and bring the overall appearance and function to the level held around campus. To make this process easier, we have implemented the following standards. We strongly believe this will help contribute to a more cohesive campus appearance while maintaining a certain level of quality.

Over the past year, a workgroup consisting of Chaffey College faculty, classified employees, and managers worked collectively to develop  District Furniture, Fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) standards document.  This document will guide the planning and procurement of space and furnishings going forward and will enable the District to maximize efficience, quality, and cost-savings.  The document was approved by the Chaffey College Governing Board on June 23, 2022.

We have listed our available furniture types below for your convenience.  

Offices and Workstations:
Desks | Chairs | Storage Cabinets | Panels | Lighting | White Boards and Tack Boards 

Classroom and Labs:
Student Desks | Computer Classroom Table | Student ADA Table | Student/Faculty Table | Student Computer Chair | Student/Faculty Chair | Mobile Tablet Arm Chair | Traditional Student Chair | Student Stools | Instructor's Station | Instructor's Stools | Instructor Lectern

Faculty Offices:
Short Term Seating | Personal Lockers

Libraries & Success Centers:
Study Room Table | Study Room Seating | Mobile White Boards

Meeting and Conference Rooms:
Conference Tables | Conference Chairs 

Public/Waiting Room Areas:
Lounge Seating | Occasional Tables | Waiting Room Seating | End Table | Welcome Desk

Mail Sorting Units | Trash & Recycling Centers

Breakroom & Cafeteria:
Cafeteria Tables | Breakroom & Cafeteria Seating | Breakroom Tables | Café Tables | Café Stools | Appliances

Exterior Furnishings:
Exterior Tables | Exterior Seating | Exterior Umbrellas | Trash & Recycling Centers



Furniture Quotes and Finishes:

Requesting new or additional furniture for your Department begins with completing the FF&E Request form (ADD FORMSTACK LINK HERE).  Please contact District Buyer, Susana Harlan at susana.harlan@chaffey.edu with any questions.