Virtual Memory Wall

Ms. Vanessa Thomas was one of my teachers while I was at Chaffey. She helped, encouraged and supported me through the loss of my dad and maternal grandmother weeks apart. She helped me by putting a smile on my face when I needed it the most. She knew how close Dad and I were and helped me to remember the great times we shared.

Lauren Sanders

Although I am still new at Chaffey, I am so grateful to be surrounded by a supportive community that genuinely cares for the well-being of students. I am a proud Panther!

Chaffey has given me all the skills I need to face what's ahead of me, My instructors did so much for me and guided me on the right path. I learned so much and I am happy and proud to be a panther. Chaffey is my home.

Aeronautics Student

I went back to school during COVID. I was in my 40s. I took Chaffey courses to satisfy general education requirements and will be graduating with my Bachelors degree from a university this May! Chaffey saved me a lot of money and helped me to appreciate the role community colleges play in the lives of many...including me!


I would just like to thank our amazing Chaffey faculty and especially those in the Political Science department for providing me with clarity and direction on where I can go. Without them, I don't think I'd be working towards becoming a professor and a published scholar on the Middle East, national security, and international affairs.

Simi Miller